Ladies Camera Club

3 Dec 2008

Wintry silhouettes

As expected, Belle la Belle had yet another day off from school (think that she will actch go back tomorrow). However, a phone call from her bezzie tonight indicates she could well be off school tomorrow again due to the heavy snow expected over night. I personally think we won't have snow, we rarely do here but school issued all the kids with a letter for parents informing them school may be out for the day. Snow though? I hope so - all we have had is hail followed by a deep freeze resulting in dangerous, skiddy ice.
I tooketh the pooch out for a walk before sundown today. I dug out some old jeans that now **fit** - hooray and donned my chunky boots in which to house 2 pairs of socks per footage, my thermal tshirts, a jumper and my woolly scarf. And then I grabbed my dust ridden cameras, shoved them in my knapsack and set off to take pictures of the frost. The fella I walked with yesterday gave me some great ideas on our walk for some fabulous compositions in some parts of the park I hadn't even ventured. The fields and low sun coupled with telegraph poles and frosty fences was fuel for my excitement and I was at one with the camera again. It was bitterly cold and I was wrapped in a very chunky puffa jacket on top of all my layers. I can't imagine how the dog was feeling and in light of that I fancy buying him a fleece lined jacket to go over his back - can anyone suggest anywhere good for that? He doesn't seem to mind it as he darts in and out of rabbit holes and ditches (even wet, muddy ditches) without whinging.
And then if an hour and a half's walk wasn't enough, I then went and took my body into negative calories tonight as I crammed an hours spin class in to help tighten the space that once contained mighty globules of lard. It was really hard tonight, the instructor came and tightened our resistance according to our stamina and Im not kidding you, I couldn't piggin move. My face was pewse, sweat drenched my t shirt and when I got off, I felt like Id been sat on a Samurai's blade edge for a whole hour. Still, the feeling of being virtuous outweighs the pain and I'll live to see a pair of size 12 jeans yet (February, praying that it will be February).
Just been to look out the window and no mighty flakes are falling yet. Id secretly like a flurry, enough to have a days fun with Belle and the dog but if not Ive got a photoshoot of a newborn tomorrow - all crumpled and pink. So either way, its going to be a great day.


Rach said...

Beautiful pics, and OMG you'll waste away to nothing if you carry on with all these spinning classes - makes me tired just thinking about it!


Katy said...

He is a gorgeous, gorgeous boy!!

twinkletoe said...

I bet you had snow this morning!!

Lisa said...

Pets at Home have fab doggy coats x

cannycrafter said...

What lovely photo's. My camera is broken :( I feel lost without it!
I think Barney needs a winter coat too! Maybe it's a niche market fleeces for dogs!!! Caroline x

olga9999 said...

Dogs have a faster metabolism than humans plus fur, so if you don't notice him shivering or feeling cold in some way, I wouldn't worry that much about him as he's most likely fine and not feeling the cold. Other thing would be something for when it's raining. But it's mostly to save you the trouble of drying them at home. They have a nice fur and a great metabolism and don't feel temperatures in the same way as humans, that's why in summer the poor things suffer so much.
Just check when you are out with him if he is comfortable, and if you don't see him shivering or something like it, don't worry about sweater for him. He'll be very uncomfortable with it and it's not worth the discomfort he doesn't need it.

The photos are beautiful, the second and third are beautiful, but I like the fourth one most.
Take care and best wishes.

Hannah said...

Next do some cute Doggy Coats! Nearly had to rush out to buy a dog just to get one! :o) xxx


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