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12 Aug 2008

Back to makery

Work, for me, is like waiting for a bus.
Nowt for ages then 35 come at once.
Ive been twiddling my thumbs for a few days which has been immense considering the school hols and spending girl time with Belle and MB.
In order to keep up the pace, I have made a card for my spares box (using the love me/hate me Magnolia stamps... which... I LOVE!)and a layout Ive been dying to make using the ribbon alone.
Jo bought me a scrumpsh box of O'briens chockies a few weeks back and I knew the ribbon would be put to good use (as did the chocs!). I even knew the papers that would match as I devoured the lemon creams and smothered the dark chocolate truffles.

Ive also been going through some bits I have made and not shared and I found this lovely little thing I made for one of our shelves. It was made from 4 heidi swapp large playing cards and it spells HOME. I strategically placed a pic of Ellie under "E" and Mark on the letter "M" which left the letter "O" for me which could be construed in any which way you see fit. Mark says Orgasmic (mwahahahahaha) but I just say Ordinary.
I altered a little tin (actually it was one of those Ki Alphabet Soup tins) using leftovers from Studio Calico's kit from June.
Today the weather has been delightfully cacka.
We now how the re-emergence of our pool at the bottom of the garden, the house feels damp and Eddy will not go out for toileting purposes because not only does he get his feet wet but his belly too. This has been a source of delight for us and its got to the stage where we have to escort him under the careful housing of an umbrella. I swear to the lord almighty that this dog is considerably spoiled rotten. Ive seen owners boot their dogs out in the rain or indeed left them outside and I vowed to love my pooch like a little pal but its a little bit precious to have to escort him outside on a wet day. Charming in fact.
The girls have been bored rigid and welcomed a trip out with me to the doctors this afternoon just to change the pace. Finally the doctors gives me water tablets for my swollen ankle (injury related it seems but would like to send me for en ECG. I am clearly going to die, I know it). I went to get that cholesterol reading too and its only 4! Mark has his at 9 (dangerous it seems) but then he gets that from his parents because we are not the type of people to chuck chip fat down our necks nor eat 75 eggs for breakfast to warrant this. Grrrrrr.
She says, as she eats a bourbon cream dipped in tetley tea.
Think slim, be thin... tomorrow perhaps.


Brook said...

I always love your art work. I love how you are always trying to used your elements in different ways.

mel_h said...

love your blog kristy! i read it religously! i had to pass on this award and your name was one of the first that popped into my head! enjoy !

much love,
mel_h xxxxxxxxx

Kirsty said...

Love your makery, just beautiful:-)

Jo said...

Love the LO - and those chocolates were so delicious.

Have to make a bday card for my sister (for tomorrow) and a 60th wedding anniversary card for my grandparents, and my mojo has decided to go awol. Typical. Actually managed to do several LOs since we stayed with you though - you must be a good influence.

Great news on your cholesterol level too :)

Jo xx

Terrie B x said...

oooh I loves your makery`s Kirsty...They are sooo `beautiful`...and full of scrummy goodness!!!TFIinspiration:)x
Your photo frame is a real treasure:)x

misteejay said...

Just love that little is sooo cute.

Toni :o)

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