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11 Sep 2008

Its coming off

For the past few weeks Ive been fretting over a super huge freckle on my left cheek bone.
I mean, Im really freckly anyway but these past two years I have two freckles that seem to have gotten bigger and bigger everytime I look in the mirror. One in particular is now a little lumpy and itchy. Its even gone black in one curve. Fortunately it hasn't tured into a massive sore or scab YET (eeeeeeeeew).
Anyway I eventually got a cancellation with my doctors today. Ive been meaning to go to the drop in clinic for the last few weeks but I have work to do and when I work, I forget to go. So I gets to the clinic and Dr Won't-look-you-in-the-eye-as-you-are-but-a-mere-member-of-the-public takes a 3 second look and says "its gotta come off" and turns to his PC to make an appointment with the Dermatologist.
I mean, think about it for a minute or show some compassion will you?
It might have been much nicer to look at me straight, hold both my hands and tell me I have 3 days to live. I could have coped with some empathy and believe me, Im fit to burst with bottled emotions as it is.
What I secretly was hoping is that he would say go home little girl and stop bothering me with inane freckledom not "off with your head".

So there you have it, no tests for benign or malignant cultures - just "lets have it off".

Digesting this is going to require cake and lots of it.


Terrie B x said...

Oh My Kirsty...all these post in one Day!!!
Wow!!!! cool phone..or whatever it`s called I`v forgot already!!!lol....
I love those Kits...your piccie is`Adorable`....mmm.. wonder what Adorable little cutie she reminds us of!!!?
and Oh Dr`s dont they just have special powers of making us feel worse than we already do sometimes!!!!! Dont worry it will be fine:)~X~

Hils said...

Oh wow thats a bit of a shocker! I got one off 3 years ago and have had nothing similar since. Mine was horrid and grew from a we freckly thing into a huge scabby mess. All I have now is a teeny tiny scar on my cheek.

PhotoJenique said...

Yep, well it's time to get rid of that thing. My sis had the same done this summer. Histology showed it was a melanoma, but it was just in the superficial layer of the cheek so she's ok. Also? Just so you know - before he did the deed, her dermatologist asked her to smile and drew on her cheek so that when he cut it out he did a curved cut so it would follow the contour rather than cut through it. You might want to tell your guy that....

Deanne said...

aww kirsty bless you, you certainly get all the lovingly-kind-but-not-so-really kind doctors dont you hun x

Darcy said...

Doctors are just the tops aren't they? I had one recently tell me that he knew my body better than me....pfft

Loads of these freckly wotsits come off everyday,you'll be just fine. x

Jan Connair said...

I had one off on my arm a few months ago that was worrying me. Sort of the same thing went on--the doctor did try to be a bit kind and say, "probably nothing to worry about, but I'd have it off ASAP if I were you." So naturally I worried my head off. But it turned out to be nothing wrong whatsoever. Crossing my fingers that's what your situation turns out to be, too!

Patricia8 said...

Have icecream with the cake ... you deserve it and try not to worry -I have a "sort of similar" thing happening and I'm trying hard not to worry until I have to. Its difficult though.

Jo said...

oh hun... here's a cuddle just for ya!

let me know which cake you want, and I'll get some rushed up to you at once!!

love Jo xx

Mrs Wonka said...

Thanks for my comment...we could eat chocolate cake together as I am a poorly girl at the moment! REMEMBER we will always loose weight as long as we don't drive into the cake van!!! wink wink oh how we laughed that day!

Mrs Wonka x (quite apt name! did you see the pic of my ideal man on my blog?)

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Well you go and get it orf my lovely! You can't be too careful. My mum's glad she had hers cut off her nose 18 months ago! And as she's still here, so are we!

Don't take risks or be blase with your health (and I'm talking sense her, as well you know!)

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