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10 Dec 2008

Your questions answered and the winner announced

If you asked, I answered! Loved the questions, like - a lot!

Lauren asked:
What is the most memorable thing a stranger has done for you?
Hey Lauren, well that is easy for me to answer. A whole bunch of strangers, friends and family donated £18,500 towards Ellie's medical trip to Nevada in April. Again, through the art of blogging, that trip would never have materialised and we will never, ever be able to express how grateful we are because all the words we know are not good enough.

Gayle asked:
Hi Kirsty I've lurked on your blog for ages, but only very recently started to comment...You are a very special lady, and many times you've had me in tears, but many more times you've made me WET myself laughing, and you inspire me greatly!!! Now for the question... I NEED to know....the job you always refer to as 'doing your swede in' What the hell was it??? It bugs the life out of me, whenever you mention it!!! Here'e to the next thousand posts!!! Luv'n'Hugs Gayle x
Hi Gayle! Sometimes, only sometimes, I laugh at what I write about but I enjoy it more when the laughter has been shared. To answer your quessie, "does my swede" in means something "does your head in". Like you can't cope with the situation. LOL, I thought it was a UK thing! But the job that did my swede in was traveling 8 miles daily to a warehouse I used to run and it was so big that I could barely afford to heat it. brrrrrrrrrrrr.

Vicki Asked:
hi kirsty huge congrats on your 1000th post, you are a super person and i'm so glad you blog, i really enjoy reading it!! Anyway my question....... (it's a random one, because i like randomness)... what is your favourite song RIGHT now??? I hope that you continue blogging :D LONG LIVE BLOGGING (HEHE) XXX
Hi Vicks - my favvo song right now is the cover of "Run" by Leona Lewis. It gives me la tingles.

Paul asked:
Love your blog - such a sincere writer - the ups & the downs. My question? If someone was to grant you a lifetime subscription to any Non-Crafting (cos that would be an obvious answer) magazine what would you pluck for :) Here's to the next post (small steps are more manageable than a whole 1000 haha)
Hi Paul :) I love the National Geographic Magazine so so much. The photography blows me away and I love to read about cultures and tribes of Africa and how they cope and have such happy lives without the comforts we take for granted like electricity, gas, light, heat, beds, running water etc.

Clair and Sharni asked:
WOW Kirsty congrats on reaching 1000 posts - I've been reading your blog for the last year or so & love it..The emotion that comes across in your blog is like no other...I get great inspiration from you, not only with creating/crafting but with life too!! Look forward to reading your next 1000 posts. Ok here's my question to you.. Its a toughy & you have to promise to answer truthfully!! - How many pairs of shoes do you have??? :))))
Hi Sharni........mmmmm, I have a lot! I have 39 pairs BUT in my defence, I have shoes from years back and I try to buy shoes that wont date. As my weight goes up and down, shoes are the one thing that I never have to buy more of when I lose or gain. They are my freinds, my trusty steeds and smell pretty good too.

Lisa Bird asked:
Hi Kirsty, what a fab milestone! I have been reading for as long as i can remember and you always make me smile! My question .... imagine something terrible happened in the land of blogger and your blog was lost forever, a fairy grants you the wish to salvage one post from over the years... what post would it be? Lisa xxx Hi Lisa - I LOVE THIS QUESTION.
Ok, casting my mind over 1000 posts.........Hmmmm, lummy, its tough. Er, ok...Im going to choose the one where we went to Nevada and found out that Ellie had a heart condition. As you will know we have been on a long medical journey throughout her life and answers dont come our way. And when one did, well.......I couldnt breathe for starters and then we were all elated and happy.

Sally Inspire asked:
Hi Kirsty. I really enjoy reading your blog. I love your scrap style and I also love your writing style. I like your 'regional' accent which comes across in your writing and I also love your occasional malopropisms. lol. e.g. aurora. lol. its aura. You do this sometimes, which I find really endearing. As a mum of a child with a rare illness myself who has faught for medications and faced mp's head on - I have real empathy with your continuing fight. My question is this: If (and I know this is a humungous 'if'), you could earn at least 100k per year for each of the following jobs (exact same wage for each) and you were offered each job, which would you choose: a. Professional photographer b. Magazine Editor (scrapbooking of course). c. Design Team participant d. Own a bricks & morter Craft Shop. e. Marketing/Advertising executive for your favourite scrapbook manufacturer. f. Buyer for fave manufacturer. g. Designer/demonstrator. travelling worldwide (female Tim Holtz type job). h. Own an internet scrapbooking site. Hi Salls, oh you are mean with those questions - making me choose just one.
It would deffo be the Tim job - I love travel and I espesh love meeting new people the mostest. it is my favourite and my best.

Amelie asked:
what is your one wish for belle more than anything? xxx Hi love! I want her to be eternally happy, Ill fight for that every step of the way (hugs to Maica)

Ikea Goddess asked:
1000 posts, I'm impressed and hoping for thousands more. Thanks for taking us along on your life's journey. Now about the question: What was the first concert you ever went to? Hey chick! I went to see Gary Numan with my friend Lynda in Wolverhampton and then a year later I was a guest at his house. I stole some of his toilet roll as a little souvenir....god, im so sad.

Anglie Blogspot asked:
Hi kirsty, love the pics of belle, her lips are to die for all rose- buddy and oh how she looks like Mark, I am soooooooooo in awe of you and everything you achieve! My question to you is HOW DO YOU MANAGE TO DO EVERYTHING? There just isn't enough hours in the day for what I want to do lol,! Hi Ang! Thank you for noticing Ellies lips - they are so sugary and kissy wissy! So, your quessie.......Honestly, I think people think I scrapbook and blog all day long but I dont. Belle is at school for 6 hours a day so thats when I get stuff done and then when she (and he) are in bed, i work until 2am doing research and keeping up contact with my emails. I work from home which means I can clean and shop etc in my own time. I love working but equally I love a good old snooze with the dog on the sofa whilst watching Loose Women.

Maria asked:
Wow 1000 posts!!! Oakey doakey, one question ....... If you could be invisible for one day where you go and what would you do? Here's to the next 1000 . Hi Maria, if I were invisible for the day - Im not going to lie to you, Id sneak into Mario Testinos personal photo gallery and steal his style all for me. Id also want to shadow Tara Whitney on a shoot and steal her eye for her impeccable exposure skills.

Shannon asked:
Wow, 1000 posts!! Congrats! I love reading your blog! Here is my question . . . What is your all time favorite scrappy project you have made? Hi Shannon, it would happen to be a photo frame I made out of Prima packaging when she went to sea world. You can see it here:
I just love it.

Joanne Cooke asked:
I love love love reading your blog. I find it inspirational, hilarious, touching, honest, frank and sometimes sad. I reading your blog daily and through this I feel in some way that I know you. I can sort of relate to yoiur problems as I have a husband with MS he was diagnosed has having a mild form, but he is now in a wheelchair has a tremor on both arms and relies souly on me!(plus we have to boys 11 and 8) So i know where your are coming from with the medical world. Dad also in a wheelchair having been involved in a hit and run 11 years ago spent 2 months in a coma and 8 months in hospital don't even get me started with that NHS farce. So if only for my sake keep up your honest posts they really do touch people. Take care. Joanne Cooke.x If you could fulfil one ambition before you are 40 what would it be?????? Hi Joanne, I totally feel that NHS pain an sometimes I feel sorry for the NHS because they don't have a great reputation really.
And my ambition before I am 40? I want to go to Mozambique, to some heavenly savannah to enjoy a sunset with a couple of acacia trees silhouetted against a gorgeous sunset sky. I want belle and mark to be with me, all huddled in a group, wrapped up together and just sign at the wonder.

Angie W asked:
Thanks you so much for your blogs! I just started reading them a few months ago, but I read everytime you post now. Maybe I will get a chance to go back and read the past posts! You are such a wonderful and beautiful person! I would love to win the booty but not sure I have the "best" question! My question is what 1 thing would you want the most at this moment; be it for you, Belle, whomever??? Congrats on the posts and keep them coming at us!! Hi Angie, somebody has asked me something similar bit what I want for Ellie - right at this moment, is for her to pass her swimming test. When she does, it will be her first recognised achievement ever considering she cant even ride a bike yet! Watch this blog
for news when that eventually happens :)

Jozza asked:
Congrats! 1000 posts - wowzers!!! I love your blog - it's the one I check every day without fail. You talk straight from the hip and I loiks it! I love the way you talk about so many aspects of your life and wonder why I fail miserably to be a chatty blogger. I guess I just ain't interesting :o) I would like to ask you this.... You are doing so well on your health kick and seem to have the weight dropping off you. Do you think it is possible to get the weight off and keep it off? It's just that I have yo-yo'd for years and am starting to think gastric band is the only answer *sob* You are doing so well I feel inspired - but I always put the weight back on again (plus another 10lbs) xxx Hi chick - my weight comes off slow and goes on quick most of the time. But recently I went on a bit of an extreme diet and lost a stone, then maintained, Then I lost another stone using another extreme diet and am still maintaining. What I didnt want to happen was lose all 4 stones of it and then put it all back on. I am finding that losing a stone at a time and enjoying that new weight for a while is far healthier and fun. Ive 2 stones to go (which I plan to lose a stone at a time and maintain each stone loss for a few weeks) but to help keep it off whilst maintaining, I walk the dog for miles, go tot eh gym 3 times a week and still eat some of the crap that makes me wobbly (but not all the time!). Im your average woman, Jozza ...... I put it on, I take it off, I eat cake and I eat salad. But most if all I think its about balance oh and lots of water!

Susie the cardfairy asked"
Hi Kirsty, I too have been reading your blog for a long time now, but haven't been confident enough to comment! I just wanted to say I admire you on all levels,you rock girl! You and your family are such a tight unit, your love and light shines through in all you blog. I work one to one with children who have varying special needs so I have a small idea of where you are coming from. Do you realise what an inspiration you are? No????? thought not LOL! Anyhow, Ive tried to think of a witty sparkling, scintillating question to ask - you know one of those blinders that people think WOW why didnt I think of that, but Im brain dead so you will just have to have...............IF you could be anyone in power who would you be and what would you do with that power? Time for a lie down in a dark place now I think ! (me that is, not you lol ) Take care of you and yours and hope you dont mind me posting. Susie The Cardfairy Hi Susie... I love your question, its making me think. Ok, If I could be anyone in power id me President Mugabe and Id do the right thing and step down. The would be powerful, wouldnt it?

Deborah asked:
Hi Kirsty, Great blog. Do occasionally drop you a line but read your daily news avidly. My question is-If you were on a desert island which three things would you wish to take with you? Merry Christmas to you and yours Deborah Hi Deborah ---good question and Im thinking other than taking belle, Mark and the pooch Id take my BG collection, some Herma and a knife. Id make a house out of BG and knife (not for hunting fishies) but to carve out cute little shapes from my house to make fab windows!

Tracey asked:
1000 posts - congrats to you!! I love your blog!! My question is - "If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?" Hi Tracey my one superpower would be to x-ray vision so that I could try and look into Ellies little bod and see what the hell is going on in there!

Heather asked:
Congrats on 1000 posts xx My question....what do you fancy for Crimble? Hi Heather .... hmmm, I really dont want anything in particular that we can afford but if we could afford it, id like an epson R1400 printer. But to be honest, my main pleasure on crimbo day is watching belle open her pressies and enjoying the dinner with family. Seriously, thats what I lubs the most.

Jen asked:
HUGS Kirsty. I'm sorry that people can be so horrid. I know the blog you are talking about, but I NEVER go there. I did once and it made me feel physically sick. Now I just try and pity the poor girls who feel the need to go on there and say nasty things about people (or on any blog for that matter). You don't need their negativity and I hope you just delete any nasty comments you get without taking it personally. They are soooo not worth it. Anyway, love all your blog posts, and I'm sorry I still haven't made it up to the frozen North to see you. So my question is: Parlez-vous français?? LOL!! Love ya xxx Bon Jour Jen, oui! Hugs to you hun xx

Brodders asked:
Well Kirsty I would like to know how did you get your sofa's in your front room ???? Hi Brodders :) I got the 4 seater in (that came in 2 parts), the chair got in but the three seater (which didn't break down) wouldn't fit in at all - not even through the window. So now we have to send the little bugger back and get a two seater (clearly not wide enough for my butt!)

Kate asked:
Wow 1000 posts well done. I love popping by your blog so my question for you is whose blog do you just HAVE to stop by??? Kate, i drop by so many in a day but the one that I love the most - purely for simplicity and calm is this one - Emily Falconbridge's blog. I get really annoyed if she hasnt updated for more than 2 days (and she knows it as well!)

Deanna asked:
1000 posts - you blogger you :) erm questions questions honey - 'Imagine for a moment that your not ticklish and dont find jokes funny! What REALLY makes YOU laugh?' Hugs always xxx Hi Deekatz xx Lots of things make me laugh, really. I love slang words and making words up - so when people write their blogs in their regional accent, that makes me howl. Cathy Zielskes blog makes me laugh - a lot!.

Pigglet asked:
i have been reading your blog for a very long time, and i was so lucky that you choose to use some piccys of my kids on a christmas lo that made it on to the cover of a magazine, i have never been quite so amazed at anyones work, you spoiled us, no one else quiet is also through this blog that my family got into geocaching. so a question ehh where is your dream holiday destination and would you go geocaching while you were there?? Pigglet - I still have that piggin useless, can you mail me your address? And second my dream destination is a toss between Mozambique and The Inca Trail in south America.... and of course Id go geocaching, we love it!

Darcy asked:
wow 1000, really??? I am so slack in the blogging dept, I don't know how you do it. My question, do you dream? do you have a special place you go to, you know in that moment just before being awake, while you are still snuggled and sleeping. The place you go where everything is possible. Tell me about your safe/special dream place. Oh by the way, you know the is now bright, and I do mean BRIGHT cerise pink. I don't do pink, so it may have to be 'altered' again. big luffs. Hey piggy tails (pink piggytales!!) My safe dream is recurrent and Im back in the house I loved when I was 9/10/11. We lived in Kippax, a village in the outer subs of Leeds and I remember being very happy there with lots of freinds, a lovely house and memories if roaming the fields and woods with absolutely no cares in the world. I dream about that at least one or twice a month. And I always wake up happy :)

Max asked:
Wow Kirsty 1000 posts!! I'm another devotee of your blog who doesn't often pluck up the courage to crawl out of the woodwork and post a comment but couldn't slip away without acknowledging your achievement. Q: What do you feel is your greatest achievement so far? Luv'n'Stuff Max xx Hi Max - other than Belle being my greatest achievement, I think the best thing thats happened so far (but was not planned) will be the birth of a product that Im launching in February :)

Paula asked:
Wow, 1000 posts! Now that is impressive! Congrats! And a did you want to be when you grew up? Hi Paula, I wanted to be an air hostess becuase that was the fashion back then....everyone wanted to be one. Instead I joined the RAF so there was a plane connection at least!

Lyn Ellesea asked:
Struggling to come up with anything serious at 1am in the morning so... In a ideal world without diets/fitness regimes, do Jaffa Cakes still hit the spot, or is there another variety of yumminess that gets the creative juices flowing or you can recommend? Congratulations:) Lynn in Norway:-) OMG Lynn, you said the immortal words - JAFFA CAKES. But seeing as Ive been on a health kick of late, you cant beat the taste of chicken pieces straight out of the oven... Im a thigh girl, myself :)

Melwood asked:
I have been reading your blog for about a year now and really enjoy your sense of humor. Your life seems so much more interesting than mine. So much so that I even enjoy reading through your older posts. Is that bad? :) As a woman/mom also on the verge of 38 I'm sad that you see yourself as some non-descript slug because I see a beautiful, confident, talented, creative spirit. So, here's my really lame question... How do you do your eye makeup? Your eyes really pop and you look hip & edgy. When I try it I look like a skank. What's your secret? Congrats on your 1000th post! Sending you warmth from Florida. :) Melissa Hi melissa - my eyemake up? Goodness, I just slap it on and Ill admit I look like a dog without it. I use loreal soft black kohl on my lower lid and smudge it in with a smudger (or you could use a q-tip) and then I use a smokey green or grey on my top lid with lashings of lengthening mazzy. I cant wear foundation or blusher as it makes my skin scream but when I did some work on TV recently, I had to lather it on and I wanted to pull my skin off live on air - hated it.

JuJu asked:
oooh,I'm outing myself!!! Question:- Kirsty, do you think Eoghan should be in school? Hi Juju, I think Eoghan should go to dance classes first! And to be honest, I think he is worse than the two lads who got booted out first. And he isnt exactly phwoar! So in sum, he should go back to school, learn to dance and mature a bit more - like cathedral city cheese!

PBear asked:
Hi Kirsty - I love reading your blog - thanks for all the hard work that goes into writing it. My question - What's Santa going to bring for Eddie? (Or rather, what's Eddie asked Santa for?) Helen Hi PBear, Santa is going to bring Eddie some more good manners and a magic de-stinker potion that stops nasty whiffs from hitting our poor noses. But really, he is getting a new coat and Ive seen this black hoody that reads "security" on the back!

Aly read:
Hi Kristy, I've really come to love reading your blog, sharing in your ups and downs, and the adventures of your sweet daughter. And that leads me to my question: What is your favorite holiday memory of Belle? Thanks for sharing a bit of your life. Peace & Blessings this holiday season, and into the New Year. Hi Aly, my most favvo memory of Belle at crimbo was 2 days before we flew to Florida in 2002... we had christmas early and she opened her gifts straight after school, in her uniform and was more alert to the festivities. Generally Ellie takes an age to come round on a morning and she can take HOURS to open her gifts. And I mean little tears here and a tiny rip there.

Trace Geworsky asked:
I LOVE your blog..keep the inspiration coming. What is the craziest thing you have ever done due to scrapbooking obsession? Mine was ofer to streak naked down the street to win a slice..hahahaha Hi Trace :) The craziest thing I ever did was let someone scrapbook my hand complete with tim holtz alcohol inks (which took about 9 days to scrub off). See April 06 blog entries for pictures!

Barb asked:
Hi Kirsty, i didnt get to see you on Sunday, due to the class being cancelled at Capture the magic. I log onto your blog all the time and think its fantastic. My question would be "How many sticky dots would it take to stop my cushions sliding off my sofa". Keep doing what you do best, and hopefully get to say hello next time you come to sunny Soham. Barb Hi Barb, I was gutted the classes were cancelled, I think Vicky was let down on promised time, ey? Ok, I think you will need 43 glue dots to secure your cushions on the sofa. Failing that, diamond glaze is wonderful stuff and highly addictive ;)

Melberry asked:
Kirsty, I come away from your blog INSPIRED each time I read it. Your creativity, cheeky-ness, perseverance, dedication, devotion to motherhood, humor, talent, resourcefulness and fortitude are A-W-E-S-O-M-E. And I love your photography -- it's a style I try to do myself, taking the ordinary into the realm of extraordinary. My question for you is WHO INSPIRES YOU? I know your lovely Belle must do that daily, but who else? Hi Melberry......mmmmm, many people and things inspire me. Blogwise its Emily Falconbridge, Photography is Mario Testino, Scrapbooking is Suzanne Torr (UK scrapper - amazing details), the will to live is inspired by Belle

cannycrafter asked:
Hi Kirsty! Enjoying your blogging as usual!!! happy 1000th!!! make my 500 look pretty sick!!!! Question: What's at the top of your christmas list? Congrats! Caroline x Hi Carloine, my love :) The top of my christmas list is a R1400 printer that I know I wont get but I am desperate for a crystal clear facial at my local beauticians

Kate asked:
congrats on 1000 posts and heres to 1000 more. Love the new christmas blog header. My question is what was the 1st photo you took of?? Hi kate - my first professional photo was taken in Dec 05 (blog posts at that time will reveal that) and it was of my husbands cousin who attended the same course as me. I love that picture :)

Becky asked:
a couple questions: who won the header? ;) do you think you will ever be back in the US (for medical or other reasons)? what is your favorite part of christmas and why? Hi Becky! I havent chosen the winner yet - a few days ok? :)
I think there is a small certainty we will come back to the US
My favvo part of crimbo is eating a lavish dinner with family and playing games that make us cry with laughter - like Balderdash.

Eleanor asked:
Hello darling Well, the Christmas music always, but always does it for me, whether it's cheesy pop songs, great sacred works or just simple carols. I hope it works for you, too, we all need some Christmas joy and goodwill, so get that tree up and get rockin around it. Which brings me to...which is your favourite Christmas film? (Mine is Home Alone, oh and I love the Griswolds too, still funny year after year) El Christmas kissesxxx Hi Ells xx My most favvo holiday film is "The Holiday" with cameron diaz, kate winslet, jude law and jack black. I just love love love love love it. Jack Black has me in stitches, there is something about him that makes me love him a tiny bit more than I love my dog!

JB asked:
Hello Kirsty. I look at your blog lots. You are a very inspiring lady. Am trying to be more crafty (and in more ways than one ho ho) I am tearing my hair out planning my wedding so my question to you is - What pretty part of the day (as in decor)do you think should focus on the most? Looking forward to 1000 more posts & things... Best wishes Jane. Hi JB, the most brilliant part of the day is taking the time out just to look at the people in the room at one moment. Savour that memory and talk to as many people as time allows. Get your photographer to photograph people laughing and in conversation and most import...dont forget to take pictures of your shoes! the shoes always get forgotten! And a good tip is add a little tear off slip in your RSVP's in the invites and ask what their favourite record is. That way, when it comes to the night do, everyone can get to dance to at least one of their fave songs!

Sharon asked:
Sharon Speakman has left a new comment on your post "post 1000 - celebratory giveaway": Brilliant blog - congrats on 1000th post. Question: What is your favourite flavour of crisps? Sharon x x x Hi Shazzo xx My favvo flavour crisps dont exist anymore - they were by KP (now walkers) and they were sweetcorn relish flavour Skips. You only get prawn cocktail skips now but back then they were my favourite and my best.

BB asked:
Congrats on the 1000! Wow! I just want to say that I think you have been brave and strong to be able to soldier on despite not knowing what your child has exactly. My little one has been sick but we have been able to find out what's wrong and that does make it a little better. I always marvel at how you cope and deal with the unknown. What keeps you going? Hi BB - Ive answered something similar above but the more brave Belle gets, the more I seek the will to live :)

Lidia asked:
Congratulations! 1000 posts... pfew! Love them all!! Love how you talk about your sweet Belle, makes my heart melt... What would you choose to do, where would you go, if you had all the money in the world and all the time you wish for... Keep the posts coming!! Lidia x Hi Lidia, If money no were object Id love to travel state to state in the US in a an amazingly decked out winnebego, visit all my online US freinds along the way and fly to Hawaii last to recouperate. If only ......

Rosie asked:
1000 posts? My gawd girl, you talk far too much!!! lmfao I love reading your blog posts. I love listening to you on the phone when we talk, your emails too! I'm right behind your latest venture (as well you know!!) My question to you: When are we meeting up next? xxx Hi Rosie Rosemeister! Erm in the new year, at your house where you will wait on me hand and foot. Tea in bed at 9am with a gorgeous bacon butty on a tray with fresh cut roses and a hand made scrapbook you made of my life :)

Godsrockangel asked:
If a complete stranger could do one thing that would make your day - what would it be and why? Or is that two questions???? Hi GRA :) Anyone would make my day by bringing their stash round to my house so we could scrap together, eat crap, laugh, whinge, moan and laugh some more. If they could also bring the answer to Belles medical condition, that would be a bonus!

Belinda asked:
Hi Kirsty - I can only echo what others have said about how you are inspirational, your honesty and emotion, bring me to tears frequently, you also make me think about how blessed I am. All in all I couldn't imagine not having your posts to read so please continue for at least another 1,000 xx My question is inspired by a book I've seen, suggesting telling a story in just 6 words, it was something Ernest Hemingway was challenged to do- his story "For sale-baby shoes-never used!' How would you tell your story in just 6 words? Belinda x Hi Belinda - this is an amazing question - I love it LOTS. Ive thought about it and it reads:
"Emotional train crash - look and learn"

Kat asked:
Hi Kirsty, I've been reading for a little while and love your blog, the way you write is as inspiring as your scrapping. I have no idea of who/where all the hurtful comments came from but hope those anonymous 'people' have crawled back under their stones! (and that was the polite version - lol!) Your Belle is just gorgeous and with you as her Mummy she has a beautiful life ahead of her. I have a son with special needs (Autism) and the only way I get through each day (of what is usually just all that mundane stuff!) is with his smile etched on my heart.......mmmm very slushy but that is how it is. My question is quite simply and quite random!.......mayo or ketchup with chips?!?!?! :-) Happy 1000th Love Kat x Hi Kat - ketchup all the way baby although if I am visiting Holland then I will make the necessary sacrifice of having mayo!

Jenni Hamilton asked:
Hi Kirsty I visit daily and have found you so inspiring, not only have you encouraged me to start scrapbooking, I've now started a crop which meets twice a month and have even started my own blog recently, all things I would never have done if I hadn't found your blog! Congratulations on reaching your 1000th post and my question is how are you ever going to choose the best from all of these fantastic questions? And where will you find time to answer them?!! Jenni x Hi Jenni - I dont know how to choose, I might just randomise the whole lot and choose one winner and Ill find time, dont worry... I always do!:)

Cass asked:
Congrats on your 1000th post! :) My question is a simple one: What item do you treasure the most (not including people)? Hi cass, I treasure all of my Enid Blyton books which are worth a small fortune. Lots of them are 1st editions and some are tatty and unloved by collectors as a whole.... each book has brilliant memories of being a confused and sensitve child. They saved my life.

nightwolflayouts asked:
Congrats on 1000 posts hun!! I love reading ur blog and u r an inspiration to us all :) My question - what's your favourite Christmas memory? Have a great day! Hi NWL! Ive answered something similar to do with belle but my favvo memory is when I asked santa for either a girls word or a sindy doll and I got both and I shall never forget that becuase I knew that santa did not exist at the time and that mum and dad didnt have much money hence why I asked for either - but they did that for me :)

Sandra asked:
Congrats to 1000 posts!! Wow! (I'm still getting to do my 100th *lol*) My question is: What is the most important and most precious thing in your opinion you've learned from Belle? Hi sandra, Ellie has taught me to accept. This medical journey doesnt bother her because she knows no different and because I know there can be a difference, I learn from her example of just getting on with it. but as you know, sometimes I just crack!

Harley Dee asked:
Kirsty, congrats on your milestone!!! I just hit 100 posts recently and thought it was a big deal :D My question is: Do you have a dream (like, actual being asleep and dreaming) from when you were a child that you still remember? :) Hi Harley, Ive answered my current dream re-occurence but when I was a child I used to dream I was drowning and that I couldnt come up for air. It was awful really but it has stuck in my mind - in fact, I still dream Im drwoning sometimes.

Beckie Dreyer asked:
hello you gorgeous person, happy 1000th post! My question is rather boring but do you keep a scrapbook resume? Now sing Falalalalala at the top of your voice, grab a box of mince pies and stick that christmas music on!!!!!! Hi Beckie :) No, i dont keep a resume - I should have started one when I was first published in 2005 but too many lovely things have happened since then and Im hard pushed for time to dedicate going back over all my scrappy events to note them all now. Perhaps I should find time.......

Sandie asked:
I've read your blog for ages. The question I have? (I hope it's not too pushy or personal, or not upbeat enough)... I suffer from chronic illness. It affects my life, the life of my family, friends, and my scrapbooking. Sometimes, I find it difficult to scrap my life in an honest fashion, and still remain upbeat. How much does the negatives in your life and family affect you? And do you scrapbook that proportionately, to how much it affects your life(lives)? Or... do you tend to stay upbeat in your scrapbooking, and scrap only the up side for the most part. I find it a funny battle on just how much to scrap. I want the scrap pages to reflect my son's life... good and bad. But not too bad. kwim? Hi Sandie, you know what - I dont scrap those bad days (yet). I want Ellie to have my pictoral array of albums that saw me seeing the fun and the good in our life - they are called my goodlife albums. For a deeper reflection of my and her life, I will get this blog printed into a book so she could see that I was honest in my daily recollections. Im not saying that scrapping the bad is wrong, but when I scrap I want to be all creative and happy. And when I blog, I want to be able to write from the heart, like Im writing in a diary and not omiting the nitty gritty. She will get the full picture of my thoughts in two forms and it ought to make some pretty good reading :)

Dylan asked:
My question is are you bringing your own brushes to decorate my lounge or do I have to blooming provide them for ya??? xx Congrats on 1000 posts, I salute you sweet cheeks xx Dear Dylan, am I chuff bringing my own brushes. Im not charging you labour but I will expect a chinese takeaway and tena ladies (but not tena ladies milk). loves ya, but you are my freind and you cant win the prize.

Roz asked:
Hey Sweetie, wow, can't believe you have done a 1000 posts, now you have made me think about how much ruddy time I spend on here, cause I think I've read each and every one of them. My questions is this. Are you ready, I thought long and hard about this one. Once you've heard a sound, where does the sound go??? Hee hee. Hi Roz, i catch it in my sound catcher compartment of my ear which turns into creative energy and also zaps excess calories :)

Erin asked:
Congrats on 1000 posts! Gotta be cheaper than therapy! By the way, what does Eddie think of the Christmas tree? Our cats go nuts when it comes out. Erin-Joi Hi Erin, we havent put our tree up yet but I bet he is going to eat every bauble when we do. You know, we love that doggy and i probably wouldnt mind!

Sharon asked:
I have no words of wisdom..(other than what's already been said), I couldn't even think of a witty or exciting question...instead, I have come up with an answer,something that rings through my ears when I'm feeling low ...............................................................There's no place like home :)x Hi Sharon, this is fun.... ok my question to your answer is "when public toilets are at their absolute stinkiest.....!"

KirstyB asked:
Happy Bloggiversary, Kirsty!! :) My question for you is...over or under...which way do you hang the toilet paper?? LOL In all seriousness real question...what are your scrapping goals for 2009?? Hi kirsty xx Ok, I hang it over because when its under its near touching the wall and walls have spider juice on them!
And my scrapping goals for 2009, well I dont plan my scrapping - i happens but I do want to put all my layouts in chronological order - yawn, big job!

Olga asked:
Congratulations on reaching this milestone! I'm really envious that you have gotten so far and I can barely manage to write a couple of posts in my blog. To be honest I would give that much notice to some comments, as they are most likely being driven by envy (bad envy). Coming back to more happy issues, and as a question, how do you manage to write so regularly in your blog and having been writing in the blog for 3 years? I wonder if one day I might reach the same milestone. Congrats, take care and best wishes :) PS If you finally decide to "adorn" Eddy with some Christmas lights, even if it's just for a minute, please, please post the photo in the blog. Hi Olga - I dont write everyday because almost over 1150 days have lapsed since then but Im a pretty fast typer (I type almost as quick as I talk). I do it at the end of the day but might start it off in the afternoon, then publish at night. My parents read my blog and like to read whats going on and sometime they will ring me when I havent so to prevent that, I blog! Parents never tire of chastising, do they....... lol!
PS: If I knew I wouldnt get done for animal cruelty, I would deffo drape the lights over eddy, but then again - he might eat them!

Catriona Macgregor asked:
Congrats on #1000! When did you get started in scrapbooking? Slainte, Cat Hi cat, I did my first page in Aug 2004 and entered a contest which resulted in being shot down in flames by the judges, I was mortified. Not because I thought I should have won but because I think that some of the comments made were geared towards the fact I had scrapped on patterned paper and not bazzill - clearly a massive crime in them days! I gave up for a few months, then re-started in Nov 2004 and after my 4th layout was submitted to UK Scrappers, it was picked up by an Editor for a mag and since then my confidence went beserk!

Katy asked:
Hi Kirsty, im doing my blog rounds that are all listed in my favs :D I have a question for you, whats on your christmas wish list? Have a loely christmas hun to you and all the family. Much Love Katy xxxx Hi katy, Ive answered this above but since then I have spotted a couple of things on amazon and one of them is a 1 terabyte external hard drive - woo, check me out!

Elisa asked:
Congratulations! 1000 posts, wow!
Q: What would be your choice for your last meal?
(if it sounds a bit creepy, I'll rephrase as, what's your favourite food?)
Hi Elisa, Im a foody, no denying that. If I was on death row (clearly for breaking some srange law in scrapbooking or worse, killing my husband) my last meal would be caramelised brie with plum sauce, killer hot tiger prawns and pasta and a creme brulee for pud followed by a wonderful cheesboard, coffee and mints. Yum, bring on the prison sentence.

Jackie C asked:
When are you comming back to teach in Ireland?
Love your blog, congratulations on you 1000th post!!
Hi Jackie, I loved Ireland - Tullamore was beautiful and the girls so laid back and inviting. id come at the drop of a hat and then id be able to go and see my pal AJ and her amazing family.

Bondgirl asked:
My question is what post in the last 1000 sticks in your mind most and why?
Hi BG! The most prolific post, for me (except for the question similar to this, above) was the blog post about having my work published on the front cover of a scapbook mag. I mean, you just dont plan that kind of thing and youdont get told. The mag lands on your doorstep and hey are on the front cover. WOW! (ps, I cant find the post, but I think it was in 2006 sometime!)

Sarah asked:
Congrats on the 1000 posts Kirsty!
My question to you is - if you could be a chocolate bar, which one would you be?
Here's to many more 1000's of posts, hope you have a merry little Christmas xxx
Hi Sarah, no contest baby! Its Green and Blacks Maya Gold - its to die for. Im a bitter chocolate girl - the daker the better (low carbs too ;))

Ambjerjane asked:
Well you know that I for one love your blog and come here daily to visit with my friend who I ouwld love to be able to pop in for a cuppa with but am too far away :)
My question - hum when are you coming back to Ireland so I can see you again and take you down to the Handweavers for scrumdiddly cake and to be spoiled by my Mum ?
Amber xxx
Hi AJ, I answered something similar above but the first hint of an invite with my girly and Im there. Ellie would love your girls, why even I love your girls xx

SueL asked:
I have a very simple question for you Kirsty.
If I ask you and your family round for a cup of tea and a slice of homemade chocolate cake, when shall I put the kettle on?
Sorry the post is anon but I don`t have a blogger account.
Sue L
Hi Sue - are you the Sue L from darn sarf? Im anyones at the mere mention of coyk. Choclid coyk is my favourite and my best.

Gracie asked:
WOW WOW WOW!! All those posts!! Thank you so much for sharing. Hey--please consider applying for the Lime Light Charitable Design Team. Details are at or
Thank you again for such a lovely blog!
--Gracie at
Hi Gracie, Id love to apply but I just dont have the spare time. I dont even have a cricut!

Just a bean asked:
Kirsty - your blog bringws sunshine to dull, crappy days! Her'es to the next 1000.
My question is: What gives you the most satisfaction in life?
Hi bean xx Obv my family give some satisfaction but if truth me told and in addition to that, Im just happy having nice food at the table, a warm house and a craft room that enables me to lick the walls - yum !

Agnes asked:
Congratulations! You really put a lot of effort into your blogging and the comments especially on this post show that it is appreciated! So many interesting questions - I'm looking forward to hear the answers to all those interesting questions. Mine is less personal but might help many of your followers who are bloggers themselves: Apart from writing great blog entries every day, what did you do to "advertise" your blog, and what would would you recommend we do to make our blogs known, get lots of hits and many followers?
Hi Agnes, gosh I dont even know how I came to get 400+ readers a day. I started only with a handful a day three years ago and now, Im not so sure. Perhaps links with working for magazines or companes within the industry, my blog gets posted from reader to reader and it kind of snowballs from there. And having been registered with crafty blogs since it first started, well, that might have helped too. Its all so overwhelming really and I do worry Ill run out of stuff to say, one day :(
And the winner (who I couldnt pick because I just couldnt cope with the "huh, my question was waaaaaaaaay better then hers/his")
random number picker / generator
Simply put, this script will generate a random integer between 0 and the number you enter.

86 Enter an integer here

10 Here is the result


Sally Inspire, according to my previous blog post, you posted number 10 :). Email me your address to this email here - congratcho :)

That was hard work answering all those quessies :)


Deanne said...

congrats Sally, and wo what a long post honey lol some great answers there xx look forward to the 2000th post! :)

sharon said...

your question to the answer I left did make me laugh and how true you are!!..ppooeeeyyy;)x

Belinda said...

Well done to Sally, and WOW Kirsty, some of those answers made me decide I too must invest in Tena Lady!!!!! as for your brilliant answer to my question "Emotional Train Crash" too tough on yourself! More like 'Heart on Sleeve' and that's why we love ya!! You aren't afraid to be or show those truths that the rest of us hide from! 6 words for you, by me KIRSTY WISEMAN ROCKS - LOOK and LEARN!
Belinda x

twinkletoe said...

Loved reading your replies. Can't believe you answered all those questions so quickly.

Sally said...

thanks very much. Can't believe I won. I never win anything. lol.
Been great reading all the questions and answers.

lauren said...

Wow girl! I can't believe you answered all those questions! Thanks! :)

Jozza said...

I've loved reading all these answers :o)

Congrats to Sally for winning!

Jaime said...

I ♥ your header! So cute!!!

Brook said...

I loved the post.It was so much fun to read.

becky said...

fun q&a!! when you do make it back to the US, you should come to st. louis! tons of fun places to go (that are fun & FREE!) and wonderful food & great LSS (plus, we could meet!)

joanne said...

Congrats Sally and welldon Kirsty for answering all those questions. Heres to your next 1000 posts....... Love Joannex


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