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18 Sep 2008

Laugh or cry?

Ive just had the mail delivered to our house and felt the urge to log this entry like, NOW (pre-war on CPW tonight). When really I don't have any time as I have 40,000 layouts to make. Anyway, it was a summary letter form Dr Lovely and Light at Alderhey hospital who outlined her findings and referrals from the endicrinology aspect of Belles investigations.

She listed Belle as having Osteoperosis.

I do find this somehwat hilarious (its probably shock, actually) because Ellie is practically made of milk so therefore her bones should be strong as steel.

I mean, if I sat down and really thought about it I ought to be crying cos you don't Osteo until you are well in your 50's.

Mmmm, whilst I'm here I have a link to a free cardmaking paper and embelly download right about .............................................................................................................................. -> HERE

**considers plying Belle with Vitamin D - who knows the best form of it in food stuffs?**


weewiccababe said...

Hi Kirsty,
fatty fish are naturally rich in vitamin D, as are eggs - and of course plenty of daylight helps.
Sorry to hear that Ellie has osteo, maybe Dr Lovely and Light can refer you to a dietitian for more help
lotsa luck

Marie said...

Ditto what weewiccababe said. Oily fish and eggs and lots of sun. Vitamin D forms under the skin when it's exposed to sunlight which is where we get most of our required amount. Liver is also high in Vit D... but... urgghh!! Liver :P


lauriewe said...

I know medical care is so different there than here in the states - but working with several kiddos who have osteoporosis- they get an infusion treatment ( can't remember the drug- but one stick for the visit and hooked up to IV) every 3-6 months that increases their bone density- don't suppose that is available there? I'm a pediatric physical therapist- it may be an absorbtion issue rather not getting enough calcium- broccoli and spinach are also high in calcium

Heidi said...

My husband who is 35 also has osteo. He takes vitamin d & calcium supplements...he's also made of milk. lol

olga9999 said...

I agree with the rest. Vitamin D can be found in the food they have already told you plus exposure to sun.
Anyway if you're considering something like that it's better if you consult a dietician as excess of this vitamin is toxic. In fact any vitamin from oily sources, more or less, if taken in excess could be toxic. So the idea of a dietician is a great one and the idea of a supplement is terrific but only if you're under supervision from a qualified practitioner.

I don't want to scare you with the toxic stuff I have written, but sometimes people forget some things and it's better to be careful.

I hope everything goes well in The Cardphone Warehouse and hope to read about the "military operation soon", and I hope is a full success. Also I wish you the best with your girl, she's really lovely.

Best wishes. :)

NancyJones said...

ya know.. I have heard of other kids that have it. So it is very possible. IM so sorry. sunlight (without sunscreen) 15 min a day is what my dr told me for vitamin d (I have MS) but NO MORE THAN THAT (because I also have lupus) ya arent I lucky! alot of peopel dont realize slathering all that sunscreen which IS BENEFICIAL for skin cancer prevention IS causing more vitamin d deficiency in our society. man what a double edged sword huh?

can you sneak spinach in her food? Montel Williams has a drink recipe I KNOW I GROSSED OUT WHEN I SAW IT but it aint that bad. you dont taste the spinach at all.

just a thought.

honora2929 said...

Hi Kirsty ,so sorry to hear your little angel has this horrible disease .She needs as the others said light and vits and fish th eoily type .I am at this moment lent out of my window blowing fairy to her .Im a christian i will continue to pray for her and your family ,God bless love ,Honora

Rach said...

Hubby has the onset of Osteo (diagnosed at 30) my friend has it much worse (diagnosed at 23). Pete has crones and therefore has an absorbtion problem with all vitamins etc. I feed him spinach whenever I can.

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