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2 Dec 2008

Snugging on the sofa

She is still not a well bean.
Curled up in a ball, all snug under her raggy blanket and ignoring the Baltic state of the weather outside.
I was tied to the house again today and did a great deal of research online whilst spread out on the settee. With the dog laying across my feet and a mug of tea to my side, it was a very cosy affair. My research had me finally discovering that Photoshop is far inferior to Illustrator and the fact that the commands are completely off tangent from each not to mention there is no such thing as history, simple layers, erasing and cropping (much like PS) I was being driven to the end of my tether. This called for drastic action. Like booking my sorry ass on a one day Illustrator course in Leeds on Friday (which, in my opinion costs more money than I can comfortably part with ). I have convinced myself it is an investment if product/web and logo design is the route to travel down and if that route is not feasible in the long run then at least i can make pretty images on my PC screen for kicks and giggles. Just because..............

Before the daylight diminished I took the dog out for his daily walk. Ive been dragging him around the 3 sisters park for about an hour every night for a while now but tonight I got walking with another dog owner who was just so fascinating. He is part of the the 3 sisters park association whose devotion to the upkeep and pleasure of the park is key. This place is my favourite place in the whole of the area of where I live. I take my photos there, I go and clear my head there and I walk Eddy there - its beautiful to say that it used to be 3 slag heaps a number of years ago. Im going to join the association in February so I can put something back into the park; Im really excited about that. Then as conversation between him and I twisted and turned, it came to light that he used to work with my sister in law and her husband and that weird "6 degrees of separation" came to fruition. The walk lasted almost 2 hours but felt like 20 minutes and when we got back, Eddy collapsed in the heat of the house and my pink cheeks (from the cold) burned, baby, burned!
Not sure if Belle la Belle will be back in school tomorrow as she is coughing like she smokes 60 a day and her nose is streaming with delicious snot every 3 seconds. Never mind, with the cosy-upness of our new lounge to enjoy and endless cups of tea, there is nowt else much to look forward to (except crimbo) is there?


Brook said...

I so want to learn how to use Illustrator...but as a second grade teacher...really can't justify the costs. Hope Belle is feeling better...poor baby. My middle boy is feeling a little achy today as well.

Paul B said...

It's a little late as you've already booked your course but I find that Adobe's Classroom books are a great way to learn how to use their software. It's how I started with illustrator. Here's the link to what I mean on Amazon:

You have a CD with the lessons on. Usually a partially finished design and a file showing what it should look like. You follow each chapter working on the design until it looks like the end result. You can go over the lessons again and again until its sunk in and you can do them in your own time stopping and starting as and when life interrupts :)


Paul x

Sam said...

gosh I wish I was your trainer for Illustrator we'd have a hoot - mind you I don't train that package soooooo not much use there. Paul B has some good advice, I learned photoshop by donwloading some vidoe tutorials and they are excellent!!! in order to put together a course, it was very useful. Try for the same sort of tutorials using Illustrator (much cheaper).

Rae said...

poor little poppet! I'm sad to say I think I might know how she feels. hope she feels better soon!

Rach said...

Awww poor Belle, really hope she's feeling better soon.

I've tried to fathom out Illustrator myself and failed miserably. I was hoping to make pretty pictures with it that I could cut out on the robo (ha ha ha), because using a Mac you can't using the software that comes with it - so all I've managed to ever do with mine is cut out titles. Panty poops!

Shame Sam is now up in bonny Scotland, we used to work for the same company and I attended many of her courses - always a blast :D


Rach said...

OK, just read Sam's comment again, and it says she doesn't teach illustrator - pppttthhhh!

makeyesup said...

Sorry to hear your sweet little girl is not up to par. Hope all that misery leaves her real soon.

Jen said...

Aww poor baby! Hugs to both of you xx

amber jane said...

Poor Belle give her a get well ((((hug))) from us

Terrie B x said...

Hi Kirsty....and Belle...

Sending loads of lubbs and
`Get Well` wishes to dear Belle...
Hope that she`s feeling better soon...:)~x~

greyparrot said...

Hiya! Hope Bellabaloo is feeling a bit perkier.
Just got your message- thanks, I am fine and dandy apart from a split wound *bleurgh* having my stitches out next week *yay*. Had my gallbladder whipped out three weeks ago, fabulous surgeon, lovely cottage hospital and lots of recouperation and tea!

olga9999 said...

Ok I think you might be the perfect victim for my Open Source preaching. ;)
I'm not sure how Illustrator works, I have never used that program, but I have used several Illustrator tutorials on the web with Inkscape. It does have history panel, it does have layers many operators like Illustrator. The only thing that might not have (or simply I'm yet to find) is this kind of artistic brushes kind of like Photoshop. But the rest can easily compete if not be superior with Illustrator, I have never work with Illustrator so I might be a bit overenthusiastic. Anyway they have a terrific website with tutorials, I can provide you a link for a video podcast with more tutorials and all this is free and full of Open Source goodness(the program and tutorials). You are always going to find people willing to help somewhere.
There are versions of the program for Linux (obviously), Windows and Macs. Check the link above, it's the official website and you'll find tons of stuff already there.
Seriously if you are just starting, consider this program because it's fantastic and it doesn't take many resources on the computer.
You can find the video podcast I was talking before in this blog Screencasters Heathenx.
Even if you decide not to use the program, you might still find the podcast and tutorials in that blog interesting and they have on their sidebar more links to other Inkscape blogs, just in case. And even if you take the class having some kind of base will certainly help you.
Another thing I'm thinking that might help you, I don't know about Illustrator but I know there are free Photoshop video podcasts in iTunes, you can take a look to see whether you find something interesting over there and when you are starting with something the more help you can help the better.
Sorry to hear about Belle being sick hopefully she'll be better and you can all have a nice Christmas celebrations. And I know about the weather, it's awful here in Ireland. It was pitch black at about 3.30pm today and all because of the clouds and the storm. :(

Take care and best wishes. :)


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