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6 Aug 2008

Good for the soul

Ive had a right niggly niggle in my head/chest/heart for a couple of months now.
You know the feeling, it kind of feels like you are being choked and you are gasping for air.
You need to do something but you don't know what it is that will help clear out the cobwebs.
You stand there for weeks scratching your head and pulling the most ugliest of faces because you just want to sort it out. Its most bizarre really but its true.
I can't deny I feel totally and utterly like crappy crappersville from the planet crapston.

Now the blog camera pans to tonight and cue a DVD night again at our house.
Its 11.30 and the kids are wide awake.
Said kids have been scanning the DVD shelf all evening whilst planning cinema nights over the next few weeks.
We wrote down what we are going to watch and on the list we have weepies such as Beaches and Steel Magnolias to comedies like the Wedding Singer and Uncle Buck and then musicals from Sound of Music to Calamity Jane and Grease. The feel good movies are listed as The Holiday, Love Actually and While You Were Sleeping.
You could say we have a fairly vast library of classic movies but you can scrub Marks precious "The Great Escape" (Jeez, that movie maybe based on a true story but it goes on and on and on and on. Too much dirt filled trousers for my liking although, to be fair, Steve Mcqueen was a bit of a yum in his day and his sweaty look whilst slinging that ball in the slammer makes my knees knock a little).

The blog camera now pans back to the event of "the girls can't sleep". Well, it is the school holidays and it maybe very late at night but sod it - we are watching a DVD come hell or high water.
And we plump for The Holiday because its just brilliantly endearing, charming, heart warming and consists of a good measure of Jude Law and Jude Laws hairy chest - not forgetting Jude Law in glasses.
Jack Black follows at the rear in hot pursuit and he deffo has something about him too. If you watch him closely and follow his eyes, I have to exclaim that his overly cheeky persona wins my little heart.

The blog camera then pans onto Kirsty who is not only majorly enjoying the film but is also feeling a wave of happy feelings thinking that life can be that good and joyous. Hollywood sure knows how to put a great feel good movie together albeit a little over flourished with "yeah, yeah's" but as soon as the credits rolled I felt inclined to come in my room, finish off a few bits, sort out some mail with a slightly euphoric skip in my step. I'm not professing its cured my little woe however it does cast aside the mysterious aching feeling we all get now and again.

What movie gives you that feel good factor?

Answers on a sheet of bazzil bling to the usual address.........................


Mooneybeams said...

Stardust! Fantastic film - can't help but make me smile.

Deanne said...

Love Actually - EVERYTIME
Love Love Love it
British movies are just the BEST x

God's Rock Angel said...

I love The Holiday!!! And you're right Jack Black just has this thing - ok so he doesn't have the body like Jude Law but he's just got this "thing" - I think if we were to meet in real life he'd be a right laugh.

Other feel good movies:

Miracle on 34th Street - ok so can't watch in the summer because its a Christmas film but it just has that goodness lol.

Love Actually - again semi-Christmas film but I love it all the same. Colin is just funny albeit rude! (Kris Marshall)

The American President This is me and my Mum's favourite film that we hang out watch together. Michael Douglas plays The President (and there is a bit of a West Wing reunion within the White House staff) Annette Benning plays Sidney - who is the leading lady lol. It starts about 2 or 3 months before the State of the Union speech and it's all set in a presidental year.

Other weepies:
My Girl - I watched it once when I was younger and it made ma baul my eyes out!!!! It's so sad at the end!

Steel Magnolias - I don't cry but it is very said. We did a stage production of it and managed to make some of the toughest teachers cry.


Heather (Craftling) said...

'Mamma Mia' has just recently filled that slot for me. Been twice so far, and on neither occasion did I want to leave the cinema.. left with a lump in my throat, a big grin, happy tears and singing 'Thank You For The Music' all the way home..

Rae said...

I totally know how you feel. I seem to have felt that a lot this year but with no good reason!

as for films. Serendipity, How to lose a guy in 10 days, sweet home alabama. And a new fave is August Rush. Watching friends always helps too. It should be free on the NHS ;o)

Sam said...

I TOTALLY love that film, and I LOVE Jack Black, he is so cheeky in that film too, he almosts beats Jude for scrumminess cos he is soooo adorable

Debsg said...

My feel good movie is Father of the Bride. When I'm flicking through the channels and it's on I just have to stop and watch. Deb x

Jozza said...

Oh I do love The Holiday too (but not Jude Law - urgh I could slap hum - yuk!). At the moment my fave is Disney's Enchanted (how sad am I?? hehe). I have to say though that Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman will always be my top 2! I could (and have) watch them over and over and over and over! Nobody puts baby in the corner.


PS. Glad you're feeling brighter :o)

Amelie said...

'Amelie' of course.
i could do with my dvd of that tonight. bah.

All Pink girl said...

Arrr babe ,so sorry to hear you feel a bit crappy xxxxxxhugs
so so need to sort that out be fore you make your self realy illxxx
i love a bit of the pretty women film when i need a feel good fix xxxtakecare Dawnxx

Roz said...

Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. That's my feel good movie, don't you just love how Katy Bates gets herself together. Glad to hear your enjoying your down time. Take care of

Dawny P said...

I haven't seen The Holiday - I'll put it on the 'to do' list chucksie xx

My faves are - Shawshank Redemption (awesome and it is a feelgood film), The Green Mile (makes me cry buckets and do lots of snotty stuff and bluh bluh blh but I do always feel better after - weird girl that I am lol xx. And To Kill A Mockingbird - 'specially that courtroom scene. And of course it gave us Boo Radley which of course is just one of the fabbiest of fab names IMHO.

If I want a really good cry, then it has to be Who Will Love My Children. I could cry just typing the title here. Now that really is a tear jerker. OMG I swear I could cry rivers watching that baby. I leave you with a huge lump in my throat. Not cos of the film but because my popcorn has got stuck lol xxxx Hugs D xxxxx

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