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24 Aug 2008

This little elfin

.....blossomed big style in the cosmo of gay Paree.
Something about her shone and I don't know what caused it but I think I rather like it.
I'm going to write more about our lovely trip sometime soon but I have not got the time or energy to write epics like the post previous right now.
Sometimes a picture should say it all. Here are some for you :)

Waiting for our bags on arrival. Yep, you guessed - last off. During the wait I let her sit on the carousel edge. Normally when I see other peoples kids do this, I think "Tut tut tut" but that night I didn't give a damn - she loved it as she was passing the time while Monsieur Baggage man buffed his nails instead of dealing with our luggage.

Unconventionally (as ever) slurping coffee from a spoon - so much fun for her. I was once dissed (by some nice pea ;)) for allowing my child to drink coffee - because, you know.... it obviously a class A drug and it will kill her. My daughter cannot function without it. Once in the morning and once in the evening perks that kid right up.Voila - the view from our 12 inches wide terrace. Not exactly panoramic but still - a terrace!And whilst the above picture display her curls drying - this is the end result and why so many people wanted to touch her beautiful hair.As we wait for a cold drink in a very expensive cafe (are there any cheap ones in Paree?!!!) she looks at some fancy fretwork in Cafe Madeleine. As you know its very difficult to get a picture of her with her eyes wide open - this is a luxurious treat for mark and I. She looks such a dolly here.And of course she takes her turn as the photographer and captures me quaffing Chardonnay which incidentally cost the same as a glass of Eau - I am NOT kidding.Oh look - a rare picture of us together ;)Of course, the obligatory Eiffel Tower shot... see, we really did go to Paree!the tower does NOTHING for me. Cross sections, however - DO!My girl set with a backdrop of the Louvre and the Seine at Pont Neuf.Belle and I in a rare together shot - taken at arms length and chopping off most of our heads!Belle on the boat - the happiest kid in Paree that day.Mooring rings speckled all the walls of the Seine. This little monkey wanted to play!One of the many sets of stairs we endured - poor belle, she was knackered at the end of the day. Infact we went to bed at 6pm on the first night for supposedly an hour. 3 hours later we woke up......we were beat!

Part deux of the pics will follow.

Need sleep.

Ciao xx


Patricia8 said...

check out this nifty gadget I just read about last week -
- love those curls!

Stephanie said...

OMG!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your shots!!!!!!!!! Belle is FABO!!!!

Christine (Craftling) said...

These are amazing photos, Kirsty, and Belle looks so beautiful. I know the steps were a pain, but she looks like a model in that shot. Oh! And I have the answer to my earlier question about Part Deux! OK.. I will 'ave de patience!! ;o)

Chris xx

Cazzy said...

It sounds like you had a really good time despite tiny showers and stairs.

Love Belle's T Shirt.

Cazzy xx

Brook said...

Oh how chic Belle is! I too let my child endulge in cups of coffee daily. It enables him to calm down a little before his school day begins!

Nick said...

Lovely photos-Belle looks so happy

CoCo said...

Those curls ROCK....and that is why people with straight hair want curly hair...(but not so much to get a perm...I have been tempted though!)
Looks like ye had a fabbo time. Must get me to Paris, quick.

Terrie B x said...

`Wonderful` Photo`s Kirsty...glad you and Belle had a lovely time:)x

Jo E said...

These pics of Belle are fantastic! Love her curls and I'd die for lips that colour! Glad you enjoyed your trip.

Sarah said...

Great shots - Belle looks so at home, you obviously both had a great time. I'm just disappointed I didn't get time to meet you...28hrs was way too short, didn't even get to see Moulin Rouge. I found it exhausting too - we walked about 10 miles the first (only) night and I'm still suffering from the blisters!

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