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19 Oct 2008

Bomb site dumping ground

Yakkety yak, our house looks like its just been demolished. It feels grubby and stinky and everywhere I look there is stuff all out of place. Mark thinks I have an OCD and I might agree. I hate mess and most of all - I hate things that don't have a proper home in the house. And now Im scared because we are starting to split the lounge-come-diner into two separate rooms but before we even start to decorate we have had to install one new radiator and move another to an adjacent wall....... creating more mess :(
Mark had to get under the floorboards to re-arrange piping this morning. You wouldn't have got me down there, not even for a lifetimes supply of Basic Grey. Its chock full of spiders and webs and rubble and all sorts of disgusting creepiness.

The dog didn't care too much for it!

I was secretly hoping he'd find a cash haul of £2,000,000 but not even could he find a penny. When Mark went on the first run in creepy rubble land, his father suggested we nail him in there for good. I like my father-in-laws way of thinking, we clearly would be fabulous drinking buddies, if we both drank! It was so tempting, really it was.

But my lovely man does all the washing and ironing and Im afraid when it comes to the domestic front, I ain't going to go without clean undies on a daily basis. Ner!

Before Mark went to boring football (yawn) we went on the hunt for a new settee. Ours gets on my nerves as it has scatter cushion backs which annoys the hell out of me every single day. Because Im such a neat freak, every time Mark budges them or moves them to get comfy, I go up the wall. Can you imagine having friends around and them seeing a gap in the scatter cushions? What if there was a crease in a cushion and not up to plumpness satisfaction? The shame would finish me off. Everyday I have to fluff them, primp and beat them to look regimented and linear only then for the dog/daughter/hubby to come and dare sit on the sofa for a few moments relaxation and go and ruin the prestigious arrangement. Whoa! No way! For 8 looooong years I have had to suffer that daily routine and now - NO MORE. Hooray for me.
We have bought a new lounge suite to go with my dream colour range of Olive and Bark with a smidgen of Lime. These sofa's come in a lime in the picture but we bought it in Chocky brown with olive and lime accent cushions so that I can eat it when I fall asleep on it as I dream of foooooooood! But loook - no scaterring of 70,000 cushion. I can't tell you how many new sofa's come with scatter cushion backs these days. So now we have 5 weeks to get the whole dumpster of a house ready for that installation. Of course, Im on light duties which means tea making and fannying about for the next 5 flaming weeks so the legwork (if you pardon the pun) will be done by Marky boy who is my absolute DIY hero.
We also bought a small tin of tester paint to match the smallest rip of tester wallpaper (I would have taken a full 8 feet but Mark thought a 1 yd strip would suffice - NOT) but still I couldn't wait to get back and tack it to the wall and paint a swatch for a dummy run. Im now waiting for proper daylight to tell me how good it might look. Can you tell I'm excited? I love decorating and transforming and mostly I like doing that on a budget!
As prommed, I have some pictures to share with you from my cousins wedding and blessing. these are some of my 405 shots from Cyprus.

This is the full length picture of my second cousin Kay and her Daughter Joanna.
Here are the four bridesmaids together. My cousins Daughter Shauni, My cousins wife Julie then Joanna and Kay.
Shauni and I
My cousins son, Jake
Joanna and her boyf, Callum.My brother and his wife, Kerry larking about on the rocks at sunset. They are always playing around - they make ma laugh so much.
The vicar was delightful to allow me to take pictures during the blessing ceremony. During a wedding, however, flash photo is strictly not allowed. So I snapped my way through it the best I could bearing in mind the bounce flashing in a church is ridiculous as the ceiling are 15 miles above you so most of the pictures are pretty much face on flash which is not my favvo. Cranking the ISO up to 800 was not my idea of great photography neither.At the end of the blessing, the bridesmaid provide a thumbs up for a beautiful ceremony.My cousin, Marybeth and her Granda. You will never see such a loving bond between grandfather and grandaughter as much as these two. Marybeth idolises him. Isnt she beautiful?The night time venue was held in a local centre and Chris and Jane's fun approach to feeding time was a real hit. We enjoyed this fruit tree, do-nut tree, 5 tier choco fountain (which basically I tipped my head under, opened wide and allowed my gullet to be totally smothered in the creamiest chock this side of the Pennines) plus a fab champagne fountain from this company in Leeds. Absolutely everyone got involved with those sugary delights. Belle was in her absolute element and scoffed a bit of everything. I thought it was spectacular, I was buzzing all night!
A local band came and played and wondered if I might be their promo girl seeing as I was photographing absolutely everyone having a good time, which was my fave part of the night. With a name like The Measles, I can see it doing my reputation a great deal of good although their number one fan got the best seat in the house all night. They played some fab covers of Pulp, Oasis, Kaiser Chiefs and The Jam. They were a really good band in all fairness and you might like to book them if you are in the Leeds area, if ever I had a link. Doh!Belle went and collected all the pretty confetti and streamers. She didnt dance much but she was content.You can see remnants of chockky fountain on her lips here! Isnt her hair gorgeous?And as for Jake? It all got too much.
Tonight was the last instalment of my Design Principles course which I enjoyed putting together with instalments being beefed up with work from Anita Mundt, Maz Hawes and Paula Pascual. Covering topics from Rule of thirds to Continuance to Asymmetry plus other balance-a-riffic composition rules that help achieve visual and artistic championship. If you missed out you can buy the complete course for £20 to be delivered in one neat package if you email me HERE. Or read the special offers above.

Bed time calls, toodle-ooooooooooooooo.


Brook said...

What lovlies! Belle is looking so stylish and Mod! She is growing up so quickly!

God's Rock Angel said...

The whole DIY-ness looks so exciting! My G-parents were supposed to be moving tomorrow and I was going to help them move tomorrow and start on DIY stuff on Thursday - but its all fallen through and so it'll be next week which is a pain in the behind as my Uncle and Aunt are going on holiday because its half term hols.

I love the wedding photos - I didn't take photos at a wedding but I took lots of photos Saturday afternoon as we went for a ridiculously long walk - I took over 120 photos!

Terrie B x said...

Oh y look at you `gorgeous` lot!!!You all look like you had a fab time...and well Belles hair is `gorgeous` and is that MB Sporting a new hair do there too..very nice indeed:)~X~

sandradrydesigns said...

All utterly fabulous!!
Sandra xx

fgeegf said...

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