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3 Jul 2008

Bargains to be had

One lovely blogger left me a message this week to tell me that Atonement was for sale for a fiver in HMV. And as I was being lunched yesterday in our local town of exciting Wigan (!!), we popped across to pay respects to the evils of over priced DVD's. Atonement fell into my basket amongst some other majorly reduced movies including these:

and the best thing is.....I spent less that £20 on the lot.
But now of course our shopping budget has been cut in half so Ive been looking into my imaginery cook book of "1001 ways to eat your dog, er, I mean furniture" (just add salt I guess).

I meant to mention that I started back the gym this week.
People in the Wigan area may have been experiencing seismic activity as a result of my treadmill sessions. Whilst my shock absorber sports bra takes most of the energy from the exertion, I note that the rivets of the gyms steel girders are becoming more loose on every visit. This is not fair to the other members of Total Fitness and to add insult to injury, I am ashamed of my reflection whilst in the process (think black eyes, face like a ribena berry and sweat spurting out the top of my head like a fountain. Nice).
Im on a fitness campaing of major proportions.
I have to.
Really, I do.
They say the camera adds 10lbs. Only 10lbs onto this whale blubberness will not look good and I don't think everyone in the UK has wide screen tellies neither (I go for a screen test next Friday. Must get manicure. Must retouch my roots. Must stop swearing).
To help shift my poundage and prevent future gym visits turning out to be a health and saftey issue I needed to seek an alternative.
And whilst still in HMV I spied this.
Ive been meaning to buy one for flippin ages but couldn't justify buying the trainers that are supposed to go with it.
Its a Nike + iPod running thingy.
If you do not know what it does, allow me to tell you briefly.
You pop the apple nuggetty bit in a secret compartment in your "Nike training shoe" and attach the iPod bit into your iPod and it talks to you and trains you to run as well as gather the stats of your efforts.
I figured that by shoving the Appley bit in your sock for time being, you can save yourself 60 sheets in cash by not buying the trainers. In the meantime, I wait for a little attachment from Amazon which cost £5 that you fit to your laces and makes the nuggety thing a little more secure than bobbling about in your hosiery.
It only cost £20 and will improve my running schedule whilst I can still listen to my favourite running tracks.
Food budget gone down to zero now.
And Im peckish.
Now where is my dog?


crazed lunatic said...

oh, my, you are one funny girlie! am crying laughing here!

Katherine said...

If you look at Heidi Swapp's blog, she has made a thingymajig to hold the running gadget! Katherine

Brook said...

good for you on the workouts! You also grabbed one of my favorite movies! I sweat Muriel's Wedding makes me crack up!

Terrie B x said...

You got a real Bargain here...and likewise we all love a Bargain and a good film...well I do ....!!!:)
Have fun with your ipod thingie.....
I`m tierd thinking about all that training!!!....
I hope you had a delicious luncheon.....:)

Anna said...

Kirsty, you do make me laugh.

I feel guilty sitting here eating a chocolate eclair whilst reading about your trip to the gym. I will start my diet tomorrow...may be!

Muriel's Wedding is one of my favourite films - a good choice.

Anna xx

katy said...

Mmmmmmmmmm whilst you're talking about the gym im scoffing strawberries and cream typing with one hand,lol,go for it Kirsty!!!

Julia Dunnit said...

Good for you kirsty!! Heidi Swapp blogged about her Nike/ipod gadget this week..she has a sophisticated little 'envelope for it made from one of her papers (!!) sellotped to the tongue of her trainers. Necessity is the mother of invention hey. Enjoy the dog - we've started on the smaller pets first, hoping no-one will miss them.

Roz said...

OMG, what are you like, you had me laughing so hard with your talk of the gym, good luck next week, will be thinking of you.

Michelle said...

Ooh, just had to say, Muriel's Wedding is one of my favorite movies EVER! "You're terrible, Muriel." Love it! Good choice!

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