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16 Aug 2008

Olympics 2008

Our Athletes put the Great in Britain. We stand United within our Kingdom.
Cheesy as it sounds, I love waving the Union Jack at events like this.

We don't have many athletes as some countries so although our fabulous UK ranks 10th (so far) in the table, if you rack the medals per capita, we are still not doing spectacularly well but wave the flag, we MUST! Im not competitive in relation to "being absolute winners" with the olympics , we could never do that. That is seriously set in stone. Chuffed to bit that the Coxless 4 got gold this morning, it did provoke a tear or two that spurted uncontrollably from each duct.

Some interesting math for you, though ... makes you wonder..........
The UK has a population of 60,000,000 - we have 13 medals so far... well done dudes.
The US slightly doubles that populations at 301,000,000 - they are 1st on the table and have a superb Mr Phelps providing some serious entertainment and a staggering 50 medals to date.
(which makes me wonder as Great Britain alone is the size of Kansas and Missouri put together - making GB able to fit the us at least 40 times! Man we are over-run with people in this country but clearly not athletes!!!)
Australia has a population of 4.5 million making them rank one of the highest per medal per capita so far considering they are also 3rd in the table....... admirably the most successful in the whole competition when you take into account population....... OZ rules!
China has a population of 1,321,851,888 and is ranked 2nd. That's a lot of potential athletes with that amount of citizens, dudes, but also makes them one of lowest medals per capita, as is the US and India. Although to be fair, its still a relatively poor country in most areas..... this leaves me awestruck.
Amazingly Armenia is ranked the highest with medals per capita and thats only after 5 bronzes....... GO ARMENIA!

So when it comes to the likes of your Eurovision song contest where its Europe V UK (ie - they all hate us... lol), you cant stiff an athlete for greatness. A winner is a winner and thats what makes the Olympics so true and fair. Unless of curse they is banned after drug testing. **sigh**

Off to town to buy Madonna a card who is 50 today. Happy Birthday Madgie xx
Ooooh and we just won another bronze and GOLD!!!!! in the cycling and as I rounded this off (which totals our medals at 15 and 9th in the table!!!)


Sharon said...

Kirsty remember I said I didn't like to award blog awards to "celebrity scrappers" and you fell about laughing. I promised you an award and if you pop over to my blog you can get the details there. (Ahem, you will notice I haven't added the buttons to my sidebar yet - I don't work as fast as you LOL:))

God's Rock Angel said...

I know what you mean!!!

My Dad keeps telling me off! The Union Flag is only called the Union Jack when it's flying on the bow of a ship apparently to be all PC and that lol.

Rebecca Adlington won a Gold this morning for 400m Freestyle I think! Gymnastics Finals tomorrow and if Paula is on full form she could bring a medal home for the Marathon.

Did you know that the Jamaican dude ran his 100m sprint in 9.68 ish seconds I think and he practically walked the last 10m and still won by like .6 of a second lol. The guy in last was 10.02 I think (My brain is all muddled just got back from a Youth Group holiday at Soul Survivor - looking after 7 teenage boys for the week was fun but knakering lol.

Also did you know that the names of the Mascots of the Beijing Olympics are Bei-Bei, Jing-Jing, Huan-Huan, Ying-Ying and Ni-Ni which when squigged together makes Beijing huanying ni which means Beijing Welcomes You

Paula Pascual said...

Hey, Australia has a population of 21 million, but still very high ratio of medal per capita. New Zealand has 4.2 million.

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