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17 Oct 2008

8 inches off

Im a maniac with a pair of scissors.
Not just with paper but with hair - her hair.
My poor little mite has cried every single day of her long-hair life (11 years in total) when it came to a morning brushes but everyone knows that beauty is painful. Recentl, though, her hair has started to look a little matted even after careful brushing so last night I thought Id give it a trim. Only I reckoned she would look so much more grown up with a really good trim. All 8 inches of it - when you unravel this it really does measure 8 inches!
Oh she did cry.
Not from pain but from the shock. And then I blow dried it and watched the curls bounce into a neat little bob. And this morning she felt good as when her hair was brushed there was not one knot. Her hair was tied back and she told herself that she wouldn't tell her buddies but two of them had noticed her neat little nobble and she came skipping out of school. Next week she will wear it down once she is used to it but so far so good.
I cant believe she hits 13 next month but having her hair cut has helped along the way to looking it :)


Kate said...

That will make morning so much easier. We did a trim for our 11th Birthday this year and morning is no longer a pain in the rear end.

Yeah Mommy!!!

craftypants said...

I know how belle feels, I used to be able to sit on my hair and it was becoming more trouble than it was worth. I had over a foot lopped off and now it is just so much easier to deal with. It can just be a little shocking at first.

Anonymous said...

Oh she still has beautiful hair! And so much more grown-up :)
Pat x

Jenga said...

I know people who would kill for those curls LOL she looks so cute :)

Kelly said...

I feel Belle's pain. I cry when going to the hairdresser :o(
Wow - 13! They grow too quick don't they!!
Have a great weekend Kirsty ;o)

Kel xxx

Lynn said...

I remember the stress of long hair, and having to cut out knots once or twice. She will get used to it and she knows she's still gorgeous!

Denise said...

Wow! Look at that curl. Just beautiful. I am sure she looks stunning with her new 'do.

frazzled2day said...

i did the same with my own fringe....scissors need a health warning lol......hows the gammy leg? love Janey xxx

Jan Connair said...

omg, isn't it crazy how much different and more mature a girl can look just from getting her hair cut?!! Same thing happened with both my daughters. I almost fainted from the shock. Glad the haircut turned out to be positive for Belle.

Terrie B x said...

Cmpletly aggree with Denise..
I bet she looks so grown up now too

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Love Belle's new grown up hair! I thought I was bad cutting 2" off Freya's hair - but you're a 'cut' above me on that one! xx

michele said...

love belles new look, she looks great. hugs mxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Belle!
Hoping you like your new haircut. I bet you look even more beautiful! Did anyone tell you that you are the sweetest girl in the World!


Belinda said...

By the time Belle has passed her 13th birthday and taken a severe interest in boys, she will be straightening those gorgeous curly locks and believe me straightened, Belle's hair will look as long as it did before the chop!! How could that cutie pie not look adorable anyway, that face, those curls!!!!
Trust me I'm a hairdresser!
Belinda x

Cath said...

Oh I sympathise, we have a curly girl here too and those knots are awful in the morning. Belle's hair looks fab now!

Jaye said...

OK Mum,
What are/did you going to do with all of those gorgeous ringlets??
..The cut looks great !! ..and I love your Christmas card, toooo cute :D

I remember cutting my hair that length when I was about 10. I cried for 2 weeks straight I think. What trauma we girls go through. ;-)

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