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12 Sep 2008

Single photo layouts

Ive just got off the blower to one of my scrappy freinds (waves to Jo). And we were talking about the fact that she is cheesed off with the huge old debate about the rights and wrongs of scrapbooking.
I don't think I ever saw the law manual about how you should scrap but I'm getting a little bit perplexed at the fact that some people scream that YOU HAVE TO scrap with more than one photo.
I scrap both single and multi (in the past I just scrapped with one photo because really, that's all I had) but Im really rooting for the one photo layout girl of today! I mean, what if you went somewhere and took only one photo or you only have one photo of your momma at an event from years gone by? When I was younger, my mum would only take one shot here and one shot there because it was so expensive to develop photos in the early 80's. So come the scrapping of the event - are you not allowed to scrap that page just in case it upsets the scrap police? Just because we live in the digital age of taking as many photos as we can - because we can, doesn't mean all of them in a run are good enough to scrap.
There was this one time I scrapped a really small photo on a 12x12 page and a few people commented that the photo was too small - and yes it was. But the rest of the page had journalling and pretty artwork to weigh out the balance and besides - that page was going in my album not theirs.
I think what Im trying to say it that you can scrap how you jolly well please provided there is balance to the page or if you are artistic you pad the page with lovely embellies and paper or add multi photos if you have them or just journalling if that's what you do. And if that doesn't float your boat... do what the blummin heck you like.
**alights soap box to go and itch my freckle**

On a lighter note I have a multi photo layout as layout of the week on DO website if you care to take a 5 second break from the monotony of your day.

**EDITED: lol just read some of the comments about my page at the above link and not in relation to this original post and whoa........ don't hold back, anyone - please!**


Sarah (UKS Smelly) said...

Lol, what are they like Kirsty, dont hold back.

I remember when i first started scrapping and somebody at a crop said "why are you using just 1 picture, its a waste of a 12 x 12" To which i replied "Because i want to, i like this pic and i want to show it off"

Isnt that the whole point of scrapping, its for you only so whether you need 1 or 10 pics to tell the story then so what, no rules.

Love your northern chatter Kirsty, makes me home sick, lol. Keep up the great work.

Jan Connair said...

Well, I say next time someone shouts at us for doing a 1-photo layout, we just reply back, "I'd love to be able to scrap multiples of this event, but tragically my house burnt down and this one photo is all I have left." That'll make them clap their mouths shut in a hurry! It would be totally cruel and dhishonest, but I can't help fantasizing about saying it.

Pixiedust said...

This is the first comment I've left you Kirsty, but I'm a regular reader of your blog :-) I quite agree with you - if single photos are what you want to do, then go for it! Scrapbooking is such a personal thing - if you make a card you have to think of the person you are making it for and will they like it, with scrapbooking its far more a case of doing what you personally like. I've done plenty of pages (paper and digi) with single photos of my daughter because to me she's beautiful and that's what I want to do!

Leah said...

Totally agree. Not sure why so many people are so critical about what others do on their layouts. Sure, I see stuff I would never do, but so what? Nobody's got a glue gun to my head making me do it! ;)

nichole said...

ahem. ahem. ahem.

it is MY scrapbook, for MY family, and for MY enjoyment. really why are THEY even commenting on it...

this is strong talk, but too many times i have been told what i am doing 'wrong' (living in utah scraping will find you a lot of people who only scrap one way.) and just needed to get this off my chest. thanks for bringing this up. i feel so much better.

and now you know another of your blog stalkers. ;)

Deanne said...

I've been scrapbooking for less than a year and to be honest i didnt realise there was a 'rulebook' :)
I love doing one photo LO's and the odd multi one, because like you say sometimes there is only photo of that time, and its my memory, my LO, my keepsake so I'll scrap it how i bloody well want to too
hugs x

Lee Anne said...

OMG I love reading your blog. You always make me laugh. I had to laugh at this today. I would be bruned alive or something because the majority of my layouts are one photo ones. He, he.

Jo said...

I'm a one photo per layout girl too and I don't give a hoot what anyone else thinks!:) It's what I like best and find multi photos way to much for me.Personal choice and that's they way I shall be. Stuff the lot of them if they can't appreciate a good design and take elements they do like rather than moan about what they don't like. I'm sure they'd be offended if someone put a rude comment in their gallery. Beats me the nastyness of some people.

Yizz said...

My kids were born in the 80's, and like you said, it was just too expensive to have more than one film developed more than twice a year. So it was one film for the annual holiday, and the other for birthdays, christmas and highdays. Not only that the quality back then was pretty poor. We hadnt long moved away from the box brownie!!!
So I dont have a choice, its one photo a LO or simply dont scrap!


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