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28 Jul 2008

Mondays are officially plop

As of today I hate Mondays.
They are pointless and ought to be renamed Moanday.
I'm so hot and bothered, Ive drank 15 litres of cold apple juice and I'm still hot.
Eddy has slept most of the day and in between jobs I have fanned him by wafting my skirt over his head.
He has been sick every night (through the night) for a week and we are worried. We have given him new worming tablets tonight to see if that helps if not its back to the vets again.
Anyway, I digressed.
Im not a fan of summer as I am very much an Autumn girl. I like cool weather and I like nips on the cheeks (both sets of cheeks ;)). Although whilst we ought to rejoice in the warmth of summer all I am glad about is light nights and the odd BBQ (loves BBQ food, like... a lot!).
I also went back to a slimming club tonight.
I am heavy.
I had to go back and Liz, the club leader was so good to me (I was almost in tears - mainly because they had got in the industrial scales in - just for me. And I thought I might break them. Im kidding about the scales, mind, but its a viable option).
So tonight Mark and I had a blow out on lardy food and tomorrow I shall be virtuous and venture to the gym with a skip in my step knowing that the fridge is laden with strawbs, yogs and ice cold water. I shall lose 2 stone. I shall. I............................... might.
Im not sure a summer diet is easy to stick to as I like soups and baked potatoes in winter. In summer I just want to eat cold food but not always necessarily salad.
God, I'm just destined to be wobbly forever.
And I really am wobbly.
I may have a thin face but I have a seriously enormous rear end, I own 23 bellies and my bra is made from two wedding marquees (one for each cup) with a ships anchor chain for each strap.
Ive had a funny year with my weight.
I lost some and then gained some and then lost lots and then gained lots.
I think being on the road and away from home doesn't help.
I'm gonna shape up and ship out of the land of wobblebot.
Gawd help us.

So on to better things.
Ive got some photies from the weekend at Mums party. It was a BBQ that my father had planned for Mums and his friends and family. The booze was stacked up high and there were 96 bread buns on the go with as many burgers to go with them as well as kebabs, chicken drums, steaks and all the gubbins that goes with it.
And only one glass got broke!I decided not to drink. Im just off alcohol (good thing really as it ruins diets). My sister chose not to drink which meant we could revel in the joy of everyone else's merriment. Becky and I stayed in most of the afternoon as it was scorching and my Belle and her Charlotte wilt in that type of heat. As I was about to go and mingle, this fella walks in the garden and I shout "who the hell is that" to my mum. Turns out its my Great Uncle Bob (Ive only ever met him once before) and the more I looked at him the more I could see my father in him. But then my uncle Johnathon turned up later (dads bro) and we think my brother looks more like him instead of my dad. I tell you, its a funny old world we live in (I shall let YOU decide!).

Johnathon, Bro and DadMy mum and dad don't half thinks its funny that we think like that! And really, my brother is really my brother and not my cousin because my bro is the spit of my dad in his mannerisms.

Later on in the day I put some of my new lipgloss on various members of my family. Its called "Sexy Motherpucker" by a company called Soap and Glory. Fab and vintagey, kitsch and catchy - you will love their packaging. Basically its a lip plumping gloss that stings like hell and feels like you have just been punched in the gob. Its all a bit of fun although I have to say that it doesn't give you a tremendous trout pout.
Me, my sis, my cousin Jess, my cousin Emily and my Auntie Jaq.
By early evening my sweet sister in law, Kerry, sang to us with full emotional power singing (Im amazed by you by Lonestar - click here for a youtube audible blast from the past). She really ought to try for X factor... he he heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
I love her!
Talking of music, my sweet mother received a nano iPod, a blaster box to play it through and some wirelass speakers from us all. She really does love her music although she is stuck in a 60's timewarp and by tea time, I was sick of hearing it over and over and over - hence kerry getting in the groove with a bit of stuff we youngsters love. At one point, you know, I had to go into the kitchen and turn off Ruby Murray who Im sure wasn't around when my Momma was born. And there was me thinking that Ruby was a slang name for a curry... I didn't know she was real.
It was a real good day mixing with friends and family. The kids watched movies, the adults fell in ice buckets, sausages got burned to which the dogs had a blast! I snapped various action shots - some that are too alcohol related to show on here but you can guess what I mean (mainly hand motions and flicks). I took this lovely picture of my cousin Marybeth who also had a blast using my camera. She has a natural eye for it and I cannot wait for her and her sister Emily to come and spend two weeks with us next week where I shall teach them a bit about photography.
Isnt she pretty?

Its a pity my poor belle had her eyes closed in almost every shot I took of her so when she comes home this Sunday - I have a little shoot planned with her. Even though I haven't seen her for a week, she sure hasn't half grown up.

Off to bed, Ive got demonic wobble issues to fight with and if I pray hard enough, I might wake up a size zero.

Toodle ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.


Deanne said...

Welcome to the wobble club Kirsty lol, I'm back to slimming world tonight!!!!! after a couple weeks break.
right there behind ya lol xxx

Darcy said...

Flippin heck your brother is seriously cute!

Terrie B x said...

Oh what brilliant pictures..You all look as thogh you had a `Fabulous` time....
Look at those three men dont they just love it eh!!!lol...
and the girls well you are all a lovely lot of `Beauties`.....
Glad your Mam had a lovely Day:)x

Terrie B x said...

ooops!!!I forgot are you at Dawns studio`s or her shop Kirsty...Would love to try and get down to meet you all!!!!:)
I do hope your Eddy is well and ok:)xxx

Dawny P said...

Well I can relate to most of this chicken xx

Re little Eddy boy, aww hope he is ok. Do ya think the warm weather has made him a bit icky? Hope he is better soon, poor little lad xx

I am with you 110% re Mondays – they suck !!! And there is only one thing worse than a Monday and that’s a boiling hot Monday. Phewwww it is way too flippin hot for me. I think I must be a penguin!!! Gimme ice – sod the g and t (well maybe not – lets not be TOO hasty here lolxx) And what about trying to put your make up on in this weather!! I have had to scoop my face up off the floor at least 3 times today. I love the winter – the frost and the snow and log fires and all that – I so buy into it. Much better than sticky clammy humid summers, IMHO of course xx

Re the diet, yes I am on one AGAIN mainly cos I lost a stone at the beginning of the year – slimmer’s world – and my oh was on it as well and he lost 28lbs – why do men lose it quicker??? But then he put it all back on again (heee heee). Well God must have paid me back for gloating that mine had stayed off, cos now mine has gone back on and I look like a weeble again. Except I DO fall down and it is not a good look!! And I have more chins than the standard requirement for chins, which I believe is actually only the one!!! And my thighs are so wobbly, but heeeyyyy my belly covers them so that’s ok!!! Grrrr!!! But on the plus side, if we had been born in Reuben’s time, just think how ultra fab and glam we would be girl – even without your Sexy MP glossy fabulousness. We were just born at the wrong time!!

You all look like you had a fab time at your Mums party – hope you all enjoyed it. Nice to all be together isn’t it.

Well stay cool Kirsty and thanks for more merriment – you brighten my day xxxxx

Brook said...

So sorry you had a hot Moanday. I took two of my sons to Hirrucane Harbor for a little relief. It was 103 F out there...more of the same today! I loved the family picts!

Cazzy said...

Poor little Eddie. What are you feeding him? I suggest you only stick to dog food and the best quality, like Burns or James Wellbeloved. YOu can try starving him for a day to see if it stops - could be a bug. I get natural worming drops for ours as I don't trust the chemicals in the vet's ones and they make our dogs sick usually.

Don't talk about diets, I was losing weight but have gone into reverse, just had to eat something sweet so I did!

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