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24 Nov 2008

Tomorrow morning......

This lil peach nut will wake up a teenager.

Holy shit shit shit.
Profanity I dare say that I wont be apologising for.
I knew this day was coming (for 13 years, obv).
Its one of many of her personal milestones but to you and I its a pretty significant one.
She will start to wear black. She will give me attitude.
She will turn into a moody monster.
I hope she doesn't start as soon as she wakes up!!!
We have bought her a sizeable iPod (160gb) so we can put her fave DVD's on there for boring car/hospital trips plus her beloved CD's can be burned and banished to the relics bin. Ive lots of little openy bits just so that she can look back and remember her 13th birthday as being a bit spesh. Ive also made her a bit of a one off card but then we all claim our cards are one off's anyway.....tee hee..
I was at Asda tonight doing my weekly shop and I was gushing to the cashier about her birthday. The young girl really flattered me by saying I didn't look like I should have a 13 year old. Yeah, I know. I thought the same! Needless to say I skipped all the way to the car. Having recently lost some serious poundage, Im guessing the weight loss has stretched my wrinkles to nothing. Hooray! I'll soon be looking as thinful as the third picture down (above!).
I can't wait to get wrapping and thinking of the delights she will have for breakfast (chocolate is top of the list - the only day where choc is allowed for brekkie).
Ive also just scanned back to three years previous blog posts on her birthdays - enjoy them with me
Free the reigns, Kirsty and watch her fly.
**pass me a kleenex**

PS: I had to add this even though this is a happy post. Did you see the Barnardo's advert during the jungleness? I didn't like it even if it was meant to affect me. The smack over the head part made me feel sick. Ellie was watching it too and yes, it was after 9 but come on. It was dreadful.
Rant over..........


Rach said...

Happy Birthday Belle! xxx

Hope you all have a wonderful day xx

Looby said...

What a fab day to have a birthday - it's mine tomorrow too!
Happy Birthday Ellie - hope you have a fabby day
Lou x

heidi said...

i too kirsty, have cried these tears...twice! then was 16..18..21..25
i finally convinced myself age is just a number, and they will always be my babies!! (...they just play with different toys now!)
continue to cherish each and every moment, hour, day and year because they do go by so quickly!!

Happy Birthday Belle!

Jan Connair (Magpie) said...

You know, you really do have a special girl there. I don't know what it is about Belle, but I'll bet everyone who has read your posts about her has fallen in love with her!

Hope she has a very special birthday tomorrow. If it starts with chocolate for breakfast, it's bound to be a fab day!

Terrie B x said...

`Happy 13th Birthday` to dear Belle...
Have the most wonderful Day:)
Sounds like choccies a great way to sart the day!!!mmmm
`Go forward and be Happy`:)~X~

becky said...

a teenager! yay!! have a wonderful birthday full of pampering & being spoiled :)


Angela W said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! I love that you posted the last 3 yrs worth of bday blogs. I like last years picture even with the shades!I hope it is a very special day for the both of you!

Tracie H said...

Happy Birthday Belle!!
Have a super duper day.

Yep! I saw the ad and I shed a wee tear - it really hit home how very lucky I was to have a wonderful childhood and I'd like to think my kids will say the same.

cheri said...

She is absolutely beauuuuutiful! What great pics! Happy Happy Day Belle!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kristy & Belle
Firstly happy birthday Belle may you have a wonderful day and be spoiled by your very loving mom and family. Secondly, Kristy you are allowed to let of a little steam. Hope all your problems will be sorted out very shortly. Big Hug and Kiss

Eleanor said...

Joyful happies today and always sweet girlie Ellie.
And love to your mama too.

Amelie said...


Rosie (Freycob) said...

Happy 13th birthday sweetcheex!!!

No go give your momma teenage grief!!! lol xxxx

Loving that photo of Belle at 10 - how young and baby-cheeked does she look? Truly Edible!!!! - metaphorically obv!

amber jane said...

Have a wonderful Birthday Belle :) And you know being the Mum of a teenager isn't all that bad - a little unnerving at times but not too bad LOL

Sharon Speakman said...

Happy 13th birthday Ellie. We hope you have a fantastic day and wish you a wonderful future with lots of happy memories of today. All our love and lots of kisses to you, Sharon,Carl & Harry x x x

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your peachnut! Congrats and hope the choccie brekky was fun.- hera

Marie said...

Yey Miss Belle! Teenagerdom beckons. Happy Birthday, hope it's a spectacular day.

I know what you mean about the Barnardo's ad Kirsty. It gave me a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach (which I suppose is the point of the advert). Just horrible :(


Jozza said...

Happy birthday gorgeous teenager!

I'm sure she won't morph into "Kevin" overnight babe :o)

Brook said...

I so feel your pain. I have done it twice. When my baby Sam goes through it, you can be sure I will be crying. Life will never be the same! But you will still love it!

Cazzy said...

Happy birthday Elle, congrats on being a teenager hunny! Enjoy that chocolate.

Peeps used to say things like that to me Kirsty, but I think I look past it now!

michele said...

Hi kirsty, sorry I am late eldest son off with throat inffection...yuk! Happy Belated Birthday Belle!!!! hope you had a wonderful day! hugs mx

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