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29 Jul 2008

Thunderbolts and lightening...

...are very very frightening.
To quote but a Queen classic!
Last night, in the small hours of the morning we were awoken by a boom of thunder and a whimpering pooch. Poor little dude. He was scared to death. Not only that but it was baking hot in the house and you lie there without a stitch of clothing on you, spread-eagled hoping that if you are going to get burgled, it wont be tonight because I ain't going to be a pretty sight for the thief if he ventures into the bedroom (who is obv looking for my rubies and emeralds which, incidentally are under the floorboards). I woke this morgen with my hair stuck to my face and quite clearly looking stunning.
Id love to regale how excruciatingly boring most of my afternoon was but then you would only sue me as you feel the urge to slit your wrists or indeed hang yourself from the banister. Instead all I can rejoice in for the next few days are these:

1. Jo and her kids are coming to see me for two days. I took Jo's wedding pics in May and she is coming to pick them up and play craftiness with me. Her kids will probably kill each other with boredom unless I tempt them with the Wii fit and sweeties. Belle is not here for them to play with, she is still at Mums and whom came out in a severe allergic rash this afternoon. Mum took her to her docs who prescribed antihistamines and believe it or not, the rash cleared soon after. Scared me half to death it did.
2. The Luxurious Angels Experience has opened the doors to day trippers which will accommodate locals who don't feel the urge to stay the night. Im so excited about this event and Im currently looking for ACE sponsors for one of my classes but I know you will ultimately enjoy it(Id rather die than give a bad class; my promise to you... hoping that I don't really die but you know what I mean). A day delegate will receive 3 classes, cropping space, lunch and evening meal, make and take plus entry into little competitions they have running. Use the contact form on the website to make further enquiries.

Oh I just remembered something exciting I did this afternoon. I booked for belle and I to go to Paris on our own for a few days next month. It was DIRT cheap and the best of it all is that we are staying at the foot of Sacre Coeur - the most amazing sight in Paris (it appeared in the film have to watch that film if you love magic, happiness, whimsical romance, vintagey stuff. Oh and its in french with subtitles so you watch it once to read and watch it again to soak up the imagery). As for Paris in general, you can stuff the Eiffel Tower, Ive been to Blackpool often enough to be fed up of iron erections. As beautiful as the Eiffel is, its just too monstrous to be tenderly adored. I do love the ride around Paris even though they drive worse than the Spanish (we saw two crashes in the space of 3 seconds the last time we were there). But going back to Sacre Coeur, at the top,you can get these amazing crepe suzettes filled with chocolate (ok, Ill be having fruit on my diet) and Ellie is besides herself with glee. Im planning an open top bus ride around all the haunts and hopefully she can help me with the lingo as she is learning French at school. Although, to be fair, when I went to Paris in Oct 2006 the locals were really mean to me when I tried to speak in French. Parisians hate the English but fear not. I am prepared and shall go out armed with a stale baguette and offer a duel to any offending offender.

On a final note from Belle on the phone tonight she said that she was worried I might make her eat frogs legs.
No darling, I soothed, I shall just give you the usual mouse poo and spider juice (her daily attic prison treat).

Bed time.........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


God's Rock Angel said...

The Sacre Ceour is awesome! When we went into Paris on the coach to go to the Eiffel Tower we saw the Sacre Ceour on the hillside and I was the only one on the whole coach who knew it's name (other than "that white building on the hill!")

I can't wait to be able to go back to Paris one day!

Amelie said...

oh i'm jealous. i want to go to paris and see where amelie was filmed sooo much
here in spain somewhere(!) they have a hotel with rooms set up from different film sets, Amelie's being one of them.i wnt to to go there too. its the best film evverrrr.
someone might think i like this film a bit LOL.

Janel said...

Love your blog, it is always entertaining!!! I have nominated it for an award, here

PhotoJenique said...

How exciting - a girlie trip to Paree! Me and my DD love doing that. You can email me with questions and I'll give you nuggets of wisdom you can only get from someone who lived there for most of her life, ok? Sorry my compadres are so grumpy. That's why I left and came back to Blighty you know :) It'll be so much fun!!

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