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21 Dec 2008

busy ness ness ness

Im a leave-it-until-the-last-safe-moment kind of girl. I thrive on deadlines and yet hate it at the same time. So come 4am yest morning, it came as no surprise that I was wrapping Ellies gifts to her fave teachers/helpers/friends. It was her last day of school for this year. For the gifts, I had to shop on a budget and found the early sales to be of great help. And even as I sit here, next to the tree and a tin of Roses chocs - Im still not feeling it. I have this ache from frowning and I don't want to frown. I have every reason tonight to be delirious but poo poo poo plops to that!
So anyway, I hand moulded some chocs from large bars for some of her teachers and wrapped them prettily to make up for the fact we couldn't spend a tenner on each of them. And tomorrow I plan to bake cookies with the little Belle to make as extra gifts for our family. Thrifty and last minute Christmas stuff makes the best Christmas stuff - after all they are produced with that toxic, nervous energy found among these parts. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Talking of which, check our last minute buys for xmas right here.
Ive got hand made cards to finish tonight and sad to say that Ive only got a handful to make this year - everyone else will still receive our wishes but on **yikes** shop bought babies. Ive gone for peacock blue and glimmer mist style cards with some black and kraft thrown in. Have to say that glimmer mists are a real treat for non christmassy feeling poop heads like me. Im not entirely sure its a product Id use greatly on scrapping but then again, Ive not tried it. If Bazzill wasn't so friggin precious, Id practice all day long. Hmmm, need some glimmer mist tips on that score I reckon.
Ive not long since tied up a project for the Crafts Stamper Maggo and Crafts beautiful - 0oh and a little piece for Quick and Crafty. Magazine work is my favourite and my best right now (god, i love that saying. Charlie and Lola's key lines make me laugh) but my favourite and my best Dep Editor is Kate Hemmings who received a gift wrapped bag of sweetmince from myself for her duty to "constant reminding". Collusion is something I condone but you know, it kind of works!!!! The beauty of working from home means I can work right into the night to finish off those odds and ends and lets face it, what employer would allow me 3 or 4 days off a month for hospital visits? Hmmm? Exactly.
We have also not long finished wrapping most of our gifts which always ends with an almighty blow out between Mark and I - the joy of this occasion is greatly appreciated as a once a year threat to get a divorce. This boils down to the fact that buying for girls is more simpler than the boys because as you know - girls are easy to buy for. However, the gifts all add up to the same spendage anyway although I just wish someone would invent really useful stocking stuffers for boys. Maybe next year Ill bag up frogs and snails and puppy dogs tails for the boys which adds up to more than sugar and spice for the girls....heee hee hee.
I also had a slight spark of crimbo enthusiasm earlier (for about 2 minutes) when I plonked this lovely trinket on the tree. This thoughtful "bauble" was dreamed up by Jane last January who sent this "travel" coin from Kent and its mission was to get to us in Wigan by Christmas and on to our tree. I love the Three Wisemans themes which represents Mark, Belle and I.... we really are the Three Wisemans even though we have a dog...well, he makes it 3 and a half Wisemans!! Now those not in the know will need to understand the theory of travel coins. They are to do exactly that. Travel from one destinatio to another via geocaching. Jane hid the coin near her home so that fellow cachers would pick it up and drop off in various locations en route to Wigan (approx 240 miles). Geocachers are meant to follow the rules of this particular cache and not hang on to it for weeks on it, thus delaying its mission (like one cacher did - naughty boy, else we would have had it in October, I believe). However, the coin eventually completed it mission but if it wasn't for sensible geocachers we wouldn't or couldn't of had it for ages. Its such a fun hobby! Thank you Jane, it was a very thoughtful gesture. Mark and I are seeking a suitable coin to return the favour and we shall see what travels it happens upon.

Gots me hair restyled yesterday whilst Im waffling on and on and on.....are you awake? Since the horror of having my hair cut short in Oct 2006 its taken me two years to get it back to this length, my fave length. Im feeling very happy about the way my hair and body is starting to take better shape - perhaps 2009 will make up for this very weird year I have had with weight gain and loss. And gain and loss. And gain, gain and loss.

So now Im going to tidy up my craft room and make way for Studio Calicos January kit which arrived yest. I got two add ons this month wheich means I have practically a whole factory's worth of supplies caving my table top in. I have exactyly 48 hours to turn round a gazillion of projects and if it wasnt for the fact I wasnt feeling festivious, Id have less time.

Oh and before I go, I want to thank Caroline from Bubbly Funk who selflessly sent me the bestest wrapped gift with the bestest contents and the bestest card I have ever had. Maya Gold Green and Blacks Chocolate is an experience everyone should savour in their life time, especially melted on Strawberries. I know I shouldnt have opened the gift but I knew what it contained and I wanted to nibble on some (The rest was rubbed on my thighs as thats where it will end up!). Thank you Caroline, it was a wonderful gesture and that card is in pride of place where all my best cards :)

Ok, ok, ok - Im going. Toodle ooooooo xx

PS: Its Marks Birthday today - Happy Birthday, my darling poopy-stinky head :)


Anonymous said...

Love that haircut, Kirsty!
I also love your Christmas card, Id love to know how you made it. I almost threatened to get the peel offs out this year and was saved at the last safe moment, too, with Asda cards on sale.
Happy Christmas
Adele x

Anonymous said...

You look absolutely gorgeous in that picture.
Oh and Happy Birthday Mark.

Terrie B x said...

Well your choccie wrapped balls will be loved by the teachers...lovin your haircut It`s fab,
and well that choccie off Caroline is heavenly!!!How could you resist!!!lol...Oh and the card is just sooooo lush!!!
Well hope youv`e had an Evening full of pretty makes Kirsty...
`Happy B`day` to Mark..:)~X~

ski said...

Cool Geocoin.....check out the Pirate of Hariman geocoins for Team Skully!!!!

Hawkins Bazzar is brilliant for boy type stocking fillers

Have a merry crimble

Lynn said...

oooh Kirsty, you look boootiful :) I just got mine done too and it turned out a bit shorter and a bit blonder than I planned... am still getting used to it! You seem to be doing great with the 'ol weight loss. I know how hard it is... I think I've rejoined weight watchers about 10 times in the last couple of years.

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Happy birthday Markie Mark! Make sure the 'she devil' pampers you stupid lmfao!

Slinky dink with your fab new mop-a-top hun!

Merry Christmas to the Three (and ha half) Wisemans!


Brook said...

So many things to comment the new do, the card is precious, tree lookin' good, who wouldn't like dark chocolate. Merry Christmas. Sam got a package from the UK the other day. Details on my blog. He is in hog heaven.

Jennifer.T said...

You are gorgeous Kirsty, on many levels.
I truly hope you find your Christmas spirit soon.
Me thinks it will arrive while watch Ellie unwrap her goodies on Christmas morning :o)

Deanne said...

love the hair honey and a happy birthday to mark too.
you'll get in the spirit soon honey :) you'll prob bounce downstairs on chrimbo morning in a santa suit :)
i've got an award on my blog for you xxx
hugs x

Terrie B x said...

Hi Gorgeous Lady....
`Thankyou` for the beautiful card It`s truly beautiful for real...
Lots of loves:)
Hope your feelin it a little now!!!

cannycrafter said...

Lve the new haircut! happy birthday Mark. Hope you all have a lovely christmas! Caroline xx

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Kirsty, please visit my blog, there is something for you there. xx

carolinejane said...

How did you know what it was?! Could you smell it through the paper, haha. Naughty you for opening before 25th....... ;-) xx


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