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8 Sep 2008


I love working at shows, like - a lot!

They're always buzzing with people who just want to see and buy new stuff, be inspired, share ideas and jokes. There is always such a positive vibe with people who you happen upon and even more surprising when it turns out you have a connection. Not just a crafty connection but through some random link you are somewhat connected. Almost separated at birth type of thing. It just freaks me out.
Nice freak me out, though.

I was working with just the best girls at Aceville (waves to Kate, Julie and Lucy) who asked me to bob along to demonstrate both their Card Making kit magazine along with the Cuttlebug. The show subscription offer was a free Cuttlebug with every subscription placed. I mean - come on! They completely maxed out after each of my stage demo's (Mmmm, the Madonna style headset did urge me to vogue a little but I wasn't wearing a pointy bra and to be honest, I didn't want to look a total div head) and that coupled with superb demo's from Lorna (from Kars) on the stand. Doing the little demo's on a live feed gave me the practice I most certainly need for when I go on QVC at the end of the month. Plus I didn't fluff once although I kept dropping blobs of glue all over the table.

As the weekend flew by I can't recall the days in full when I look back. They just went, quick as you can snap your fingers. Luckily I got to meet another Do demo girl, Jo Austin who was warm and sunny as the thing we used to see in the sky (you know, the sun). We also had the greatest honour of meeting Helen, Alison, Liz and (sorry, forgot your name). It was lovely to have people over who wanted to spend time with us but even more specially the people who just want to get crafty and crack the most funniest double entendre's. As they we beavering away (sorry, I cant help myself) these two delightful elderly crafters came to the table just as Helen delivered some rather funny but rude punchline and I thought "noooooooooooooooooooo" (even in slow mo) thinking that they had scared off the newbies. But what made me laugh even more was when they got it too, laughed and joined in. I mean, you don't set foot out of the house thinking that you will go to show, have a comedy table, crack a few naughty jokes and make beautiful cards, do you? These things flow so easily and comfortably making for a very fun day out.

On Saturday night us demo'ers went out for the most delish Italian meal. It was a case of Lorna and I (northerners) against the southerners with our accents. The conversation was fabulous and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Julie, if you are reading this ..... your story telling is magnificent and touching all in one breath. here they all are snuggling up to Lenny Henry in his hideous yellow dressing gown.
Here we are, me with arm outstretched with wide angle mode and Im just about in the picture. Funny night, funny girls xx
We saddled on back to the pub for a jolly scrumpsh pud (I had an Eton Mess and it literally looked like someone had spwavved on my plate but really, it was delicious). Im not kidding you the conversation sailed through every topic under the sun and landed squarely on tea bagging. Then someone pipes up and tells me Im using the wrong terminology. Its tea bag folding. Oh. I mean, wtf? I just don't get folding bits of paper as easily as other people, obv. My world has now been turned 360 and 360 and 360 more.

On Sunday Kate had a few issues with her "hooker" nails (ie: stick on jobbies and her terminology for the label of hooker nails - not mine, but I agreed ;)) so we tried glossy accents which, as you know, sticks 4 ton trucks to the sides of bill boards. But no, it didn't work so my trusty double sided tape did the biz and she was back in fine hooker nail form. Love that girl, she and I are of the same weave, me thinks. Don't we look complete with the obligatory Keira Knightley trout pout?Kate is one of the most darling girls I have worked with in publishing. OH! and she is an AMAZING beader and who made me this in like 20 seconds. Im absolutely in awe of her craftwork let alone of her near deadline prompts. So inspired by her (and the stall opposite - ) I fancied my chances at making a necklace to go with my black polo neck tops that I love to wear in winter. To my utter amazement in myself I knocked this up in about an hour and it certainly brought bead enthusiasts to the table and subsequently subs to the mag itself (and that wasn't a sales ploy neither). Later, I think my papercraft juices spurred Kate to try cardmaking **stand back in amazement, the girl cut paper!**. If it wasn't for my camera nobody would have believed such a sight.

I set back off home with a lovely girl we all know and love - Amanda Bateman. I met Amanda at Olympia this year but sometimes all you saw was a streak of curls running by as her schedule was pretty tight. This show we got to chat as she was over at Debbie Moores stand. Amanda really is a darling with soft spoken voice and who lives not far from moi. I think she was getting the train back but as I was passing her area anyway and as it was a 2 hour trip, the company was much needed plus its wonderful to be able to go to Mcdonalds with and pretend that we hate the stuff but ram it down our throats furiously anyway. However on the way back - OMG. The rain came down like I have never seen it before and we crawled along the motorway with mm's of vision out the window. Seriously, the rain does not fall in Spain on the plain. It falls all at once on my car on the M1.

Got back and had no time to smooch with the family as such as I had my first Principles class to deliver. I was so excited putting it all together as the first lesson is one of my favourite design principles. The forum was set up and the gallery was begging for artwork and by 11pm I was officially done and moreover, pooped. And by the time I had got into bed, I had noticed that mark had unpacked for me and put my clothes in for washing without him having to remind me or demand a thank you. And now I feel rotten for passing him at the door when I got in with not so much as a peck on the cheek, a slight belly rub for the mad dog but a little-big squidge for my girl.

So tonight, its a three course dinner by me as slave punishment for my lovely weekend although it will be toast for starters, beans for main course and a tin of fruit cocktail for pud. **sigh** ....... Im not the bestest cook, am I? This is my wee peach the other day who was helping me in the kitchen. She is holding a pan lid and together we played a game of things you can do with a pan lid other than use it for cooking (I clearly have no kitchen sense do I?)

So - the winners of the digi tutorial?
Picking 10 and using randomiser is like, really hard and too much work. So this time I got belle to run her little finger down the list as I scrolled and she would say stop 10 times whilst dealing with static socks from the screen (he he heeeeeeee). I was having so much fun watching the little currents of electricity shooting up her arm for a loooooong time.
But you know, I am kidding - rught :)
So you want to know who won yeah?
(all those that posted up to this afternoon - Becky was last!)
Ive gone stark raving bonkers - so you can all have the tutorial as I am clearly not feeling myself! To claim it you MUST email HERE and state whether you use Elements or Photoshop. You must also tell me what time you posted and your comment posting name so I can cross check.

Gotta go, pooch is staring at me with his incredibly adorable, sooty, beady eyes. That means either he thinks Im neglecting him or he just wants a love. Probably its true on both accounts but either way, he is going to get squidged to death.

I could just eat him.

With beans, of course.

PS: Thanks Crafts Beautiful for a super duper pooper scooper of a weekend :)


Rhonda said...

Ooohh Thank you so much!
I love your photos, especially of Belle and the pot lids...

Chris said...

Such lucky girlies Kirsty.. I took your digi course a while back and I just lubbed it. I still refer to the notes now and again as it was so easy to follow.

Anonymous said...

ohhh nooooo! fancy forgeting my name... it's Cheryl. glad you had a good time helen was determined to meet you before we left, lol

Miss Magic said...

OMG!! That is SOOOOO very kind of you.
Miss Magic 07/09/08 14.34
This is why I need it ....
The box says Adobe photoshop Elements 4.0 so not sure if I need Photoshop or Elements .
See might not have been a smart move to give it to me!!!!
Thanks anyway. You are a star!!!!!
Sharon x

Miss Magic said...

OK so I did it wrong!
The link takes me to hot mail but don't know your e-mail ad.
My e-mail is
Info as above.

If I can get your e-mail I will do as I am told and e-mail over the info like good girlie.
Sharon x

Cath said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, I have wanted to try digi for ever but got as far as opening photoshop......

Terrie B x said...

Wow looks like you all had a great Day!!!:)~X~
Love the piccies of Belle and your little poochie!!!:)
Thanks for the digi course !!!:)~X~

Donna said...

Hi Kirsty,

Thanks for letting us all win! It's just what we needed with all this rain - glad you had an enjoyable weekend.
I use Photoshop if that helps.
07/09/08 10:56


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