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27 Nov 2008

I knew I was right

Thank you for confirming that I was, indeed/as ever/most brilliantly right about the wall paper question yesterday.
Mark, in his fight to get his own way (men are so competitive) he marked the walls starting from the left to where the papers would lay and it just so happens that the centre of the chimney breast had a strip going right where I suggested we start. I swear down he was determined to get his own way but at least there was a central strip in the erm, centre.
We did hit a snag.
The chimney breast is not straight and we had to cut off after a recess because the paper just would not sit straight. So if anyone comes to my house and sits in the new chair next to the window, they will see the join of misaligned non matching-ness. So its our endeavour to reserve that seat for the dog from now on!
Then we hit another snag.
Damn the bugger who invented pattern repeats at 32cm. I mean, what a bloody waste. When we bought the wallpaper we over catered and bought 4 rolls and thought we could at least send the last roll back. But no. The flaming uneven walls and a little bit of artistic cutting (by me, I admit it.... i ballsed it up) meant that we had cut into the 4th roll with extra runs that would not align.
Blast, bugger, crapsvilles.
So muggins here had to drive 4 miles into town to hope that they had more rolls within the same batch number or even hope they had any, at all, in stock. Phewey louis, yes indeedy doody - there were plenty only Mark said get two rolls (like why, we had 2 runs to go and one roll more than covered that). but you know, all men are right so I did as I was told. I got back, slapped the last of the wallpaper on the wall (without cutting into the second roll, because as you know we really needed it).
My feature wall is looking very featurey, warm, floral and chirpy. I will share pictures when its completely finiiiiiiiii. The carpet gets laid (snigger) tomorrow and the sofa arrives in the afternoon. Only we have a 4 and 3 seater sofa suite on the beg so if you know anyone in Wigan or the surrounding area who wants a claret coloured sofa with 3.2 million scatter cushions - email me pronto or else its going to the tip. My mobile number is on my website if you feel its more urgent to reserve your free sofa.

So my good news from the Bellemeister.
Belle is being put in for her first swim certificate after crimbo.
She swam her first half a width without armbands yesterday and held half of her head under the water. I mean, you hit thirteen and suddenly you can swim? WE ARE OVER THE MOON. And really the credit not only lays with belle but Mrs Conboy (her very patient and caring SN assistant). Our girl is such a flippin miracle......boy, we do love her, you know.

Yet tonight, after school she was feeling a little tender. She had her follow up cervical cancer jab today and broke her little heart. You know after a big cry, how tired you feel? Well obviously Ellie had cried buckets after her jab today so she wanted to go to bed when she got in and she slept for 3 hours. She didn't whine or whinge (which, considering everything she goes through is nothing short of an academy award). She just went to bed. Poor love. She woke up for a scummy chicken stir fry and of course the thrill of watching the Jungleness. I don't know what we are going to do after next week when its finished.

Im going to hit the "publish button" as I am spending the evening over at Studio Calico for their reveal night of this kit. It means a 5am bed slot but as most of the girls are parting with some of their Thanksgiving evening to share the fun, then I should sacrifice my beauty sleep to join them.
On that note:
What is your favourite bag removal remedy? (for the eyes and not pilfering a Luis Vuitton from a department store).


april said...

Kirsty, you are so funny! i love the wallpaper story and can't wait to see the end result. oh, and congrats on belle learning to swim!!!

Rach said...

Woo Hoo Belle - fantastic news on the swimming, what a star! {{{HUGS}}} for the nasty jab though :(.

Eye creams - I use Clinique - All about Eyes and would defo recommend it - in fact I'd recommend anything from Clinique, think its fabbo!


Anonymous said...

haemorroid cream is supposed to work wonders,i hear..ahem, havent ACTUALLY tried it for myself, you understand....Love Lulubelle

Lizzie said...

Nice thick slices of cucumber, placed over your closed eyelids, relaxing music and a nice cup of tea... relax for at least 10 mins. This is supposed to remove eye-bags or shadows.
Cooled tea-bags are supposed to be fab too.
And bonus - they're free!

Congrats etc to Belle too. It's great to read about her achievements. She's a little trooper. Well done!

Love to Doodle! said...

Anyone knows you start in the centre - chimneys are never straight and you'd always see the wonkiness - men huh! Bet it looks lush...

Oooh what I'd give for a feature fireplace wall - we traded ours for another new house (again) - yuk, yuk, yuk and more yuk.. Lots of change for us next year!

Glad Belle had a lovely birthday and great news on the swimming achievement - those little surprises just keep coming - fab!

Yes, I use cream day and night - always have - only simple and cheap - and oil free - one with a SPF15 in the day and whichever night one is half price...

However, that 'subtle' line still appears most mornings - the one which shows your face was scrunched overnight - lol - they say silk covers fix that - Mmmm.....think I'll just keep growing my fringe...

Cucumber slices for bags - not sure how long they should sit there for....assume straight from fridge and not for eating after...oooerrr

Have fun tonight! xx

Love to Doodle! said...

Ooops - hope last night went well..x

Brook said...

Swimming is such wonderful exercize, I'm glad that Bell is working on it. When will your dh husband learn that you are always right? I still enjoy laying about with cucumbers on my eyes.

michele said...

way to go Belle!!!! swinging off the chandeleir for you kid! well done. OMG kirsty it sounds like one of those sketch shows!! Why do they always think they are right?
when i remember i use elderflower eye gel from bodyshop, if i used it more often it might actually work, i have big black designer suitcases under my eyes!
hugs mx

lauren said...

Hugs to your little swimmer... I used to teach swimming lessons and know what an exciting milestone this is!

PS - LOVE the holiday banner!!!


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