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26 Jun 2008

Wanted - Noah to build the ark

Or anyone else with exemplary carpentry skills.
Why? Because its rained solid all day and our back garden is flooded. Ive got a Tortoise and a dog (but not in pairs) and I have room for your pets too.
COME BUILD ME AN ARK, we are drowning!
It was so dark here because of the rain that I couldn't even take one decent picture of my SC layouts. I mean, I have a few sneaks but not all of them because, like I say..... it was pitch black. I managed a whopping 8 layouts and 3 cards this month. I was mojoless to begin with but I found it again after draining the main down pipe at the side of our house. That bloody mojo will be the death of me, unless of course the price of bread doesn't get to me first.

My parents arrived today, later than expected because cars were aqua planing (and not astro gliding in my initial post - pointed out by Ami. Apparenly astrogliding is WUDE in the USA! Look it up on Wiki. Takes me back to the Douche Bag moment) on the road, floods had formed and driving conditions were real bad. And this is pigging June. You know, its exactly one year and one day since the last floods in the UK as well. Just what is happening to this planet, huh?
We went out for a meal regardless and caught up with all the shenanigans of the Kinroy household (Kinroy is my maiden name).We were plotting and planning mums 60th birthday next month. We always have a good get together and this party will be no exception. Dad forgot his glasses and had to read the menu with mums specs, Mark and belle really didn't want their photo taken and mum, being mum, posed for me as ever. Come finishing our meals, the boys went to check out the footy scores (yawn) so we took some time to laugh and giggle. My mother adores belle, I love how they snuggle and laugh with each other. Its a lovely sight, it warms me heart immensely.

Of course I have to act the clown to even have a picture my belle. Mum joined in too.If I count how many decent pics of belle and I, it would be less than 10. That's how much Mark does not pick any one of my 3 cameras. Its drives me bonkers.


We got back home at 9pm and the rains had stopped but it was still pretty dark. Belle and I fashioned an origami boat for our newly installed swimming pool and set it sailing by smashing a coke can on its side and naming her "Titanic II". I was pretty pleased with our folding skills until Eddy went and ate it only half an hour later. Eddy the destroyer, that's what he is. Little sod.

**side note: dark days and nights - use a 50mm F1.4 camera and you can get natural (if not
slightly darker) shots. No good for layouts though, these apertures were F3.5

We are now ready for bed but that wasn't until we had chanted a little sun dance for tomorrow. I just need to take abut 20 pictures for an assignment, that is all. Then it can continue raining all it wants and then we will have pool with both a deep and shallow end to it. Thinking about it, I could use marks body as a diving board. Ooooh, such fun.


Davinie said...

Love your sneaks, and the fact that you fashioned an origami boat for the rain puddle in your yard cracks me up!

Emily Pitts said...

i'm sorry it's so dark and rainy, but the sneaks are delish. and i think your mum must be as adorable as you. :)

Deanne said...

bless the wiseman household - but hey a free swimming pool, whos complaining... hope it drains off soon x

cannycrafter said...

Applying my Waders here in East Yorkshire as we speak!!!!! Only a year ago on the 25th we had all that flooding in Hull!!!! You can't help but worry when it rains again like that! Love the boat!!!

karen akaliz said...

love the sneaks Kirsty! can't wait to see it all... not too long now!

Brook said...

OMG....send your rain to me...There have been many storms that have totally bipassed my little house. My lawn is parched. Sam and I are feeling all dried out. I do love the sneak peaks of your projects!

Shannon said...

I think my area of the world needs the ark before you. Our rivers are cresting at 39 feet. The levees are breaking and there are no more left in a three county area. But when we are finished I'll make sure we swing by and pick you and yours up!

Anonymous said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhh I'm gonna tell mark what you said about a diving board. Hee hee. Belle looks so happy with her gran. Say hi to your mum for me please. hope you enjoyed your tena moment as well.

Missing you tons. xxx SG

Terrie B x said...

OOoooh I love your sneek peeks...and I love your photo`s Fab!!!:)TFS!!!

verabear said...

I love the colors and the pattern on Belle's cardigan, she looked lovely with it too :)

We've just had some flooding and a very bad storm in these parts.

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