Ladies Camera Club

12 Jun 2008

Trying to be Mrs Serious teacher

I teach one to one photography on DSLR camera's (or even in very small groups if you are keen!). You can bet your bottom dollar that we will have a good old belly laugh. Learning, after all, is meant to be fun.
Cue Clare Curd armed with her trusty Canon and you know mischief is on the cards. I thought Id be in for a real drama but she actually took to it really quick. That meant lots of time practising and perfecting and even better - lunch out. There is nothing to dislike about her other than she makes scrumpsh cards and has a real flair for it. Additional to the photography side of the one day course I also taught her a few nifty tricks on Elements and by heck, that girl has diginess in her bones. I didn't know where to hide my shame.
This one of her most brilliant efforts. For a novice photog, she did a super duper job. Not only did she make me look less than my, ahem, 37 years (ssshhhhh!) but she also got a fabulous crop on it too. I really like it - thanks Clare!
Clare arrived last night (hence my secret visitor, I couldn't announce it just in case Sheila read it!)and as a surprise to her bezzy friend, Sheila, we pitched up at her weds night craft club in Leigh. I love this club! Its chock a block full of nifty card makers, I can't believe how inviting the company is there. Sheila was taken aback to see her buddy (who had travelled 2 hours to get here!) Oh we did have fun at the club and I won the raffle too. I was barely productive on the night because I was too busy gassing, as ever.
I wanted to share the magic that is Clare Curd-burglar. I hope you can feel that infectious energy through your screen too.
Out and about I spied my fave ever wild plant... the ever wondrous (if not poisonous) Fox Glove (Digitalis, see Maz - Im almost cultured!). I just love these little belle shaped blooms and couldn't resist using my new camera on it. The feedback I'm getting on that camera is worth its weight in gold. Even when I cropped the photo on the pc, the quality is still sharp and I didn't even shoot in RAW (I hardly ever shoot in RAW, its a waste of time on days like this).
As Clare spilled her images on to my PC, I noticed this she took of me a few weeks back. It does make my heart skip a few beats, I tell you! I love Ewan Macgregor. He is flipping gorge. I miss him (!!). I loved the advertisement which is half covered by my slobbering head. Perfect for father's ...............ooooh, I should say!
I need a cold shower, Toodle oooooooo xx


Cyndi, Wetfish Designs said...

Hey there, someone tagged me today and now I'm tagging you!!!!!!!


Deanne said...

lol great photos kirsty and claire - and ooooh im a huge fan of the megregor meat myself - ooooh long way round......;) x

D@nielle said...

oh don't you look gorgeous in that pic ! Hmmm maybe I should send Bubbah over for a few lessons, he's been wanting to get some good lessons, maybe a photography camp LOL over in the UK ....

maz said...

Digitalis purpurea! Well done Kristal you're learning from the master... quick masterclass, my garden, 7pm Sunday OK?

Lynsey said...

Fab set of photos and I love the LO below. Have a great weekend!!

Beckie aka Bexter said...

Ooo mr Mcgregor ... I'll fight you for him!! Swooooonnn!!
Great pics of Clare! So her!

Beckie aka Bexter said...

Ooo mr Mcgregor ... I'll fight you for him!! Swooooonnn!!
Great pics of Clare! So her!

Kate said...

Great pictures!!! Ewan is fabulous isn't he???

Chop Suey said...

Nice photos of the dog....and your new puppy!!!! Tee Hee. Liked the Curd- Burgler ref.

Lotsa Lurve to the Chucklesters!

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