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13 Oct 2008

Looooong post (grab 5 coffees and a cake)

I love them because I like to see everyone having a bloody good time.
I love the laughs.
I love the ideas.
I even love the way conversations go wild by the end of the night.
I love looking at other peoples work.
I love sharing ideas
and most of all I love being with friends.
Luxurious Angels' 1st retreat in England went off to a flying start with goody bags that went beyond compare. The retreat was nestled in the most stunning surrounds of Wychwood park, Crewe and offered 4 star excitement for a full 52 hours. I offered 2 classes with 2 mini classes making goodies with left overs plus a make and take. Alongside of which Suzanne Torr (my favourite scrapper ever) provided the most amazing classes I have ever, ever seen. I almost wept at how beautiful they were. Roz also ran a class making the two most delightful gift ideas I have ever seen too. One of the classes included these 3 jack-in-the-box, pop up cubes that sprang from a pull out drawer - you have to see it to believe it. I ran out of daylight to take those pictures but I will deffo share them tomorrow. I was having such a good time that I forgot to take lots of pictures. Im pretty peeved that I forgotted but here are a few shots of my favvo people although, to be fair, they were all such wonderful girls.
Sarahs Cards shop was there and as ever I managed to part with a small fortune to top up my increasingly stunning pile of stash that just seems to sit there, gathering dust but also many admiring glances. Leanne was there to help her and she is looking so gooood right now. Cal bobbed along too to show some support which, believe me, was much needed after struggling to cuttlebug through 250 micron acetate. Mwah to you, Cal. If I have forgotten any key names, be sure to smack me for it.

Ms Suzanne Torr.
My fave ever Uk scrapper.
I love her.
Tracy - the girl that saved my from dying live on air the other week. I owe her my life for taking the time and trouble to phone in on QVC day. She is such a hoot.
Louise wanted some nice pictures of herself (don't we all?). Its a job I love doing the most but rarely have time for these days. She was the best fun to photograph and I think she looks just adorable here.
Roz and I.
I don't think anyone knows just how much this girl can pack into a weekend.
Put it this way, the entire cost of the retreat would normally be what you would pay for a whole weekend in Wychwood park hotel. Do you wonder how she fit everything else on top despite that?! Me too! Roz makes sure you get the BEST classes and extras plus prizes without a hint of the organisation behind it - which was phenomenal. Her Luxurious retreats are not called Luxurious for nothing. So if you want a retreat that has no limits and more stuff to cram in your albums, look out for March in Scotland, next year and October in England too!

But where there is pleasure there is pain.....................
My leg has become inflamed again and by the time I got home last night, my foot had gone black. I injured my shin, not my foot and now my ankle is in agony as the limping has caused my ankle to ache as it over compensates the weight spreadage cos as you know - that's a lot!!! It is such a nuisance to be hobbling about when there is so much to be done. The inconvenience of it all upsets me more than the throbbing heat of my leg. So much so, that the Doctor has banned me from driving until the swelling goes down - believe me when I tell you this, my leg is on fire with pins and needles shooting up my left leg and arm I just want to reach out and kill. How can you get so much pain from one kick and be told by a doctor to "just take pain killers"?!!. My unsympathetic doctor won't be getting a crimbo card this year from us, that I can tell you! He had a jewish surname too which when coupled with my jewish surname, you would have thought he would have, at least, sent me off to some stunning health spa to recuperate. Damn him!

Lergy legs aside, Ive managed to process these from my camera to share. As the wedding photos cannot be shown for another few days (because the blessing takes place on Saturday and most family members haven't seen the wedding outfits, so best I dont spoil it for them on here until then) I have some aceville pic-a-roo's of my immediate fam. Oh we did have a good holiday. My sister and I just laughed the whole time, even at the most silliest of things. I guess that not having our children with us and the added weight of our delightful other halves meant we could unleash the children within us and just run wild. We also got to bond with our cousins who we generally see at family gatherings for 3 hours here and 2 hours there. And even then you don't spend the whole time with them as you mix and match your conversation and time with aunties, godparents and great uncles etc. Our Christopher and his brother Andrew really are the closest of brothers that I have ever known and their infectious personalities added to the blend of comedy. Andrew's two kids were wedding party peeps and it stuns me that I have to miss out on these two gorgeous kids growing up.
Shauny is an absolute angel but is incredibly shy which will no doubt break a ton of hearts as she gets older. And Jake? OMG, my sister and I just wanted to break him in two and take a part of him home with us both. He was an absolute delight to spend time with - he is funny, charming, cheeky and energetic. We both fell in love with impish behaviour immediately. Another family member (2nd cousin once removed!!) is our Kay and her daughter Joanna. Oh when us 4 got together it was ridiculously hysterical. Kay is completely tiny - in all proportions. A UK size 4 (US size 0), size 1 shoe and at 4 foot 9 inches, well - you could just pick her up and put her in your pocket and save her for a midnight Joanna came along with her boyfriend who my sister and I gave the green light to marry provided that we could ogle at him all holiday. He is a little bit delish, wouldn't you say! My brother and his wife, Kerry, were an absolute hoot too, in fact its their 1 year wedding anniversary today so congratulations to them both too.
Me at the wedding - check out my feathery ensemble. It was so fragile that I had to wear it on the plane and no, I couldn't care less that I did. It felt magnificent!
My bro and I at the wedding as he lovingly carried my D200 for me.
But wore it like a flaming girls handbag!
My sister at the wedding, fake crying for effect. How I kept the camera still, I shall never know. She made me howl the whole holiday....loves ya, bex.
My bro and sis. A very rare pic indeed (having them stand together, that is. We live so far apart to have these chances).
My sister and I before a wild night out. Eyes already blood shot from a balcony aperitif (or two).

View from my sunbed one day - sigh.
Coming back with lots of freckles makes Ellie wonder "will they join up to give you a proper tan, mum?". Cheers, babes.And finally (as if I haven't blethered on enough, sorry!) here are my layouts from last months Studio Calico plus other past months kits. It was one of my absolutely favourites (I say that every month but I always mean it!). I couldn't make enough layouts with it so I made 2 mini books to catch the leftovers with. Its their sneak night tonight for the Nov kit.....GOODY!

Im off to go and put my gammy foot up, nibble on some strawbs and demand that mark cater to my every whim until I am back to normal. That will prob last 20 minutes but if I can squeeze one cup of tea out of him, it will be worth it.


Brook said...

I loved your post!
Sorry about your leg...but glad you had such a fun and busy time. The wedding looks fabulous. Your work is dreamy. I see a little Sassafrass lass there I believe which is a personal favorite right now.

Bekka said...

I love the holiday pictures - they look fab :-)

I hope your leg gets better soon


frazzled2day said...

Hi Kirsty, crikey girly, that really was 1 hell of a post, loved the photos & just wanted to say u looked stunning in ur v delicate feathery ensemble....would have loved to see the looks on the other airplane passengers faces!! u keep that leg well and truly up hunny & get us much sympathy as possible!! Hope ur back on ur feet real soon. love Janey xxx

Cath said...

Love the photos, It sounds like you have had a hoot and I hope the leg gets better soon.

Love Cathx

ps is the last photo of the mini book you were telling me about?

Darcy said...

So glad you had a great time, the pics are fabby, glad you are back too...I missed you!

Eugh to the limb brokeness, I am presuming like all good docs he prescribed cake!

I think I have said it before but your bro is quite lush.

Lianne said...

Not looking too bad yourself there chicky :D Was a fab weekend!

Loving the LOs, gorgeous as always. Hope your leg feels better soon,

Lianne xxx

Deanne said...

awesome wedding photos as always kirsty, shame about your leg, make sure you bloody rest it then and get the docs to do the right treatment this time, bloody docs grrrr
gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous layouts xxxxx

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