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21 Nov 2008

My handsome pooch

This little boy is stealing my heart right now.
It got so bad with puppy love that when it came to my bed time last night, I couldn't bare lifting him off the sofa to plonk in his cubby bed. As two of our sofa blankets were close by I thought "Bugger it, Ill sleep down here with him". He is such a love to curl up with and warms your back or feet or tummy (I have to admit he is a little shifter during the night). Mark came to look for me at 5am and thought I was still in my office working. After all, I am a night owl and sometimes don't get my sorry ass to bed until 2 or 3. But I like it that way.
Mark laughed at us on the sofa all hunched up. He came to give the boy a belly rub and a love and went back to bed. I wouldn't care but we had clean sheets yesterday and there is nothing more sumptuous than slinking into line dried linen after a days work. I don't think I'll be doing this dog snuggling too often as the sofa is feather based and lying on it for long lengths of time is too soft for me (Id make a crap mother bear from a Goldilocks lifestyle).
I took him out for a long walk tonight to get the circulation going, as you do. This fella, although has tiny legs loves a generous walk. So I nipped over to the 3 sisters park to let him have the run of the joint. He is so funny to walk with and is very protective of me. When any other dog walker goes by and they come near me (not him) - he growls. And he only walks a couple of paces ahead of me but often looks back to check on me. Fortunately he does not run off (which Dachsies are renowned for). Mark has taught him well with obedience. Its me that's the softy.
Anyway, on passing the lake on the way back home we noticed the ducks and swans were settling down. They are constantly fed throughout the day by kiddies and adults alike because the lake is such a wonderful place to visit hence why so many people go - and when they do... they take bread! Its always buzzing with people. But tonight it was dusk and empty as the park gates had closed to vehicles so only dog walkers were dotted hither and dither. I took pleasure in observing the birds in silhouette form against the pink of the sky and the inky black of the lake. Eddy took a disregard to the beauty of it as he sniffed round bins and seating areas. Then all of a sudden the ducks and swans went berserk and swam furiously towards an old man who appeared from one of the pathways. They were all in unison and quacking and squawking like crazy. The wake of the water was furious with froth and splashes, I just couldn't understand it at first. As I walked around the direction of the man it was apparent he was there to feed them. But I had never ever seen this phenomena before and I asked the man if he got that reception all the time. And he replied that he came every night at dusk, every day to feed them his one loaf of bread. The ducks and swans clearly recognise him - I just didn't think birds were so intelligent. I was agog (I know, hard to believe isnt it?!!). It was quite the scene and so lovely to be a part of it.
As I walked back towards our car to towel dry our sopping wet pooch, I thought about that man who looked forward to this one special time. Time alone to feed friendly and eager little faces and further forging a humbling friendship with his feathered friends. And in a way it was a little sad to think that he got so much pleasure from it when its something I couldn't care for because of my own worries and priorities. And then I further thought that actually, what a lovely way to spend the rest of your day knowing you have cared for these crazy wildlife and given yourself something to live for and indeed look forward to.
Makes me just want to shut up moaning about my little, seemingly insignificant worries when the simple life is such a happy life. Lesson learned there, I think :)

Im off to the gym for a spin session now but its so cold outside and all I want to do is hibernate. If it wasn't for the fact I am burning off 600+ calories in the space of 45 minutes, Id let that one square of bitter chocolate go down (obv on to my thighs) whilst I festered under the sofa blanket and took a cheeky 40 winks. However, I must go (for the 7th time in a week) and rinse that chocolate from my thighs and replace it with virtue and smugness :)

PS: Its not too late to book a spot at Art from the Heart on Sunday (Harrogate) if you are at a loose end :) See notice above.

PPS: Leonie is having a charity auction over on her blog today - its for a worthy cause as always. Please pop by and support her if you have some spondoolies at the ready :)


Leonie said...

haha, Kirsty you sound as bad as me with my dogs. I end up snuggling in the dog bed (much to my dogs annoyance, it's only a small bed and she's a greedy dog!!). I just wanted you to know the auction for your photo (and other folk) is happening today on my blog, for one day only!!! Whoopee. Have a lovely chilly day.
Take care,

Deanne said...

what a gorgeous tale kirsty, i love seeing the swans, we have so many the embankment (sadly though some started to 'disappear' as they are seen as a delicacy in other countries!) which i think is just heartbreaking :(
our wicket is a gorgeous pooch, but just does not photo well at all, i think its all the hair!!! lol :) hugs x

makeyesup said...

It is the little lessons that can mean so much. How often we forget when we get involved in our daily lives.

Ed said...

Lovely tale, I followed you all round the park, we always make time to feed the birds - it's so lovely to watch them. So many are becoming endangered because of loss of habitat, food etc...simply because of our changing lifestyles that its nice to give a bit back sometimes ..

Helena said...

Well if I were anywhere near Harrogate I'll be coming along. Actually, we stayed in Harrogate for a really warm sunny week last year, in July. It was wonderful. HAve a visit to Betty's tearoom for me :)

I laughed re you sleeping with your hound on the sofa. I have been like that with cats, in the past- won't disturb them. And if they are on my bed I will sleep in a zig-zag shape round them, with half my back uncovered, rather than wake them up and move them.

The other week, when I was looking after the little hedgehog, I stayed up all night and just napped a wee bit on the sofa- so right about what that can do to your back though! LOL!

I love to feed the ducks and swans that live on or by the stream that rund behind my mum's house. They always recognise her and her neighbour when they go to feed them.

Here, I ahve the birds in our garden to take care of. Last year the robin was quite tame and came within a foot or so of my hand. I long for the day when he will take food directly from me, as the squirrels in the park do!

These last few weeks, a little blackbird from this year's brood has taken up residence. He has claimed our hawthorn as his roost and he sings *quietly* (that's how I'm guessing he is young and not so brave yet!) to claim his territory each evening and morning. I call him Tweetle- because he doesn't sing, he tweetles. SOunds like he's just chattering to himself :)

WIldlife is a real lift and always puts us in our place :)

I love your wee doggy. I shall have to try to draw him!


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