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13 Sep 2008

Oh dog flaps!

I woke up this morning still feeling pretty choked.
It's all so dramatic losing somebody you know behind tragic circumstances. I think its often easier to deal with death when you know that person has been ill or, as I was discussing with my momma this morning, that you even expect your parents to go at sometime or another before you (as much as it would kill you anyway).
But losing people to shocking circumstances is like losing the ability to breathe.
Im honestly stunned that I am so affected by it.
**sad, sad days**

Anyway, my cousin managed to save his wedding in Cyprus. I was gutted for him yesterday, he really is one of my most funniest of cousins (I cant pick the word favvo cousin because all my cousins (I have7) are lovely). All he had to do was get another flight because the hotel and venue were safe out of the whole package. I had only just finished my second limited edition lemon cupcake when he rang. that means for every bit of good luck I want, I shall have to eat two cakes. Bummer.

We pretty much had a lazy day today. Mark installed two dog flaps so that Eddy can take himself outside without us having to leave the doors open (its flippin freezing of a night here, you know). For eds to get out of the house you have to go through the utility area and a back door which meant two dog flaps which meant lots of training! That fatso pooch had a zillion treats today for his efforts (make that bribery). Plus mark had to install two makeshift steps for each flap - our house is very much like an assault course just to get outdoors now and will aid in the over eatingness of my limited edition lemon cup cakes. You could say that our house has very nifty split levels but more on a "have miniature dacshund, will have lots of steps to aid his shortiness". I have to say that Eddy is a tad pleased with himself though and is incessantly showing off running in and out of the joint whilst the flaps bang like drums would sound at an Adam and the Ants comeback tour.

I took belle supermarket shopping with me to beat the monotony of the day and whilst out driving I couldn't help but be extra cautious. Aleida had been killed by a red light jumper and its been preying on my mind. In fact, someone had pointed out references to her plight HERE and whilst Im at it, look what she wrote only last FRIDAY (being that she was taken away on a Friday too :(). So anyway, we pitch up at Asda and we go trying on clothes. I think trying on clothes is more fun than just buying them. And we try on lots of different bits and bobs and we treated ourselves, each, to one top. I must admit that I wasn't speed shopping much and ended up looking at a lot of stuff - perhaps more than I would normally and the end result was a slightly shocking till total. Still, thats what you do when you try and break the boredom. Needless to say there was cake therapy in that shopping cart!

We got home to a fully trained dog flap pooch and decided that as the sun was shining (note to you all - its that yellow thing that hangs in the sky on rare occasions) that we ought to take fatso the pooch out for a walk to burn off his kajillion calories. We travelled over to Pennington Flash, a series of lakes and parkland which is perfect for warm evenings like this. Oh we did have a good time because we came across a conker tree and conker tree's and Ellie are the best mix in the world. Mark, ever the hunter gatherer and soldier he was, took the greatest pleasure in finding the biggest stick to lop conkers from their spiky grasp to which a delighted 12 year old would scream with laughter at nature's harvest. We all had to take cover with each bombing mission and poor Eddy, I think he is completely shocked with his fathers brutal attack on a Horse Chestnut tree. Belle is now sporting a fine collection of shiny conkers that in 3 days will have withered to nothing but a wrinkly nugget a piece.

Belle and I in our almost matching bootees. I love my fake Uggs. Yeah, we are total "can't afford £120 a pair of boots EACH" girls but man we rock the fake uggs on a doggy walk!

Belle likes to inspect them there conkers for potential sling shot ammo.
Am I going to carry these, she asks herself.
No! You are momma, because a massiv camera is not enough and besides, it will be fun to watch you struggle as you push me in my stroller at the same time..... mwahahahahhaaha. Halloween comes early for the little cackling witch of Wigan!We took lots of pictures but nothing takes the wonder out of these pics of my girl and our pooch. She loves to chase him around and watch him run like crazy back to us. I wish I could bottle those giggles, they'd sell for millions.

We then set off back to the car via a swing park where Ellie had a ball until it got so dark that I had to resort to cranking up the ISO to 640 just to catch some of the action - I mean, its just got to be done - grain or no grain. Love both these shots (look at Edds in the background!!) and although the second one is not perfect - just look at that giggling curly bob!Marko and the boy.........testosterone oozes from every pore (even paw!!!).You see the large freckle? Thats the offending blighter thats coming off in god-knows-when.Travelling back with pink cheeks after the nip of the night took hold made us ache for a cuddle up when we got home. How could we forget that we hadn't had tea? At 8pm? So tea was literally a quick whip of my famous curried pork burgers and spicy rice to settle down to a recorded episode of X factor.

Just another stiflingly normalish and yet possibly a little bit boring day in the wiseman household.


Kath said...

Can't imagine how you must be feeling after the tragic loss of your friend...I spent last night on the Studio Calico Forum reading all the comments and in tears the whole time...what a waste of a young life and so many lives shattered by someone's impatience and stupidity. I bet she's rocking them all in heaven.

Rita said...

Great pictures of your family out and about:)

I also knew Aleida from SC and it is such an enormous loss for all of us:( I can't imagine the pain her family is in right now.

Clare said...

Hi Kirsty! Love your piccies of your family.
I was sorry to hear about the loss of your friend and I so agree about how difficult it is to take in because of the circumstances.
My son lost a friend nearly 18 months ago in a car crash and even now we have tears but we also have laughter remembering all of his little quirks.
As for her family I can only imagine how they are feeling.
Bug hugs to her family and friends xxx

angie's blogspot said...

so sorry to here about your friend, x.
loved the post, my favourite things, conkers and dogs.

Sue Nicholson said...

Need to catch up with you posts but just to let you know . . .

HSMS MEET UP - Aiming for Sunday November 2nd at the Trafford Centre, probably between 11 and 12, we can firm this up nearer the time :-)

If you can come OR if you would like to come BUT can't make that date, please email me at

Sue :-)

Terrie B x said...

Hi Kirsty:)
I havent been able to get on my internet as it`s temperaly down:(:(:( so I just popped on our Beckys to update and read your latest posts Kirsty .....
Soooo sooo `Sorry` to hear of your friends sudden loss!!!How utterly sadley tragic:( Online friends do mean as much as real friends...`Thinking` of her dear Family....
Sending big (((hugs))) to you and yours hope your feeling better soon...

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