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7 Aug 2008

Fashion, turn to the left

Belle, has never given a damn about fashion or for the clothes she wears.
Swear to god and cross my heart.
Ive seen to it that she is modestly dressed and in clothes that don't date (simply because she doesn't grow as quick as you or I did as a kiddly).
But bring MB on the scene and you have a kid who is dressing to the max - her words.
I don't particularly like her bare arms to show (only because jaws drop about 10 feet) but I have to admit defeat and say she looks kinda groovacious here. Belle chose this top herself yest when we did a lil shopping.
Her sparkly pumps are the best thing because, as my family will bear testament - Ellie hates footwear. She can only wear lace ups or boots - never pretty shoes and certainly not fashionable numbers.
MB also dressed for the shoot this afternoon before we paid a visit to our local town. Its lovely to see MB grow into this really funny and kind person - just like her sister Emily (my cousin and and goddaughter). But Ive never been able to give MB the attention that I did with Emily because I had Ellie just 4 weeks before MB was born (obv they are the same age!) and then Belle spent most of her babyhood in Hospital which made it difficult to see each other often. So having MB over to get reacquainted and spend time with has been a real hoot. Our trip to town consisted of buying picnic stuff for tomorrow plus thrift shop bargains of this cake stand for me (99p!!!). Perfect for my favourite scrapping tools but will obv dust down when we do serve cakes with my illusions of grandeur.MB bought a box set of Friends for 99p too! Belle was just happy with a chocolate mouse from our most fave choc shop in the world. We ate our bakery lunch on a bench watching the traffic go by (hmmm, the fumes added to the flavour of my pasty) and at one point I saw this woman staring at Ellie from the passenger seat of her car. Belle was in a pushchair, bare arms showing of course, and this woman's face was a real pig of disdain. I really couldn't shout at her (I wouldn't anyway) so in Ellies defence I just stuck my tongue out and even then it had flaky pastry on it. I was furious. I seriously thought we had gone past all that. But secretly it was a bit funny as well.

Like I say, we went clothes shopping yesterday to grab some clobber for belle and myself's trip to gay Paree in two weeks. I wanted to buy some bits and bobs for Marybeth too and between them, they rocked the shops. I only came away with two trashy dress necklaces and a scarf out of the whole charade and they get the whole kit and kaboodle! They were so pleased with themselves and it was such a pleasure watching Ellie pick and choose completely rad pieces of clothing. Im just besides myself with this transformation in her.

Slipping in a little big girl having 40 winks on our sofa!!!!! Late nights watching Freaky Friday didnt help!
Lastly there is some terribly sad news.
My wok, my sweet dear wok that we have had for 13 years came to its crappy end tonight. We use our wok roughly 5 times a week as we make everything in there. Stir fry's, soups (cos its bigger than a pan!), casseroles, for lightly frying whatever needs lightly frying.... oh that wok has seen some major cooking action but now? God, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
Its gone and I felt a tinge of nostalgia as I tossed it in the bin tonight.
I distinctly remember it cost £12.99 so its was worth the £1 a year investment!
RIP little wokky for you have served us well.


Heather (Craftling) said...

Both girls look absolutely stunning! Love Belle's wicked pose! lol ;o)

Your photography is amazing!

Heather xx

Jo said...

Oh Kirsty... you poor thing... I love my wokky too... mine's only a wee bairn compared to yours though... only about 3 years old!

Belle looks amazing.

Jo x

Brook said...

Belle looks fantabulous! What a sense of style she is developing!

Rachel said...

lovely photos....and Im so sorry about your wok :(

angie's blogspot said...

wow how cool does Belle look, MB seems good for Belle!

Dawny P said...

Oooo I must offer my sincerest condolences re your poor old wokky. But it was very VERY old lovee cos one wok year is the equivalent to at least 10 of ours. And I know this to be true cos I have been told by Chi Ho Lys, my good friend from the Orient.

Now look at these 2 gorgeous lil dudettes. And as I am typing this after yesterday, I can safely and with hand on heart say that they are truly 2 fabsters. Belle is such a great kid and when she laughs it is THE most infectious little giggle ever. Little chuckle-ette she is. And get that pose - woooo how cool!!! Groovacious isnt the half re her hair cos I would practically kill for locks like that!!! And MB, hairy breath and scary death, well she is a character and a half and soooper funny. She is just sooo photogenic and natural in front of the camera and she is pretty darn good behind it too!!! Oodles of love and hugs to all xxxxx

Stephanie Parsloe said...

This may sound very thick, but why do they stare at Belle's arms? The only reason I would do so is cos she looks sooooo fab!!! Love the alice band in all those curls!

You must have had a great day, and a great week, and I'm really pleased for you!

Steph x


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