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25 Dec 2008

Piece of earth and **sneaks**

Peace on earth, my most festivious of freinds.
Some years ago, Ellie thought it was Piece of Earth!
The funny little minx also once came in from school and clasped her hands together and bowed her head explaining how she had been lucky enough to see Birds of Prey (but she was praying and bowing her head when she did this). I'll treasure that memory forever.
Today has been crazy.
Today one had to go back to town for a forgotten gift.
The roads were chocky, chocky, chick chock. With that, I walked into town and I just loved the time I had to think a few things over.
And I did a lot more noticing than normal.
People had smiles on their faces, which was good.
And although Im still not feeling christmassy, Im not feeling miserable neither.
Its just weird.
I was minding my own business when I saw an elderly couple coming my way. They looked so sweet and the lady had such a groovy hat on. It was really noticeable. Kind of like one of those hats with side flappy bits and pom poms everywhere. I had to tell her that I thought it was magnificent. She and her husband looked to be in their 70's and she was in such a jolly mood. She thanked me for my compliment and explained that her grandchildren loved her in it and made such a fuss of her in it. She then quipped the conversation with a "Do you think i'll pull in it?" to which I collapsed on the floor laughing. For my non UK readers, "pull" means "finding a date". I have decided I want to be as jolly she she when Im starting to lose my young years and elastic in my skin. That little old lady's quip has been tickling me all day.
Bell has been majorly excited today - aren't all kids? She has been especially affectionate and giggly. I wish she was like this 365 but I will remember this feeling and appreciate it more because its so rare. She has a ton of gifts to open tomorrow, I can't wait to feel her excitement neither.
So what else did I do?
Mmmm, yes...I took pics of my Studio Calico kit because the light in my mums conservatory is much better than the non existent light in our house.

The dog joined me and wanted to nibble all my hard work. As I took pics, he kept guard over me and out of the windows he barked at the birds. Its very difficult to do anything when he is around, he just loves attention and cuddles and I can barely ignore him - we just love him so so much. He was my little photographers assistant today, the little love.

Here you can see me in my pink pyjamas, in his eye. Good job you cant see how rough my face looks....bluergh, Im an uggers morning person!!!Anyway, Have a bloody marvellous Christmas. Take lots of pictures and eat an abundance of merriment.
Love and Hugs
The three and a half Wisemans xx


becky said...

have a very blessed Christmas! i hope you were good and santa treats you well :)

Jennifer.T said...

Wow what a very cute eyeful of sneaks there! LOve love love them Kirsty, and a very merry Christmas to you!

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Merry Christmas my sweet ones!

Deanne said...

have a wonderful chrimbo wisemans :) ho ho ho xxx

Jenni Hamilton said...

Hope your Christmas is as Merry as can be.
Jenni x

Kate said...

Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family!! Big hugs to you all!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope Santa was especially kind to you. I STILL didnt find the spirit of Christmas but it may just be hiding in the bottle of Hock thats chilling in the fridge - what do you reckon? At least that is it for another year (phew).
My gorgeous hunk of eldest son Jordan bought me a Bind it all for Christmas, my youngest hunk Declan bought me a calligraphy set with the grooviest bottle of purple ink with an attached decorative pewter inkwell attached - Im too scared to use it so I shall just look at it and stroke the v. big red feather !!!!!
Love, light and joy
The Cardfairy

Brook said...

Merry Christmas! I always love looking at the detail in your work. Looks like you had a great time with the cookies. I love the picture of bell all glamourous like in the glasses! I hope she had a wonderful Christmas!

Terrie B x said...

Hi `Sweet cheeks` This looks fabulously "scrumcious" Kirsty...

Aw just look at Eddie..he`s adorable:)

Hope your all having a wonderful Christmas with lots of fun at your Mammas...lots of loves~X~

Svala said...

Hope you had the very best Christmas. Love your sneaks and can't wait for reveal night over at SC. I'm so glad I don't have to go to work that morning!!! Your dog is the cutest little thing BTW!

Anonymous said...

I loved the sneaks of Eddy. So I looked at Studio Calico and I scraplifted your LO for a LO about my son and his neighbourfriend who moved to Hongkong last summer. And that's a long way from home, here in the Netherlands.

Love, Ingrid


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