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4 Aug 2008

Doin nuttin'

**would love to have posted pictures but blogger is being a little sod tonight :(**

I have worked solidly for 3 days and waking up to doing nothing is pure heaven.
Of course I have 2 little minxes to look after but even they got up the same time as me (ssssssh, 9.30am!!). I have my cousin Marybeth over who is the same age as Belle so you can imagine what fun they are both going to get up to. We have a few things planned to enjoy the holidays but our favourite event shall be going to see Mamma Mia. I know we are probably the last people on earth to see it but we can't wait. In fact we have just watched a film on dvd together snuggled up in our bed and poor Marybeth ended up crying through the film. Im not surprised, i shed a bucket load of saline drops myself because you can't help yourself when you watch Bridge to Terabithia.
Today saw us have a morning in our jimmy jams just chilling out as they pawed over Hannah Montana and That's so Raven. I'm not kidding, Belle NEVER watches stuff like this (even though she ought to) so you can imagine how I'm thinking she is trying to be like Marybeth. Belle even wanted her hair like Marybeth today and to wear her bestest clothes. Its a little bit weepy to think that she ought to have been behaving like this years ago and I knew that by having MB over, Belle would try her hardest to be like your average 12 year old. Ive not suppressed Belle's growing up and Ive never discouraged her from doing anything within or slightly beyond her capabilities but Belle is Belle. I must admit that last week I had a heart to heart with my mum to discuss the issues we are faced with, with Belle and how hard society is around her. But my philosophy is that Belle is happy, she doesn't give me attitude (yet!) and whilst ever belle is within these four walls - we know where she is and what she is doing.

Ive never been frightened of her growing up but I am cautious and protective of how other people perceive her. I make sure her clothes pad her out (she is awfully thin), fashion her hair into groovacious top knots (you can imagine those tumbling curls) and I am super wary of how people respond to her when she is in her push chair. However, we have noticed her wanting to choose her own clothes and hair accessories on a morning and the words she is using with her language. Tonight made me scream with laughter when she was laying on me and she just came out with "Unfortunately Mum, I have to move because my back is majorly killing me". Seriously, this kid would use very little words to offer maximum impact and normally just say "I need to move". Loving this change in my girl.

Before we went supermarket shopping (yuk) we needed to shift Eddy from upstairs. He will NOT come down the stairs (plus its dangerous for him as stairs cause bad backs in dachshunds). I needed to bring my empty weekend bag back down with me so I plopped him in it and showed the girls in the garden my new accessory. Oh they did laugh and Eddy never fussed once! I can't say it will be an everyday Paris Hilton style occurrence but it was fun for 2 minutes.
Its been such a good day and we love having Marybeth around. She tells us that she often gets called just "MB" at school and even Mars Bar. The banter between us all has been so much fun that I sincerely hope it doesn't run out by week two.

Now they are in bed I can reply to emails (which do bank up when Im away - 482 to be precise and even then they are invitations to encourage me to extend my penis. Nice touch, I feel. But I did respond to a Bhagrani Garahanda in Nigeria who asked if I could send him my bank details in order that he would give me £2 million from a locked inheritance. Im currently looking at a weekend pad in Belgravia with the money and a jaunt to Monaco with my windfall - no?). Ive also sifted through some piccies from the weekend where I was demoing at Dawns rather busy shop in Oswadtwistle. I was demoing Doodlebug glitterpots and the new stick-with-it double sided sticky stickers plus other yummables from the Doodlebug range. I was covered from head to toe in various shades of Doodlebug glitter - no wonder customers made a beeline for my table - its was blingotastic! I have never seen a shop so busy in all of my life with a queue the length of the Pennines forming in a spirally fashion between stands and displays.

I was desperately happy to see one of my mums friends turn up to say hello plus a lot of women creeping up to me and randomly blurting out "I read your blog". Now, its such a lovely thing that they do (because quite a few do and really, I have no idea who they are and I am one of those numbers on other peoples blog who also lurk shut up Kirsty) but when they creep up like that, you kind of expect them to wield Freddie Kruger style knifey fingers and toss their heads back whilst screaming "mwahahahahahahahahahha!". But anyway, it was a great chance to meet those who admit they "lurk" and chat about the scrapping world/kids/dogs/bites/price of fuel. One lady came up to me and said "Im your stalker" and to be honest she didn't look freaky or weird or have a glint of psycho in her eyes. She looked dinky and friendly and adorable. I scanned my eyes over her (namely her fingers because you know, Freddie Kruger comes in all guises) and decided she was normal like everyone else and she introduced herself as Terrie and I knew who she was from the name alone. Terrie kindly leaves a lovely message on almost every blog post I write of late and I jumped up out of my seat to give her a hug. I guess she thought I was the freak after that! I also met Dawn who has also left a few messages on my blog of late plus Terries husband and had I not of been demoing and glittering the world, I would have loved to have spent more time with them. And we so shall in future - for sure!

Paula Pascual was there in her wonderful Spanish aurora - she is majorly dinky and adorable, Clare Curd came along on the second day too - we did have a laugh or too. I can't describe how much I love working with her. We spent the night at Dawn and JJ's in one of their guest rooms and we were talking in bed. We were laughing about nothing really but then Clare stopped talking and went into a trance like state. And she said "I hate to tell you this but there is a dwarf on top of the wardrobe". And I looked over and before you knew it, I was being resuscitated by paramedics as I had clearly just died from laughing. Over on the wardrobe - really - was a dwarf. Stiff as a board only sporting a white beard. I guess it was a crimbo decoration and it was waist high Santa statue. Maybe not funny to you and I guess it was a classic "you had to be there" moment.

Jan and Lindsay Mason from Personal Impressions was making lots of yummo things with Ranger and stampin' stuff, Leonie was up at the mills making ATC's and playing with kits (never got to see her - cry. cry) Dawn demo'd stamps and the melt pot (I cant believe I haven't bought one yet) and my new BFF Sarah demo'd Pine Cone press papers and Prima acrylic books. She sold out of all her glossy accents and man - she went through a LOT! The reason why Sarah is my new BFF is because she is kind and gentle and funny and sweet. They are my favourite things in a person. And I can practically finish off what she is going to say and vice versa. I love it when friendships form and click like that. I kind of want to pick her up and put her in my pocket for safe keeping.

And finally winally do go and check out this lovely article over at Bubbly Funk. I made a few projects using her most fabulous range of chipboard (She really does - and I mean this - REALLY DOES have the best chipboard shapes in the world).


Miss Magic said...

Hi Kirsty,
It was great to meet you and Clare at the weekend. I was one of those "strange" women who crept up on you (the one from CTM). You really do have a wicked sence of humour. Looking forward to seeing you again in October at the retreat.
Sharon x

All Pink girl said...

Your girl sounds an angel xxxx
they all grow up ,
i heard you had a riot with Terrie and Dawny p ,just wish i could have come with them ,may be next time xxxxDawnxxx

Brook said...

blogger was being a dud. I posted picts by loading them on another site and using the link instead of browsing from my computer. Missed seeing your picts:(

Dawny P said...

It was a FAB day at Dawns and I was really glad we met you at last!! But I have to say Kirsty that I did notice that you had an incredibly small penis so I am so glad you are getting it sorted hun!! And if you have the number, I could do with doing something about my own cos it is SUCH a problem - heee heee!!!

Had a look at the Bubbly Funk link and you’re so right – what fab stuff. Need to get me some of those, like right now!!! And they get my top prize for the most fabbitastic name ie Frameandgo Flowers – woooo I am loving that name!! Oh and the flowers are pretty darn good as well. Love your LOs – clever girl xxxx Oh I sooo do need to do this scrap booking malarkey thingy.

Well that’s me done. I am looking at the pile of rubbish that is my work piled high on my desk so me and my small willy are off to get it sorted.

Big hugs and of course huge big hugs to beautiful Belle – you are such a lovely mamma which is obviously why you were chosen to have your little treasure pot of fabulousness and you make me sniffle and snot lots at times ( for reasons which I will tell you about one of these days). It’s not an attractive sight quite frankly but nothing that an Andrex puppy load of bog roll doesn’t sort xxx Toodles xxx

angie's blogspot said...

Just wanted to say Hi, and that I enjoyed talking to you on saturday at Dawn's studio, I'm the one that's after the ikea mirror, you remember, the motorway phobic, lol. I still haven't had time to make anything yet what with kids, dogs, work, decorating etc, rolll on sept when I get a week off, there'll be no stoopping me, when I make something and blog it I'll send you a link,
bye for now
angie x

Heather (Craftling) said...

I can't be the first to say this, but your write brilliantly, and should be published. Other than in a blog, I mean.

You'd sell loads. I'd buy your books. For the photos, too.

Heather xx

kelly said...

gosh that was a really long post lol but enjoyable haha! im a stalker lol as u know im the girl you met in blackpool who was in slow labour! Yeah ive had her now lol!
love the bubbly funk stuff really cute

pigglet said...

glad you has had a great weekend i soo wish i lived closer. your chillout days sound great. my dd wants to see mamma mia but i am not keen, maybe you can change my mind!!lol.

Terrie B x said...

Well Kirsty ....We certainly loved the Company...:)
I love how you refer to me as :
"This Lady"......and `Dinky`..rofl.....
you are really are a true gem!!!!!

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