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16 Oct 2008

Every Autumn day is a gift

Well, when the sun shines it is.
I love it more than Basic Grey.
I love it more than Chocolate covered in chocolate sauce with chocolate sprinkles dipped in hot chocolate.
I love it more than clean bed linen.
I even love it more than I love my husband.
Oooops, did I say that out loud? **snigger** (kidding, o' course).
But I do lubs it.
As I am banned from driving with my gammy leg I took a hobble (my only mode of transportation) to our local flower park to which my hobbling is probably worse than driving. But I had to get out of this house. Im tearing my hair out with boredom. Belle was in her pushchair which provided suitable stabilisation and it gave us time to chat. I love our after school chats. Well, kind of.

I absolutely love this one:
An armstretched so far, i thought I might die from this self portrait with a damned fixed 50mm lens!
My little autumnal neck scarf, sigh :)Our chats go like this:
Me: What did you do today?
Belle: You know, same old, same old.
Me: What did you have for lunch?
Belle: Pasta, chicken, melon.
Me: You have that everyday Belle, do you never fancy anything different?
Belle: Nope.
Me: How is everything?
Belle: Fine.
I swear its the same convo just like groundhog day. One day she will say something different and I know I will have heart failure. Im not sure Im looking forward to it but I might like it all the same.
Then halfway through our little autumn shoot, though, she remembered something.
Belle: Mum, Beth fell over in school today.
Me: Oh my god, did that happen? (thinking alcohol should be confiscated in schools, clearly).
Belle: She was pushed in a crowd surge
Me: Was it on purpose?
Belle: Yes, but I went over to her to comfort her.
Me: Did any of the teachers sort it out?
Belle: No, I took care of it.
Me: How?
Belle: I told everyone to clear off and stop hurting Beths feelings.
Sniff sniff.
She really is a little trooper. I love her so much but for that I love her a little bit more, if that is at all possible. She then went on to tell me about the small group that she belongs to which means they are kept indoors at break time. This is mainly for children with phys issues (like Ellie and Beth) or have social issues such as being being shy or suffering with confidence issues. This week they have a new member of the group. Belle appointed herself as being Charlottes saviour. Charlotte is being verbally bullied in school. Belle went on to tell me that she is "dealing" with it. She has already given her verbals back to one of the kids responsible for Charlotte dismay. She has told "him" to stop it otherwise she would snitch on him. I mean, nobody likes a snitch, do they? But when there is a case of bullying, I think being a snitch is admirable.
Its a case of do or die.
Belle clearly would rather "do".
I just love her for it. She warms my heart and makes me smile from the very centre of my soul to the outers of my skin. I think its kind of beautiful that a child can do this to you. I have this pink glow about me and yet I cant help but think its also pride. I also find it amazing that you can be at your lowest ebb and then out of the blue, your children and indeed pets instinctively pick up on that and suddenly serve you the sweetest of medicine to perk you up and make you incredibly happy.
I, in my lowest pain threshold of pain tolerance, am regretting the hobble to the park because my foot has gone really chubbo with fluid. Yikes, looks like Im going to be using Eddy as my footstool for the rest of the night and snapping my fingers for tea and chocky nibbles.
Inwardly though, Im feeling so happy with my girly chat and that's got to be better than co-codamol ;)

**edited: OMG, Belles hair is at that stage where its so long that it needs a good cut. So I cut it in the bath tonight but erm, I went a bit scissor happy and lopped it off to above shoulder length. Belle was in such a state of shock that she cried (only because she has only ever known her hair very long). I blow dried it and er, its shorter alright! Ive left it so that I can scrape it into a pony tail but like, I pygmy's pony tail! LOL. I will probably take pictures tomorrow but that little girl suddenly looks older now and with her 13th coming up next month she needed the makeover. Still chewing my nails now wondering if I did the right thing but unlike Marks hair, it will grow back ;) !!**


Anonymous said...

That gorgeous kid obviously has the heart the size of her Mommas . Way to go Ellie xxxx
Lots of love Tracy

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Yay! Good for her! That is a real lady, standing up for her friends. :)
Gorgeous pictures.

Jenni said...

Your photos are gorgeous and your girl is beautiful inside and out!

Jenga said...

Bless her what an Angel :)

weewiccababe said...

children just have this special in built power to make your heart sing. Willow's version of that is "you're the most beautiful mummy I've ever had" which I suppose is a similar sentiment to when i tell her she's my favouritest middle child :)
oh and I hope your gammy leg improves soon Kirsty

Roz said...

OMG, can't believe you have cut Ellie Wellies hair, you must post pics so we can see.

Loving your convo though, how precious children are.

michele said...

fabulous photos, belle is just gorgeous! sorry to hear about your leg, hope it is felling better now.
hugs mxx

Tracy said...

Bless her heart, what a gorgeous, big hearted girl you have there!!!

LOVED your wedding photos. The purple dress was devine and I want one. I have no place to wear it; do you think they will look at me funny if I go to Walmart in it? LOL

I also loved the close up shot of you and Belle. Wonderful!!

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