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22 Sep 2008

Happy Blog-a-versary

On the 5th of Sept I forgot to celebrate my 3rd year Blog-a-versary.
I might celebrate that one day this week... something fun for everyone!
Anyway. Gotta cold, no time to talk about it - no time to suffer! Although Im not happy I got it this week - perhaps two weeks ago or in two weeks from now would have been so much more convenient.

This is the little scamp who kept me sane today.
With Belle at School and Mark at work... Im on me todd - suffering. And he knows it because he keeps coming up to me for little loves. They must sense you are not "alright".
I tried getting a picture of him looking up at me but he wasn't having any off it - there was far too many things to go and wreck in the house than stand and be caught looking cute on camera!

Although he did pose for me on Friday when I snapped him with my zoom from a far. He has this little corner of the garden that he likes to bask in when its sunny. And often when he comes back inside, I cuddle him and he feels all cosy and toasty!
This weekendsvilles.
Loved it, loved the people but what I didn't love was the amount of people who had the balls to go nicking stuff. I can't believe so many people do it right in front of you. It kind of makes you feel really sick because its so raw and real life. But that was just the blip to the weekend really. I arrived Sat am to start the show on Dyans "always packed" stand. She has the best selection of 7 Gypsies and Tim Holtz stuff including her wooden sleighs and houses to decorate amongst her clocks to alter and wooden books. The Blonde Moments papers did a cracking sale as the demonstration cards were so beautifully inspiring, people couldn't help themselves. Every now and again there would be people coming up to us and just chatting about all sorts and everything. I love the connection that crafting brings, it makes me really happy. And like I mentioned yesterday, a blog reader - Bev - brought me stottie from the North East. I used to live in the north east years ago and I miss these bread buns dipped in a fried egg. I am so grateful you went to great length to get one, Bev xx

Another lady emailed me on Thursday. Her name is Caroline and she is a blog reader but also a member of the Studio Calico forum too. She was fraught with whether she ought to come to such a large show on her own and I said that she had no reason to worry as I would meet with her and have coffee and cake. Well, she came and she was armed with the most beautifulest of hand made beauties for us. Eddy was chuffed to bits with his wee treat (see the anticipation in his eyes there?)
And Ellie opened hers this afternoon. I cant believe the work that has gone into that hand made felt sausage dog plus the charms and ribbon on the book - isn't it adorable? If that wasn't enough she had also given me a batch of Banana and Choc Chip Muffins presented on a handmade tray wrapped in the most crinkliest of cellophane.
Caroline, I consider myself to be a very luck girl - thank you so so much xx

I also chatted to another woman. I had no idea who she was but she was sweet and kind and she mentioned she was waiting from a friend. She told me she has cakes in her bag to give her (she made them) and I joked that I'd test them out for her. Oh no, the woman gave me them and said "you can have some, I don't mind". I just felt so guilty for saying that; it was a little joke. As I chatted further to her I only found out that it was "Net" from a forum we used to frequent a looooong time ago. Isn't it funny? My mum took the photo and bless her - I think she needs lessons on focusing! Love it!
Lots of other beauties dropped by the store and I want to say hello again to Jozza, Helen, Jill and her entourage, Darcy (with the famous pony tails and far too young looking to have a grown up boy!) and people whose names I have forgotten and Im dreadfully sorry :( But you know, I will remember your faces ... I always do. Some of these people would go up to Ben (Dy's Son) and ask if I was working on the stand today and he would, dry as you like, say no - she's over there, talking. Oh dear, busted!

Sat night came and we drooped back home where we had a yummo chinese meal and to chillax in front of Come Dancing and the X Factor (Dy and i were crying at one point and ben - you know, laughed). Can you believe I was in bed by 10? That is just unheard of.

The next day brought many more wonderful chance opportunities to meet people. Dyan was holding breakfast workshops and I readily assisted her as she waved her original pearl pigments over the early bird crafters. Dyan has a fun yet strict teaching regime and she commands to greatest audience to her every word... I just love Dy! Then it was back to the grind stone (or the chatterbox corner) where I worked with the Art from the Heart gang plus Julie (who my dog does not like but I love so that cancels that out). I didn't get much time for shopping except Dyans shop of course plus Craftwork Cards stand where they have these amazing and I mean amazing scalloped 12x12 circles and little poppy dot thingies that are begging to go on a few layouts or so.

Later that afternoon I met a girl who we have been mailing to and fro with various favours and jobs. Her name is Louisa and she is about to embark on a lovely adventure in the craft world. I loved her immediately, I think she looks like Gypsy Rose Lee with these amazing eyes and tumbling locks. We hit it off and as the time came to leave I asked her if she was travelling the same route home and if we could stop off for a meal. Such luck that she lives not far from me but before we left, I helped stand down the shop and say my goodbyes to my amazing friend Dyan who is about to launch something very amazingly fabulous in January that will become an exclusive brand worldwide (im so excited for her, its a wonderful opportunity). Oh plus she is Europes Senior Educator for Ranger.... swit swoo!

So on the way home Louisa and I stop at Chiquita's in Leeds for Mexican - areeeeeeeeeeba! The conversation just flowed and flowed and flowed. She is fabulous. I don't mind what kind of person you are - you could be dull or plain or normal or ordinary or funny or crazy; thats fine - I can be all of those too. But if your are fabulous well, its fabulous!
I is not very good at self portraits in a dark car park with the glow of a distant street light to help focus! But here is fab Louisa and I!

Ok, going to swig this lemsip and have a good old nights rest in prep for another day of QVC prep.

Toodle ooooooooooooooooooooooo


Darcy said...

Great pics, I came completely unprepared with no camera at all, so you escaped being zoomed in on by me LOL

Happy Blog-a-versary!

Brook said...

How much fun it looks like you were having. I think that I need a wee bit of fun as well.

Miss Natz said...

I'm poorly too, boo. I miss work so hope I only need one day off to sleep it off.

Happy blog-a-versary.

Looks like you had a great time, shame about the people stealing stuff, that truly is shocking!!

Caron said...

Get well soon !
Both my teenagers are off school with sore thorat, cold etc etc - so I'm guessing I will have it by Friday ! Just in time for the Ali Pali show on Saturday !
Take care and pamper yourself through it !!
love - Caron

Muckyfingers said...

Hi Kirsty. It's official, I'm desperate to get hold of the Christmas papers that you and Jenny C have been creating. They are really lovely!!! Will they be available anywhere honey? xx

Chris said...

Happy blogaversery... thanks for sharing all of your pics and news with us... I just can't miss your posts :)
Loving all of the photos you look like you had heaps of fun :)

Helen xx said...

Hey mrs! I

f I had of realised that I should have brought you cake I would have! WW ones anyway! I got my 10%key ring last night - a total of 32.5 pounds gone FOREVER - (I have inclded some I lost before i went meeting in that figure there!)!

so you have a cold - get those veggies in you hun and echinachia and smother yourself with Vick - also works as a good contraception as well hun! Get well soon - you just know the snot rags will not a good look as an extra tool on telly!

looking forwrad to next CPW installment!

take care!

cannycrafter said...

Happy blogaversary!!!
I cant believe people would even think about nicking stuff! I am gobsmacked! particularly as a great percentage of people there were older people!!!! Glad Ellie liked my sausage dog! Defintaely going to have a go at one of Dyans classes now I know my way to Harrogate! Now look, I think I can do anything!!!! Wonder woman!!


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