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13 Nov 2008

Blackpool Pilgrimage

I was emptying my memory card from my camera, as you do... well technically not as YOU do, but as I do (which is always like, weeks after an event on the odd occasion) and forgot to blog about our annual trip to Blackpool in September (yeeeks, feels like years ago).
Its something a lot of northerners do, to go and see the mile long illuminations, get lashed by the North Sea air, eat crap, spend money on the slots, eat crap and enjoy the tackiness of it all. I love that we go every year and never expect to see anything that may have drastically changed.
Blackpool is the UK's gambling capital but not as hard core as Vegas. It is the mecca of copper slots not forgetting that its the top place to go for a hen or stag do. I even think that Blackpool has the largest outdoor toilet facilities in the whole of the world - meaning just that. Alleys, walls, bins... any where you can stand (or squat for that matter) is a green light to answer the call of nature. Hmmm, nice.
Still, the scent of greasy chips, donut fat and ammonia combined with the salty air is the elixir for the entire experience (well for at least 6 hours) which brings you down to earth as you learn to appreciate inner city living and the desperation to go and inhale car exhaust fumes just for something a little more sweeter.
Prior to the nightmare of finding a parking spot in the centre we took the dog for a walk on the beach at Lytham st Annes but not before Mark had chanced a few geocaches en route. Darn the man who dares to discourage progress with the man whose GPS points him down a dirt track and into a ditch. You just don't mess with the Wiseman and his scent for a bit of hidden treasure (read that as tacky crap in a box with a pencil, a piece of paper and some knicker elastic....don't ask). Our "favourite" cache of the day was located on the wreck of an old pier that you can only access at low tide (obv). Well we spent a friggin age trying to find the clue which cricked our necks and tested our patience. It was well stinky and rusty under thereWe even had time for a photo shoot with belle whilst the mad geocachers hunted down the clue!
Thank the lord when The Wiseman himself found it eventually before I lost the will to live. Even the dog sent me a morse code message spelling out that he had had enough and wanted to chuck himself into the returning tide.
There was plenty of this on the beach though - cos somebody hates sand in here shoes
The gang head back to the prom for some sand and crick free respite
We made it back to the promenade without killing each other after fuming over the challenge of the find where we parked our buttocks for a cup of tea and some homemade cake. God, I love tea and cake especially by the sea where outdoor dining is simply at its best. It right works up an appetite, that sea air, you know. Ellie on the other hand, got bore3d a bit too quick as our tea and cake turned out to be a a sneaky geocache for the boys.Then onwards to Blackpool and we charged in our Suzuki Liana to every parking area without a inch of room for a gnat let alone our 5 door hatch. We almost abandoned the nights entertainment when he stumbled across an open piece of land that doubled as a carpark/get rich scheme by some cunning landowner and parked next to a dead crow. Oh the joy of the day got better and better.
Luckily it was only a short walk to the attractions and we split company as the dog was not allowed on most premises although he did enjoy a sausage outside this greasy spoon much to the delight of passing tourists. Us girls went to the slots where Ellie spent a fiver and was thoroughly satisfied with her spendage. This photo is way out of focus but I just love her laughing on this teacup ride
Then it was out to the boys to take pics of the sunset and Eddie's flapping ears in the wind - god, we love that dog (well today we don't - he literally ate my brothers charger for his phone that he left this weekend and he doesn't even know yet... so if you are reading this leigh, your charger is in the dog. Oh I had to yell at the dog which almost killed me because I love him so much but he had to learn a lesson. Grrrr, I didnt loik it.... said in my Danni Minogue accent).

As ever on our Blackpool trips, we treated belle to a night light gimmick which cost a crazy £3. The tackiest of gimmicks like this enthrall every punter on the golden mile and is money well invested as she bosses us about in her mighty carriage asking to go hither and dither at the wave of her wand.
Sadly the wind got too much for my parentage so we head off home before we had hit 500 metres let alone the full mile but it was a good day out and another set of memories that would not go without incident when you consider dead birds, cricked necks and bossy knickers Bella.

Can't wait to go again next year, fo sho!

And do, if you have a tick or two, take a look at some projects I did for for Bubbly Funk this month over here and here.

Cheers, me dears.


Lynn (Ellesea) said...

Has Blackpool moved? I didn't know it was on the East coast now;) Isn't it the Irish Sea and not the North Sea:):):).
Lynn (originally from Hull, 33 miles from Bridlington)

Vicki said...

Oh, you described Blackpool soooo well! It takes me back to my early 20s with the girls! LOL! Maybe I should go as an "adult" and see what I think ;o)

Anonymous said...

My god - I can see, hear and smell everything you describe! And I'm so glad we decided against it this year!!!! But you're right about the eating by the sea bit - but it has to be fish and chips!!! Kirtsy, if you ever publish a diary or book, put me down for one - you brighten my day every time I check your blog.

Blog stalker

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

What a wonderful trip! Thanks for being my eyes and ears there. :)
Love each and every picture you posted.

Karva said...

fab photos, they really capture the fun. cool sunset


Roz said...

Sounds like a brilliant day out, apart from the criked necks bit. Love the pics.

ski said...

So totally agree with Mr Wiseman.... I hate a DNF and once spent three hours in a field looking for a nano (that turned out had been muggled before I got there)....I was supposed to be at the supermarket getting food for my family but obsession took over and I was that mad woman in the field GPS in hand covered in scratches and ranting its here somewhere

Brook said...

I was just thinking that Belle was looking so much older...then I saw the picture of her on the Tea Cup ride. The look on her face just warms my heart! There is the little one again!

Helena said...

I love the photo of your wee dog running along!!! LOL!


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