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7 Jul 2008

Turning Japanese

Praying Mantis.
Standing cow (or is that just me?)
Kungfu Panda was funny.
Not hilarious, mind, but funny.
We took belle to see it last night.
She has been waiting WEEKS to see it and she just loved it.
So much so that she came bounding out of the cinema with a skip in her step.
It was worth £18 for three of us to go and see it.
(£18................... extortion!)

As part of my stint in all things cultural, I made this card for last months Studio Calico DT. In the kit you receive this lush Japanese paper to scrap with. Only I thought I'd make a card instead. I cut the shape myself and thought you might like a template to replicate it, should your desire to do so be quite urgent.

If you want to snag the download - click HERE

On another note....... do try and pray or indeed send some extra time to me, please. Ive got 4 hundrety million and one things to do before I go down to London for few days with Clare. Both of us are representing DO at a QVC Make and Take event for special guests. En route I'm going to stay with my lovely friend Traci (you know, the girl with the mad pink hair) and then onwards to Landan Tarn (innit?) to meet up with Clare at our completely 1980's Laura Ashley-esque hotel in Sloane Square. We do have a treat semi planned so fingers crossed that we are accepted for a reservation at Claridges for afternoon tea on weds. Its been something I have wanted to do for, like, EVER. For years Ive dreamt of sipping tea with my pinky all crooked, having palpitations because I can't decide which finger sandwich to devour and then struggle to climb the cake stand (a three tier cake stand - Lord Almighty!!!). And then have the audacity to discreetly break wind and blame it on the nearest Aspidistra (posh and swanky joints like that always have a smelly, stinky soil potted Asp, don't they?). What a hoot!

And Clare is the person to go with so that we will be ladies what lunch in our fake finery of Primark specials and jewels we won in a Christmas cracker. You know, they have 20 different types of tea to choose from let alone all of those cakes that will ultimately end up on my thighs? And seeing as I worked very hard last month, my thighs deserve some more wobbles for the trouble. Clare and I then venture down to London again, next week, for a screen test for QVC. DO will be holding an hour special on their latest products and both Clare and I will be working with a QVC presenter sometime in Sept (if I don't fail my screen test of course. I guess they need to assess that I don't have tourettes ( sh*t, ......dammit - failed already!!!) or a nervous twitch that would cause me to stab the camera man with my x-cut knife). If ever I needed a serious boot up the botty for shedding excess poundage - its that.

Is anyone in receipt of facts with regards to discount liposuction? I will pay in white outline stickers. Like, in abundance.


cannycrafter said...

Wow! I just know you'll be great on QVC! Never mind the Liposuction!!!! Looking forward to your slot already!

Jo said...

Monday would be great. Just need to check my Mum can have the munchkins after school til John gets home. Could probably get to you just before 10, and if I left at about 5 I could see the kids before they go to sleep. Is that ok?


God's Rock Angel said...

We were going to see Kung Fu Panda but we were too late (the showing was at 8:15 and we left my house at 8:30 thinking that we'd still be able to get it because of the adverts - they had already taken it off the list so we ended up seeing Hancock.

I forgot my umlimited card yesterday and had to pay £6.60 - i miss being a student lol!

Sally said...

ooo that is lovely :)

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 08 Jul [LA 03:19am, NY 05:19am, UK 10:19am, OZ 08:19pm]).

Hils said...

I took my son who is just 2 to see Kung Fu Panda at the weekend and he loved it too. He was £5.00 to get in which is extortion.

michele said...

great card. have a good time in london and good luck!! {{{m}}}

katy said...

PMSL Kirsty!!! Have a fab time in London,im not jealous at all that you're going to Claridges,lol. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip.Im sure your screen test will be fine,will look out for you on the telly! Wow what a busy time xx

Deborah said...

Hi Kirsty, Always read your daily blah and find I have a good chuckle at your musings. Met Traci with the pink hair at Ally Pally this year and said I knew who she was because of your blog site!
Friends and I go and have afternoon tea as a treat every year and the first one we ever did was at Claridges and it was fantastic-dead posh.No other places have been quite the same. So do enjoy. Look forward to seeing you on QVC as it is my favourite shopping channel.
Deborah from Enfield

Hannah said...

So jealous of you! TV and tea in London with the lovely Clare! Can't wait to meet you on Saturday in Warwickshire! And I have demo'd alongside Traci with the mad pink hair! Small world!

Terrie B x said...

Ooooh!!!!! Kirsty how fabulous is that!!!!Hey you look fine as you are....youll be great look forward to watching!!!yaah bet you have a ball!!!!

As for lipo suction I got loads of gold!!!!peel offs well trillions actually do you think they would do the trick!!!lol......
Mind you the amount of suction I`de need there wouldnt be enough peel offs in the world!!!!!! that would cover my fat----lol...
Hey I bet thats some peel offs!!!phew.....
Oh well Ill just carry it around with me for another many years!!!!Glad you all had a fab time at the pictures...:)

James said...

Kung Fu Panda was a wonderful film indeed! Po's father (the duck), however, shared the best lessons! (To make something special, you have to believe it is special)

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