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10 Sep 2008

iPhone loses the contest

It was about 18 months ago that I raved about how exciting the technology behind the iPhone was. Apple is a first choice system I'd choose every time, especially when you consider the graphics (it helps when you are doing design work for starters).
I was going to buy it today but went to an independent dealer (Carphone Warehouse) to check the best deal on the best phone for what I wanted.
It seems the iPhone is NOT what I wanted.
I have a 30gb 3rd gen iPod as it is (it works like a business portfolio as it holds most of my treasured client images for instant viewing for my future clients). So the music really isn't the key issue on that score.

Emails are my key issue.

And the fact I get 700 mins cross network in the plan plus unlimited land line calls and unlimited access to the net on the move.
So I bought the baddest of bad boy blackberry's on the advice of some poor sod who had to cater for my every whim. I mean, you just need value for money, don't you and I can't make a decision like that in 30 seconds. I was there for almost an hour and half and not only came away with this monster but I could trade in my naff old phone for this - for FREE! And I'm not kidding, its a fabulous little limited edition phone..... the pink flowers for starters!

Ellie is so excited to be getting this brand new phone (she currently plays with one of my old ones just for the games but i think she is old enough to warrant a mobile for those little emergencies or perhaps send me sweet texts with her undying love for her lubbly momma!).

The only thing I hate about new phones these days is that you have to tie yourself into an 18 month contract by which time technology will have changed again but next time I might get a phone that transports cream cakes directly to my mouth instead of myself lumping over tot he shops to physically buy one.

Mmmmm, now there lies a wonderful invention.


Just call me G said...

I have no understanding whatsover of Blackberry's unless its in a crumble sort of blackberry!

Belle will love the phone, my niece has one very similar but an older model without the flowers... I better not mention Belles phone to her...

She is at a sensible age for a phone, I agree. We had my niece going on for about 2 years that she wanted one.. because "all her friends have one" . It fell on deaf ears as she was told, you will get one when you go to senior school same as your brother...

She only text me at the weekend when she has unlimited texts.. but is a bad un for ringing my phone so I hve to ring her back... they are canny about their credit arent they!!


Deanne said...

gorgeous phone for belle... as long as i can text, call and take photos i'm happy with my blackberry :) x

Hils said...

I have a bad boy blackberry and it is fantastic. I run a business and it is emails and lots of free texts and minutes I need. DH has an iphone and it is the most useless irritating object I have come across in a while. It has lots of pointless applications that my toddler loves. It bleeps and pips all the time and one day I will drop it down the loo.
Blackberrys rock!

BondGirl said...

I just brought the same blackberry the messenger facility is FAB!! its like instant messenger to other blackberry users but for free! you can send files via it too, no more pesky expensive pic texts. Have fun with it I have loving mine!!

Jo E said...

Hey Kirsty, just been catching up on your blog. Big hugs for you and Belle. I can only imagine how you feel and say that I think you are a super fab Mum - hang in there.

Blackberrys rock. I can't live without mine. I've had one for about 4 years and wouldn't part with it if someone paid me.

Heidi said...

My next phone is going to be a Blackberry!! Is this the Curve, or another...or are they different than the US ones?

PhotoJenique said...

Not surprised the iPhone lost. Have you tried to email using the keypad? It's bloody frustrating and I don't have huge sausage fingers! My boss is probably ruing the day he insisted he needed the newfangled invention. The directors use their Blackberries ALL THE TIME, and they are much easier for typing on. However, the iPhone is to die for. I love it, and wish I could get one. My half-way solution will be to get an iPod touch, as you can still use that to surf the web in wifi spots. for free :)

PhotoJenique said...

OK so I've re-read my post and I sound like I have a split personality ha ha. What I mean is, for emailing: iPhone equals doodoo. BUT for the photos and video and surfing the web and all that: iPhone equals divooooon!

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