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26 Nov 2008

So here is my teenager

Isn't she the prettiest?
I took almost 140 pictures to get a handful of ones I could savour; she was not in the mood. I hate that I have had to use a low aperture with an iso of 200 for these pictures - its freaking pitch black here during the day. Its worse than the north pole.So.
We got her up at 7.30 to open all her gifts and cards. Along with her bacon butty she had chocolate and coffee. She loves this day so much for the choc brekkie, im sure!. I couldn't wait for her to open her pressies but she is such a slow caoch and opens each one gingerly. Rip em open, dammit!
She got a hat and fingerless mittens from Eddy, socks, slipper socks and smellies from us plus her iPod plus I got her some of these cute "bra's. I term that loosely as they really are for the younger kid (aged 7-8) who just wanna pretend. Well, they were her best present. And she knows they are not the real thing (she is far from that stage) but my goodness, her face was pure delight. Forget we just spent big bucks on an iPod. Monkey!
Talking of monkies, my generous, thoughtful friend Sharon dropped off this handmade gift for her tonight. Ellie is a massive Marmoset fan (her fave monkey's actch) and although this could be stuffed on a shelf for her room as decoration, belle does loves her cuddlsomes and Im not kidding - she fell mightily in love with him (she has called him George after her fave to win the Jungleness). This picture is not staged, this is how she was with him. I don't care that she should be hanging about street corners and getting up to horrible teenage stuff - this only child (who are often lonely children) loves cuddles be it from man, beast or cuddly. Thanks Shazzer........ it was the most thoughtful present for her.
Anyway, belle gets in from school yest and we were invited to go to her Nanna's so she could open her gifts from them. Our house is a stinking, messy pig sty right now (with the decorating etc etc) so it was a breath if fresh air to go somewhere clean, dust free and tidy. I miss being tidy in the house, its killing me. Only when we got through the door and into the kitchen, the table was set up like you would for high tea. Cups and saucers and a cake (made from meringue, ellie is not a cakey cake girl). I didn't have my camera and anyway, its too frigging dark for one plus as you may/may not know, I hate flash photography at the best of times). It was so civil and dignified sitting there drinking from poshy cups and saucers and Ellie opened her gifts and delighted at them all. Her most treasured one was a book on Origami. Ellie does like to fiddle with paper now and again but Origami is something that fascinates her. She was a happy kid yest; loved it myself actually. Which reminds me to thank you for such lovely comments that some of you left yesterday. Ellie does often quite feel the superstar at times, so anyway - THANK YOU xx
Well I have to hit the hay. I have got the crappo job of wallpapering with his nibs tomorrow. Anyone that knows Mark will know he has bugger all patience and I can see the day panning out to be a spell in A&E after I have wrapped him up in wallpaper and painted his head. I feel so sorry for our neighbours for the impending rows. OH! Can anyone settle this argument because Mr Know-it-all-stinky-pants is convinced he is right.
When wallpapering a wall with a recess, in our case a chimney breast - is it best to start with your first roll of paper central to the chimney breast (like I KNOW you are supposed to) or do you start either the left or right edge of the wall (like he thinks even though I know he is wrong).
For the love of god, will someone give me confirmation that i am right and if I am wrong I will admit defeat (but rather much stamp my feet and trip over my pet lip in the process).

And also - do you moisturise? Not the walls, I mean your face?

I bid you adieus.


Miriam said...

just found your blog via SC and I love it! great photos of your daughter too and that monkey is just too cute. I will be back :D lol


Sharon Speakman said...

Hi Kirsty. Get that man told - it's obvious that you start from the middle of the chimney breast otherwise it would drive you insane staring at the wallpaper not being centralised! It would drive me mad knowing it was not central otherwise. I think it's a man thing to not focus on the pretty side of things that's why they are married to us super human females who have a brain and a talent for the decorative things in life!
And yes I moisturise morning and night.
Very happy that Ellie loved her monkey and it was a pleasure knowing it was going to such a special lady on her extra special birthday! First one made and will soon have brothers and sisters. What has she called him? x x x

Helena said...

LOL! Rip 'em open! LOL! I have a friend that peels off each piece of sellotape individually then neatly folds up the paper. GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

And YES of COURSE you start from the centre of the chimney breast! D'oh!

Helena said...

......and yes, I do use moisturiser. One for day (with an SPF) and one, simpler one, for night. Have done since I was about 30. Before my 30s I was immortal, y'know.

Denise said...

Happy birthday to Belle! It seems that she had a wonderful day celebrating!

I know nothing about wall papering, but mositurizer i know. Yes...I do use it, but only in the morning.

Anonymous said...

13! OMG where has time go? happy birthday sweet girl!


Lucy C-T said...

Duh OF COURSE you start in the middle. How dare he even question the rules of symmetry or you for that matter LOL! Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! BTW I still look 20 dim light! Seriously I do moisturise in the morning. I have a good tip though - a mars bar a day keeps the wrinkles at bay (fat fills in the wrinkles and plumps them out)!

Clare said...

Oh Mark.....of course you start in the centre - it would be daft not to!
As for moisturising ..... twice a day for sure and I have now started using eye cream too. Arghhhhh I am getting old!
Glad Ellie has a super duper day - your pics are fab!

Jozza said...

Slap him about the head and neck with a wet kipper for he is WRONG WRONG WRONG!!! You start in the middle! He should know that us women are ALWAYS right.

I love your pictures of Ellie so it was worth the 140 pics to get these gems. Bless her she really does suit her hair shorter too :o) Sounds like she had a wonderful birthday.


PS. I do moisturise when I remember and I use Liz Earle stuff which if faberoonie. Mind you I like that Boots protect and perfect stuff too - makes your face as soft and smooth as a baby's bum!

angie's blogspot said...

Soz it's late but a big hug and happy 13th birthday Belle, kirsty according to the experts one should start in the centre of the chimney breast, and my big strapping 11 year old son has a fondness for cuddly toys if fact I'm even thinking of going to the build a bear shop to get him one for crimbo, he's all boy and doesn't give a hoot, so way to go Belle!

Dylan said...

Dylans tip for wallpapering. Just dont FFS!!!!! Have you not got better things to do with your bloody time woman????? You dont need to decorate just dont invite any one over lol.
Big squeezy kisses to Ellie Belle xxx

Dylan said...

Oh and of course I moisturise, have done since the age of 14. Morn and night and exfoliate!!!! How the hell do ya think I look this damm good LMAO xx

Gayle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gayle said...

Sorry atrocious spelling...start again!!!
Get him told...centre of the chimney breast!!! For Gods sake...MEN!!! Moisturiser....yes, frequently, Philosophy Hope In A Jar it's miraculous (buy it in a kit from QVC for better value, honestly email me, I'll tell you which, I am the queen of moisturiser!!!)
Happy Birthday Belle...
Gayle x

Rachel said...

Middle Middle Middle - no two ways just the girlie way - sorry Mark


Rosie (Freycob) said...

If it were my house and staring me in the face every time I looked, I wouldn't want wonky paper joins. I would put the central strip up first. But what do I know, I've only ever papered once in my life - I have an emulsioned house! LOL xx

Glad Belle had a lovely teenday.

Moisturise - yep always! Though it's doing bugger all for my fat arse or my cellulite! My face don't look too bad, I don't suppose!

Julia Dunnit said...

Yeah, middle middle middle!
And yeah, I've moisturised twice daily every day of my adult life. And I look....every day of my adult life!

makeyesup said...

Wish that sweet little girl of yours a very happy birthday. Glad that she enjoyed the day with everyone.

Miss Magic said...

Wallpapering ?? But popular opinion proves beyond doubt that you are right.
Moisturizer defo! The best you can afford but you must exfoliate twice weekly (orat least once) so it can get to where it needs to be. Definately buy your kits from QVC. Value is ace. My favs are Liz Earle, Gatineau and all time fav is Elemis pro collagen. (Elemis TSV 14th Dec will be heart broken if there isn't some in it)

Piccies are great but what's better is that you all had such a great day.

Sharon x

weewiccababe said...

You're absolutely spot on (us women are ALWAYS right)

See fig.9 here
and i quote "Think carefully about where to position your first strip. If your design has a large pattern, it is generally better to start at the centre of a feature such as the chimney breast or main wall"

Am really pleased Ellie had a great day and loved her pressies. So how does it feel being mum to a teen? :)

Cazzy said...

That sounds like the bestest birthday ever to me!

Love the monkey too, I have house full of cuddlies and I am a "cough" {bit} older than Belle!

Lisa said...

I am the decorator in this house, and why would you ever decorate off centre from the chimney breast always start off from the centre and work outwards
Lisa x

Est xxx said...

Aw Happy Belated Birthday to Belle, My lil Ella`s birthday, is on the same day, although not quite a teen (11) but very much acting like it!!!

As for the wallpapering...sorry I only do 12 x 12

Hugz to you hun xxx

Brook said...

Belle looks fabulous! So much more mature since the last pictures I saw. She is certainly stylish as well. I hope her first teen year is the best!

michele said...

hi kirsty, Gorgeous Belle!! so glad for you both that it was a good day.I am late so you already know the answer to your decorating I don't let DH near the decorating!!! I am a virgo it has to be perfect which is why the bathroom, hall, stairs and landing have been stripped and waiting for 2years!!!!Moisturise? I have trouble finding a hairbrush nevermind complicating mornings more! LOL!!! hugs mx

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