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14 Sep 2008

Voluntary Sleep Depravation

Nobody willingly deprives themselves of sleep, do they?
Or so I thought up until 4am yest morning.
For the first time EVER I hung around at Studio Calico to wait for their sneak reveal at 5am our time (12 midnight EST) but by 4 am my retinas were bleeding from the computer screen and the fact I needed to catch those amazing zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's.
The lead up to the sneak reveal was always something Aleida contributed to. She was the naughty one, the one who dared to push the boundaries when it came to ruditries and quite so in a fun way. The team at SC owed it to her to make the night go as planned but to also celebrate her life in her absence in the way she would have seen fit. I swear I laughed so hard that the only brain cell I had split in two. The conversation was one where you had to be there and with that in mind, Im going to try and brave that again next month.
Needless to say I woke at, ahem......1145am this morning in time for brunch. Mark had been up hours and done the ironing. I would add that he did it for me but he does it every week anyway but it was lovely to wake up to the smell of freshly ironed laundry. The rest of the day saw us mill about in our own entertainment until it was suggested (quite by the little love herself) we go to the swing park that we discovered last night. Boy did that girl have a giggle or two then and I so wanted to grab her again on camera.

Its rare to get pics of Belle with her a: Eyes open and b: without her glasses. She looks like a different kid, doesn't she?

This photo is magic. MAGIC, I tell you!

Don't you just love it when kids poke their tongues whilst concentrating? She sure is a tongue poker in the extreme. Getting a little complacent there Ellie, time to go back for bath and bed - its the sunday night law!
It was really gloomy overhead for any decent shots so I made the most of the ones I got, put my camera down and had a swing myself. Well my body lurched here and there for a while until I gathered swing momentum and shortly I began to drift back into childhood to bring back that feeling of flying. It was a crazy little moment filled with even more giggles from the bellemeister as she screamed the place down on reflection of looking at my scary face pulling (I did scream a bit!).

Coming back to strawbs and meringues with cream was just the best way to round off the day only Im sat here now looking through some emails and Ive forgotten to do a layout for the Creativity Life website. Yeeks, one is yanking out the Basic Grey right now so off I pop to scrapdom.


Rosie (Freycob) said...

So then.... where are the photos of you....?


Kelly said...

Awesome pics of Belle.
I too find it hard to capture pictures of my boy with his eyes open or with reflection off his glasses. So when I do- I am one happy Mum

AnnaMarie said...

I missed Reveal night :( but hoped that all would carry on in the spirit of Aleida. :)
Great pics of your girl - such emotion and fun felt in them! :)

Sonya said...

Those are truely awesome photos!!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

As a baby Tatiana used to poke her tongue when extremely happy. She still does from time to time. :p

NancyJones said...

oh how sweet! I just love thinkin' pictures. My Bella is a tounge sticker outer also. I have lots of those photos haha.
I agree with the others now we need to see the photos of you swingin haha

Cath said...

Gorgeous photos, my fave is the second, she looks beautiful. Well done at making it till 4am. I was snoring by 1.

Kate said...

Love the second pic of Belle. The expression on her face is priceless!

Irene said...

Shes pretty!
Love all the pics.

D@nielle said...

FAB pics of Belle !

cannycrafter said...

Lovely pic and you were braver than me to stay up that late or is it early??? I know I would have fallen, head on the keyboard by 2am! Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you today x

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