Ladies Camera Club

11 Aug 2008

Putting on the Glitz!

We all went out last night.
Well, all the girls did anyway!.
We didn't want boy juice in the mix - BECAUSE boys smell.
We finally got round to go to the cinema to watch Mamma Mia.
I told the girls to dress up and I helped with hair and a tad of make up.
And as a pre-cinema treat I took their photos so they could make a mini book this week.

Belle was so good to let me take pictures of her and yes, the light was fading and a slow shutter speed ensued which meant blurry action shots but honestly... I LOVE THESE PICS!
And of course, MB felt I was missing out on the action so here is her shot of moi.
Then the best was yet to come.
The film.
Its brilliantly funny, charming, groovy, happy and sad.
Marybeth and I wanted to get up and dance but we all opted to boogie in our seats and sing really loud.
We decided the best bit was when al the girls went down to the jetty whilst singing Mamma Mia.
The second best bit was when julie walters negotiated the rowing boat and fell in the sea and the third best bit was the prelude to the boys stag night.
We sang all the way home and had the best night EVER.

And take your disco shoes with you!


Christine (the artist formerly known as Heather) said...

Seen it! Seen it TWICE! And couldn't agree more! That film is the BEST! :D

Glad you all had fun. Not sure I would go out with those two girls, though, Kirsty. They were far too glam. What chance of pulling any talent with those two around?

Chris xx

PhotoJenique said...

Can't WAIT to see the movie :) Love, love, LOVE the pics, espesh those smiley giggly Belle ones. Groovalicious baby!

Louise said...

I thought it was fab!....But didn't you cry when she was getting ready for the wedding and Meryl Streep sang "Slipping through my fingers" ?

Cazzy said...

I saw the live musical, it would be good to see the film too.

I'm glad you all had a good time Kirsty.

Dawny P said...

Oh I gotta go and see this!! Kirsty these pics are fab, as always. You are so talented girl!!! Loving the one of the 2 of 'em together - made me go 'aahhhhhh' and drool a bit. MB looks fab in that blue and check out her funky hair do - LOVING it xx Belle is looking such a dudey little trendy bod - she looks so gorge. And you, Mamma Mia, are looking pretty fantabulastic yourself it must be said xxx

Jozza said...

What a bunch of gorgeous girls! And YIPEE! For I am going to see Mamma Mia this week! xxx

manicstamper said...

Fabulous photos Kirsty.

There is an award for you on my blog.........just to say thanks for having such a fab blog.

Brook said...

I went to go see this with a big group of my friends and we laughed so hard and sang so loudly. Alas...we were not quite as glitzy as you chickadees!

Just call me G said...

I smiled looking at these photos.. the first one of Bella on her own is so serene.


All Pink girl said...

Wow you all looked fabulous ,
lovely to see you all going out on a girly night xxxhugs Dawnxxx

KylieM said...

Love the pics .. the girls just looked fab! Given you a Brilliante Weblog award hun .. just love visiting everyday (even if I forget to comment all the time!)

Terrie B x said...

`Wow` you all scrub up well!!!!lol...
Bet!!! you havent worn those soles
and callusses oh and verruccas off your feet!!!!:)lol.....
Glad you all had a great time:)x

makeyesup said...

Great photos. Belle looks so pretty and so very happy to be a part of the fun. And yes, I saw the movie and it too was great.

Juliet said...

Went on Sunday (on my own!! - boys went to Hancock instead) and absolutely loved it!!! Such a feel good movie, but I bawled my eyes out too (secretly of course). Glad you had a great night xx

Juliet said...

Just been playing on the Mamma Mia website - I'm sure Belle and Marybeth will love it (so will you!) You can send e-cards, download wallpapers, see clips, (drool over Colin Firth - ooops, sorry), all sorts of stuff to do. Enjoy!!

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