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14 Jul 2008

I got over it

The moment has passed now.
Thanks for hearing me out.
Just a bad day from the start I guess.
Although, to be fair, I did have a couple of happy injections including a call from Dyan who I do not get to speak to a great deal as she is majestically being brilliant every day. That was the call of the century that I got from her today. She is the undo-er of all evil and the spreader of all inspiration. We all have a creative godess we look up to and she is her.
We also got Ellies school report today.
And whilst the state can't make their minds up about just how dark the grey area she falls into, it's her teachers that colour our world. You see, Ellie works to a very low level and that's not so "cool" for her age. But that does not matter. I struggled majorly at school and if its wasn't for the wisdom and charm of my wonderful English teacher who saw magic in my imagination, I would have slinked into obscurity.
On every single page, each teacher delighted in portions of Ellies best work and concluded that she always tries her hardest and is the most polite and well behaved child in the whole class - in every class.
So you see, that report undid the anger in roughly 5 minutes flat.
And the wound in my chest is gone because my little heart is beating in the most flutteriest of manners - like any proud Momma.
And I have little stinging tears in my eyes again because little belle is such a fighter and that takes precedence over any medical hardships, doesn't it?
And my favourite comment from her Geography teacher goes on to explain that Ellie is more concerned, at times, for the welfare of others and is often going up to other children to see how they are feeling. Sniff sniff.
I wonder if she picked that up from me?
I always want other people to have a good time and know they are well. It sets the mood for the day as other peoples behaviour affects my behaviour. I like to think its a good trait.

Here are some pictures I took last week as she completed her homework in my office. Her handwriting is pretty poor but the teachers can read it much better now. And yes, the ruby rose bud lips are on fine form and lucky me - I get to pucker up to those little sugary suckers every single day.


Jo said...

So glad you're feeling better and the teachers understand Ellie.

Wish I was there today - had a crisis of something or other last night. Confidence or something.


Traci Cornelius Blog said...

Of course she got her caring nature from you, she watches you care more for your friends than yourself she hears your concern when you talk to them on the phone. I am so proud of her too that is a fab report to have and wish I was there to give her a big hug, well Kiesha and I will send ours through cyberspace until it lands bag smack in the middle of your puter! XX

Rosie (Freycob) said...

You know, kids can break our hearts at times, but when we see their achievements then all that pales into insignificance, doesn't it? Your heart swells, the tears well in your eyes and you realise just how lucky and privileged you are to be a parent.

Congratulations Ellie on such a wonderful school report.


PhotoJenique said...

Oh bless her! She's a darling, your girl. What a wonderful secondary school she goes to, too. I am so glad the doctors in the USA have paved the way for some understanding of Ellie's condition. Whatever the outcome, we all know that you love her to bits and are dead proud of her and her achievements. Lubs ya xxx

Brook said...

You deserved your down time and now you are up again. You are so right...focus on the child not the diagnosis. what a precious little girl you have. We have been doing the rounds with insurance companies and it is hard to stay on the sunny side. But moms always manage.

Cleo Fitzgerald said...

WELL DONE ELLIE ... Can you even think of anything less from this cutie pie .... you keep showing them how awsome you are!! Ps I think that from the sounds of things her teacher deserves a pat on the back too!!

Nkosi Sikelel Ellie
"God Bless Ellie" (Zulu)

Cleo Fitzgerald said...

Sala Nomusa– Remain with kindness (traditional Zulu saying)

Terrie B x said...

So glad your feeling much better Kirsty:)

Yaah "Well Done" on a brilliant School Report Ellie:):):)

Dawny P said...

Sweet sweet sweet sweet girl (both of ya natch xxxx) I love your blog Kirsty and hope to see you at Ms Bibbys xxxx


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