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9 Aug 2008

A grand day out

We **heart** Chester Zoo.
We bobbed along yest with Terrie, Scott, my Belle and our MB.
Due to money off vouchers and the fact Belle is disabled it cost a total of £24.95 - saving us a total of £40. This meant our grand day out was going to be a cost effective one (ie lots of spare dosh for ices and drinks!). We met up with Dawny and little Kyla and set sail around the vastness that is this impressive zoo.
We pretty much let the kids go and see what they wanted and by the end of the day, I swear to callouses and verrucas... my feet were in agony. What finished me off was the Tropical house where I thought I was going to pass out. I was saved by the fact that the Cappuchins were just outside to greet us and for me that rounded the day off magnificently. Just a number of shots of our day..... a seal basking in the heat (and it was scorching for part of the afternoon).This picture was taken through perspex so it looks a tad weird but he was really close to us. The kids loved being so near to him. He is only licking his lips after taking a bite out of Belles arm. Dont worry, she didn't cry.The crew - MB, Terrie, Dawny and lil Kyla.Belles chauffeur for the day was Scott (Terries hub). He was such a gent to push her around and tell terrible jokes all day long. The kids ADORED him. And we all adored them as a collective. I couldnt have asked for nicer people to spend the day with. Do not ask why Belle has the picnic blanket wrapped around her - it was belting hot at this stage.Aaaaaaaw these fellas were so adorable to fuss over.I have never been this close to a giraffe before... I love them.A Rhino for MB's keepsake. MB is from Leeds and their rugby team's called the Leeds Rhinos. She and her family are absolutely mad about them. Funny looking things, wouldn't you say? ;) Marybeth didn't care for the smell of them though, when we went into their feeding enclosure.
A love this Cheetah. These ants here were fascinating to watch as they bit into leaves and carried them to their nest. They are serious little workers. I could have stayed there all day.This is funny! From afar (and without my zoom lens) Terrie thought this was a creature in a field. She said "Whats that?" and actually it was a clump of thistles. Very dangerous if you ask me, they can sting!
Don't you just love peacock blue?
These fellas bring a smile to my face. Funny, curious and playful. Now, I could watch these forever. The park inside the zoo is impressive and clean. The flora and fauna are immaculate with allsorts of plants to puzzle over. These were my favourite of the day set against the grass backdrop, they took my breath away.These too were so pretty to look at.And then the lilac trees - oh the lilac trees speckled with these beautiful butterflies. the look like Red Admirals but I have never seen a RA with purple on his tips. Belle was impressed with this photo and excitedly mentioned that "you can really see his proboscis going into the flower". WOW!Here is she, taking a walk in the shade to take the numb bum feeling away!MB was pure entertainment for the day - Terrie and Dawny loved her.Sitting pretty in the gardens. MB is such a pretty girl.
If you plan to go to Chester Zoo look out for special offer tickets in Sainsbury's and if you are the carer of a disabled child or adult - the carer gets in for free.
Need sleep and then back to crafting tomorrow. Ive not made a sausage all week.


Jillian said...

You are such a great mom, I love Bella's outfit, she looks like such a little tween. Fab

Jo said...

you look like you all had a fab time.. Belle looks great!

The butterfly is a peacock butterfly -


love Jo

verabear said...

Beautiful photos!

cannycrafter said...

The photo's are out of this world! You look to have had a great time! I just love Giraffes, they are my fave!!!

Ali M said...

Looks like you all had a great day out!We love Chester zoo too and hope to fit in a day there before Abi starts school in september..

lovely photos

Terrie B x said...

oooh I**hearts**these phot`os...they are sooo cool!!!! and what a wonderful Day we had too:)
Belle and MB...were the most wonderful children to be amongst:):):)
oh and you of course!!!lol......
`Thanks` sweet cheeks!!!!:)

Dawny P said...

These are fab pics Kirsty - I loves 'em. That lily was stunning and you got those colours perfectly!!!

Tis true, I just loved both of those liddle fabulous pumpkin girlies - mmmwwwahhh to them both xxxxx. And we did have a
fab time!! I zonked out at about half eight cos I was soooo knackereoonied. And my legs ached. AND despite me telling you it wouldn't happen, I woke up Saturday doing a very good impression of a beached tomato!!

So huge thanks yous to all for making it so nice and I do hope we get a repeat sometime xxx

makeyesup said...

Great photo catches. Love that Cheetah too.

fgeegf said...

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