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20 Nov 2008

Post 1000 looms

I know I can gab for Britain but post 1000 is looming. Cant say its too far off and I can't say it close. But its coming and before crimbo too. Might do a grand giveaway that day as Ive been sorting out this shed of a room. One minute its pristine, the next it looks like a bomb site. Ive managed to purge some nice stuff that I can't use as most of my work requires current use of stash. And I am a hoarder in the extreme but I have no room.

Talking of space....erm, choke.......our house is in the thick of it right now. We have split our through lounge into two and knocked from the kitchen into the new space. We have red brick dust everywhere and I feel filthy. Everywhere I look I see crap hanging about the place and the poor dogs water has to get changed every 3 seconds. In the space of next week we have to plaster the walls, wait for it to dry, wallpaper and paint, sand, prime and gloss the paintwork, fix new lighting and hang a new door (and prime and glooss that bugger as well), lay a new carpet and wait for the sofa and sideboard to arrive - seriously, in 6 days. Maybe it was a good thing Mark was made redundant during this time to help get it all rounded off but then the redundancy came at a time where stuff has to get paid for. God, he really is testing me - isnt he?

We (well, I mean He) found the perfect curtains too. Its a nightmare contrasting one feature wall (mmm, so 80's!!) of green roses with three plain walls and a colour scheme that might hurt some peoples eyes in one swoop. It meant we couldnt ideally opt for patterned curtains nor just plain to match with the colours we had chosen and Mark of all people spied these babies in a local interiors shop which turned out to be more perfect than the perfect curtains from the planet of soft furnishing perfection. Perhaps Mark has a secret penchant for interiors .... thats it! He should quit looking to be a training officer, he should get creative in peoples spaces.
Anyhoo, yesterday was funny. Not ha ha kind of funny, weird funny. Woke up bright and breezy to see to the electrician (as the actress said the bishop) and then come 10am, wham! Major migraine from absolutely nowhere. So I went to bed for three hours and woke up a pingy as ever. That's 3 beautiful daylight hours gone in a puff of smoke. But that's 3 hours less of making my eyes sore looking at the trash bin of a house. I HATE IT. But by next Saturday it will be spick and span and newly decorated. I can sit on a sumptuous chicky chock brown sofa surrounded by touches of my favvor colours (olive and lime green) and try and figure whether it was worth it.

I popped over to Leeds today to see Sue at Craftwork Cards. I have to say her fabulous warehouse is packed to the rafters with trinkety card making delights that are all but one or two manufactured on the premises. I always snout out her shop at craft shows to pick up on some clever card making stuff (stuff you don't often find anywhere else, which always gets me in the mood for creatin'). I will be teaching some card making classes there next year (and quite possibly mini scrapbooky things too). I look forward to it as Leeds is my birthplace (ra ra ra - leeds, leeds leeds) and its always good to go back and get a whiff of Yorkshire air. I bottled some today for days when Im sat here (in pongy Lancashire) and need something pure and sweet. Anyhoo, I'll bob the dates on as soon I know the confirmation if you fancy coming to a class or two.

I got home to some good news from Mark which I won't share until things have been signed and dotted - cos as you know, I'll tempt fete and ruin the whole bloody thing. And then even betterer news.........Belle has told us that: a: she is psyching herself up for part deux of her cervical cancer injection (and is quite proud of that fact considering she is cack scared of needles) and b: some amazing teaching assistant has spent time teaching her to swim during gym lesson and she is working towards her 25m certificate.......can you believe it? We just never take her swimming because she always gets cold real quick (to the extent that her lips turn blue in 5 minutes), she is petrified and can't control her bouncy. But as the school uses the pool in school allocated time, they put the heat up on the little pool, there are no other children around to interfere with splashing etc and she gets pure one to one. How lucky is she? Well, Im really pleased considering the start of the week I was writing she couldn't do anything. Not because I was looking for sympathy but because its true. And yes I should push her at times but because I have worries that i'll push her beyond her capabilities, I hold back. **how many times do I type because???!!!!** So there was joy and celebration tonight in our house that resulted in her receiving a golden arches treat....hmmm, so nutritious!!!????

Jungle thoughts for today:
David Van Day got on my wick tonight.
We are loving Joe and George.
Given the fact that Timmy is a royal pain in the rectum at times, I like the non-theatrical side of him.
Nicola could spice the whole dynamics up and doesn't seem to be as thick as she makes out. Silksy - ugh...get rid!
Esther - sweet
Brian, oh I do love how calm and diplomatic he is. Such a gent!
Dani - new nose we reckon, quite lovely
Zoe - we are not sure yet, quite sweet though
Martine? Hmmmmm, still sussing her out.

What are your jungle thoughts?

PS: Severe lack of photoraphage in my life right now. Going to get my sorry ass out of this stinking pit tomorrow and do something a little experimental.

Thats all, carry on.


Brook said...

I'm really excited about Belle's progress! Swimming...facing big girl issues. What a trooper she is!

S said...

We bought a bottle for our dog which is similar to the hanging bottles which used to be used in hamster cages, only larger. This way, the water doesn't get spoiled before she has a chance to drink it. Just a suggestion...

Heidi said...

i couldn't let you get to your 1000th post without leaving you at least 1 comment! yes...i am another 'blog stalker.' i found your site awhile ago when i was first introduced to scrapping. i love photography, so i started stalking a little more... while all that's fine and dandy and i love your work, i think i've came to the conclusion, it's your adorable family and incredible sense of wit that i just can't get enough of.
i know you hear this a lot, (remember, i am a stalker) but i wanted to take a minute and tell you myself! it takes someone special to touch the hearts of people a gazillion miles away! (i'm in california) thanks for sharing your talent, laughter, tears and family with so many!
...i better stop here or you will be beyond your 1000th post...and i'll still be leaving this comment! :p

purple_nikki said...

It was fabby to hear that things are shining and smilin on you again!
Pass some of that sunshine up here please..... lol

Can't wait to see the piccies of the finished room.

Marie said...

That is really great about Belle and the swimming. Its such a good activity for building muscle tone without putting any stress on the joints. How more perfect could that be for her? Great that she's getting the 1 to 1 too.

Lovin' the curtains. Your colour scheme made me think of chocolate lime sweeties......mmmmmmmmmmmm.


cannycrafter said...

So excited for belle and her swimming! Great news! Hope (fingers crossed) thinks work out for mark! Lovin' the curtains, get that man on 60 minute makeover ASAP! Know where you're coming from with the migraines! Love Caroline x
Congrats on the 1000th! I think I read most of them!

Debbie said...

Well done Belle! Big hugs to her.
I agree whole heartedly with Heidi! I've been stalking for ages too! lol!
Good luck with your decorating deadline. It really is the pits.
We always head for craftwork cards too at the NEC Brilliant stuff!
Hugs Debbie x

Terrie B x said...

`Congrats` on your 1,000 Post Kirsty!!!
`Well Done` Belle o n your swimming!!Yaah...and Well check them curtains out!!Great choice from Mark...
`Enjoy` the rest of your Day~X~

Anonymous said...

Great news about Belle's swimming. Not sure if you'll find one to fit but myself and another Mum who had prem babies bought a body warmer made of wet suit material for ours when they started swimming. Worked wonders. Without it my little one was blue in 5 mins. Jo

Ed said...

Congrats to Belle, what a wonderful way to strengthen her muscles and one to one is great for her confidence too!! Also love your curtains - your hubby is a gem!! Thanks for popping over to my blog Kirsty and your nice comments, you must have thought what a strange blog, perhaps you may like to see some cards on my main blog, Ed's Place, I love your honesty and humour, and your family !!

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