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3 Sep 2008

She is airbourne

She spent 6 weeks doing a ton of fun stuff but the last week of the school holidays she asked if she could have a trampoline. I mean, forward planning and all that darling!

Belle never really asks for anything. I think with Belle she is easily pleased with a book or her DS......even 12 hours straight of cartoons (it happens!). She asks for a drink or a sandwich but not, like - a trampoline.

So I researched the best price for one and Amazon came up trumps.

We **heart** Amazon.

And it turns up the day before she goes back to school, yest (and I would have taken first day pictures but its chucking it down here and the rain clogged garden swimming pool is back).

I couldn't lift the damn thing out of the porch when it was delivered so there was no way I was going to set the damn thing up which meant we had to wait for Mark to come home from work to build it. And when he does he is promptly passed a screwdriver at the door!

Oh, he was not happy putting it together.

Springing it 64 times almost finished him off and it wasn't until he got to the last 10 that he re-read the manual which told him he had been springing it back to front. GAH.
I was taking pictures and he said "That better not appear on your blog"


Famous last words. Sniggery snig.
The dog even got in on the action but kept nicking off with Marks fabulous collection of screwdrivers! And you could almost feel that tension in her face as she waited for that trampoline to be comlpete
A cuppa calms the vibes - do you love our matching crockery?!!!

And now she is airborne, curls flying out in all directions and even bum bouncing to save on her ankles. Its quite funny to watch Belle bounce. She can't bend her knees because her recoil action is shot. So she bounces using the joints of her ankles and its quite the sight and she doesn't care because as far as she is concerned - she is mightily airborne.

That was two days ago and its rained ever since - the ugly brute of a trampoline is fine when its being used but at the moment, we have a 10ft wide, 12ft tall ornament getting a bit damp. Id sooner have a fake Michelangelo statue over the sight of the trampoline monstrosity.

And finally - a couple of sneaks from my Bubbly Funk's dt work using her ever famous, most profoundly delicious, uncontrollably wantable chipboard shapes.


Patricia8 said...

Well dont let Belle read this but my boys (unknown to me initially) used to get the hose pipe and "water" the tramp on purpose as you fly higher when its wet! -
I do enjoy your blog for so many varied reasons, last thing I read before bed -I'm in Florida.

Hannah said...

I just love those lush curls flying as high as Belle. Mark did look a ittle disgruntled but it is only fair he gets to be shown off too tell him! Love to you all x

PhotoJenique said...

Aw such lovely pictures of Belle! Hey, I saw this and thought of you. She's a great inspiration to Claire, and her blog is our homepage on the PC. So when I saw this t-shirt I had to go google it and you'd be surprised how many dachshund gifts and stuff you can find in cyberspace!!

Deanne said...

gorgeous sneak peeks kirsty
and i adore belles bouncing curls :) x

crazed lunatic said...

too cute with the good exercise! :)

and loving the sneak peeks....perhaps eventually I'll be so inspired by you that I'll get up off my duff and create some new stuff! ;)

Ana Baird said...

Fantastic pictures! from the sneak peeks I can see your layout is awesome!

Heidi said...

She looks so happy bouncing!!

Terrie B x said...

Oh Kirsty...These are `Fab` photo`s :)
of course ...Well Done to Mark!!!for putting it all together...
Belle!!! looks like she had so much fun..Yaah!!!
and those sneek peeks look as scrummy as always TFS!!!~X~

Brook said...

Tramps are so awesome for phys. devel. Totally awesome. I lovee all the picts. I'm glad she is enjoying herself.

Davinie said...

Oh how you make me giggle. Sweet thang. I shall send Morgan over posthaste during the first break in the clouds. That kid would LOVe a trampoline, but my luck would break her neck. Daddy says NO. bummer. Can I come over?

Denise said...

I hope you get on that trampoline, too. I have one and the neighbors love to see my head popping up over the fence continually. Not really...they think I childish. I don't care. Belle looks so happy. You are an awesome mom! :o)

Just call me G said...

Lovely lovely read... it seems having had her cousin over to stay has helped Belle in more ways than one...

By the way..... one of the nicest photos... was not seeing Belle's curls bouncing which was lovely just on its own but seeing your mugs... yep an ordinary family, mish mash of crockery, because quite frankly... does it matter to match... nope.. :) bit like life eh.

Gina x

D@nielle said...

LOL I have the same kind of photo's of Ed putting our trampo up 2nd week of our summer holiday. The boys have jumped anytime it didn't rain, hope she gets to do it lots !

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