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31 Jul 2008

The Mutts Nuts

Not only is he cwazy but we love him in the above term as he is the BEST too!

Ive just had Jo and her cute kiddlies over and he has been spoiled rotten with affection. Little Alex was besides himself with glee as Eddy chased him in and out of the house. Ruth tried to get a look in when she could and Jo didn't have a second to bond with him at all.
We had such a lovely 2 days albeit me having to snick in a bit of work time here and there. We did find time to "walk off" our tea and take Edds for a trot last night via our own geocache that mark set up a few weeks back. Alex couldn't wait to get hold of the leash and feel important. I was looking forward to showing them my favourite park only I got bitten en route, AGAIN, by a stinking ridiculous if not monstrous insect from the land of venom and evil and now my arm has just about fallen off. I screamed when I felt it bite me not because it hurt, because it didn't really, but because I react pretty bad to bites. So I rang Mark to come and pick us up. I was a bit shaky, so much so I just wanted to go home and bury my head in a pillow and cry. However, after daubing the bite with antihistamine and necking half of Ellies Piriton liquid (which was total pukesville - vomit would have been tastier if not creamier) the bite disappeared until the morning and now the bit eis throbbing and my arm is falling off at the elbow. Well not exactly but you can imagine, it don't look pretty.
From what I remember this looked like offending little sod.
I said to Jo that it wasn't a gauzy flying insect but it looked like an armoured insect (obviously hard as nails and fit for nuclear war on my arm). I described the shape as a stealth bomber (because Im good at identifying aircraft, you ought to see my collection of tail numbers I have. Its quite the scene) so I have hunted the net down and I believe I was bitten by a distant relative Atilla the Hun but in insect form.
You know, babies I can deliver.
Blood I can bear.
But insect bites that ultimately pustules the size of an adult human head in 36 hours and renders your limbs falling off is not funny.

Jo left this afternoon but before she went, I took pics of the kids in the garden because overcast weather is perfect for photo shoots. I only had the use of one arm and considering this fact, I think I did a coolio job. Jo,who you may remember wedding photos of from May this year (she has had her fashionably cut in a bob), looks especially adorable . She is a really gentle, kind and heartwarming person who put up with a few of my disdains mainly due to my new lens being delayed because to some v. crap excuse so I cancelled and bought a different and cheaper lens).

They have gone home now and I have been beavering away on some papers for Crafts Beautiful October Issue plus a new regular feature article that Im responsible for which has been tripled in size from a small section to a whole page. The article focuses on what I get up to on a weekly basis, my best finds and projects I have made with them. Its a whole new concept for me as Im usually commissioned for projects of a certain topic selected by the editor but Im so grateful to have a free rein on the page - Kate Hemmings is such the sweetest girl at Aceville and she trusts me not to make odd projects!!!!. Ive even had a dabble doing some decoupage with Jolly Nations super cute cut outs (decoupage, never thought I'd see the day), chopped up endless DCWV Nannas Nursery collection papers, fab Doodlebug (as ever) and these neat little stamps by Lindsay Mason by Funstamps.
Finally if you are in the Oswaldtwistle area of Accrington on sat/sun, come and see us at Dawns studio along with Paula Pascual, Leonie, Dawn, Clare Curd and hundreds of other craft daft dudes.


Brook said...

I hate bugs! That one looks particularly vicious! Where is the pict of your arm? We always take a bit of liquid Benedryl (sp?) after a nasty bite.

Jo said...

Thank you soooo much for having us - we had the best time. Alex is till heartbroken and missing Eddy, but our Wii Fit should arrive today, so that'll be a good distraction.

Hope the arm doesn't fall off, but at least you have the knack of one-handed photography already down too a tee (photos are amazing - thanks again - Alex is about to make a mini book with all the photos of Eddy).

Take care

Jo and kids xxxx

Roz said...

Hey C, I've left a little something for you at my blog. Wubs ya, G.

Treacle said...

OMG after reading your post I went to close my curtains and would you believe that that bug in the picture was on my wall eeeewwwwwe.

I caught it in a glass and have been investigating for the past half an hour as to what it is (just incase its a killer) and it turns out that its a forest bug (Pentatoma rufipes is it's latin name thanks wikipedia)

I've now taken it down the end of the garden and let it go lol (after taking a few dodgy photos of it.

est26 said...

hey babe how r u...I gots me a double page spread in this months CM&P and they remembered to acknowledge you for my photie too, so thanks for making me look gorge...hope your arm is okay...I got some calamine if yah need it!!!

Jo said...

Have just popped the jump stick in the post, with a note from the kids. Thanks for lending it to us :)

Hope you're having a great time at Dawn's this weekend.

Jo xx

PinkLadyMel said...

Aww wish I could come.. you and Leonie are like my two best imaginary buddies EVAH!

I love those little dudes that savagely attacked your arm.. Well.. DID love them.. I had no idea they bite!

Consider yourself a tasty morsel of a lady and show your bite with pride!

Great.. first comment on your blog (I always lurk and drool over coyk) and I sound like a freak :S

Mel x

Terrie B x said...

Hi Kirsty...
It`s was great to meet you too:)
I had such a wonderful Day:)
You are a real sweet Darling yourself!!!
"Scott" really enjoyed his Day too ..he was made up to have his photo took with you!!!He couldn`t fit his head through the door afterwards!!!lol....
`Thankyou` for the wonderful company:):):)
Well I cant wait to meet up with you!!!on a none demoy-Day too!!!

Have a great Day....
Love to you and yours...
Terie :)xxx

Helen xx said...

wow Kirsty what a huge beastie! hope your arm is feeling better! we met today at Topaz - we chatted about us going to London and you were telling us about taking Ellie to gay Paris! I hope you have a great time.

my blog is

By the way my blog is also charting my WW journey as well. I know you have joined but did not want to mention in person. I am 8 weeks in and 18.5 lbs lighter but with a LONG way to go.

Look forward to seeing you on QVC with some lush products!

hope your day was good.

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