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27 Aug 2008

Party, Pinata, Promotion

Oh we did have a lovely time at my nieces 4th birthday on Monday.

Belle and I whizzed over to Lincoln to celebrate Charlottes 4th Birthday and also to help my sister cater for 22 kiddlies. I got there on Sunday evening to find that my last-minute-dot-com of a sister hadn't even baked a cake. There were also little cakes to bake plus party bags to fill. So Belle and I rolled up our sleeves and got into preparation mode. Of course my sister and I had to aid the effort with some seriously delicious Chablis which, by the time we had supped a bottle between us, Charlotte had woken up and we brought her down stairs as a pre-birthday treat at around 10pm! The kids watched a DVD as Bex and I further set our tiddly heads towards putting the finer touches on the party requisites. How we managed to make the perfect tray bake in our state was beyond comprehension but no sooner had we taken the cake out of the oven did Charlotte come into the kitchen and politely spwavved all over my sisters back. That was cue for bath and bed and up early to get the balloons pumped up.

Oh I did wake up with the most shocking hangover (obv). We do not drink that much in our house so when I do get the chance do I blow it or what? A couple of Ibuprofens and some water saw to the end of that nasty headache and sandwiches was the order of the day. By 2.30pm little tiddlers arrived in fancy dress and Charlottes party started off with a ton of fun. Charlotte wore her bridesmaid dress from my Bro's wedding last years and the outfit was completed by a pair of wings and tiara. She looked utterly edible, for about 5 minutes, before her feet turned black and sticky mitts had grubbed up her dress. Belle did not want to dress up and pootled about doing her own thing as I hovvered in and out of the house avoiding all the wasps. I spent a lot of time with my sisters freind from years ago, Jo. God, she is funny. I love funny, witty people who just tell it like it is. I love those kind of people who are ironic, sarcastic and don't take themselves too serious. I like people that if there is really a problem about them or anyone else, they don't have to bitch and gripe. They can handle it, have a little moan about it but then just laugh about it. Jo is all of the above. But funnier. And with this little girl as her poppet princess too - she makes for one bundle of laughs. The Pinata took a serious battering from all the kids and later it proved that some of the little minxes had serious anger issues (judging by the way they were belting the poor cardboardy pinata). It took my BIL to finally batter the crap out of it to prize open its sugary belly which spewed a ton of chockies all over the garden. The kids thought it was fantastic but I will be watching out for the ninja that is my BIL in future!

5pm came and the party dispersed leaving me time to snuggle up with my sister and book a holiday to Cyprus in October. We have decided last minute to go to my Cousins wedding on a very cheap deal (and when I say this, I mean spending almost 13 hours on the PC over a length of time to find the bestest and the most valued deal - it paid off though!). We are only going for the week without hubs and kids to just veg out, eat meze, scorch our bulbous bods and have some fun. Mark is such a love to let me go! (Thanks dude) but you know, my printers trays still need hanging love!

We came back yest morning having to curtail my visit due to a tight deadline but that's OK, Im home now and life is good :) Before I left, I got to see my sister in her uniform (which is rare) and due to her promotion to Squadron Leader in the RAF I am one very proud sister. She has worked her way up through the lower ranks to take a commission some years ago and now she is flying pretty high.

Im going to sign off now and find inspiration to make 13,000 layouts in 3 seconds. Maybe that will be a slight exaggeration but its not far off.

Oooh - I almost forgots. Its revelation at 5am (UK time) of the spanking new Sept kit which is (without a shadow of a little scrawny doubt) the most uberlishus kit in the entire world. Here is the official sticker which makes it look pretty damn tempting.
Tooodle ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo xx


Terrie B x said...

Absolutly Fabbitastic!!!`Happy Belated B`Day`to your niece...Glad you all had a wonderful Day....~X~

Brook said...

I love the pictures. I love the little skirt that looks like a tutu! How precious!

Cath said...

Nipping in for a drink whilst you are over here?


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