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3 Jun 2008

Skinny Ma-linky

I went to shoot this family on Sunday.
Anyone recognise this woman? (Rudishoes on UKS, plain old delightful Jo Seymour to all her pals.)
Doesn't she look AMAZING?
Jo has been eating sensibly for about a year now and has managed to shed some serious poundage and I think she looks fantastic. Not only that but she has got the most adorable two girls and she also has Ed, her hubs - who is such a nice guy to talk to too.
We took a little trip to a nearby orchard and rapeseed field and had all the backdrops we needed.
Hayfever is not a good thing to have on shoots like this but you kind of forget it when your efforts turn out as magical as these.
This is little "A" - she is such a darling. Ive watched this lady grow up over the last 3 years and I love how impish she looks with short hair. This girl has a a wonderful sense of humour.
Sweet "F" has a very gentle beauty that any camera would love. This is my fave shot of the whole shoot of her.The tribe travel in a tight pack ... I think Jo loves this shot.So Im hating blogspot for compacting my photos so tight as this one below. Rapeseed fields are a great photo opportunity but sadly they are not as fruitful as the one at my mothers last week. However, at this angle the field looked so beautiful and we championed the spot well.And there is always time for a giggle or two!
Ive decided not to over saturate the finish on photos for a while now because I hate the white's looking so blown out at times (often the result of too much editing and not exposure!). I get a LOT of emails asking me how I edit my photographs and the answer is this.

Keep it simple. If you don't you will end up with distortion, grain and dreadful radiation flare.

I always underexpose a photo to prevent white out but that also allows for sensible developing - rather like dark room techniques still used by film photographers today. So believe me, the edits on these latest photos have only had a slight twist on the levels with a little dodge and burn. That is all you need to do especially if you have a decent lens (in all these photos I used my beloved 28-70mm although I am quite partial to my 50mm f1.4 but i use that when its low light). However do no become despondent about using the odd mad style of editing because the good old PS action can work wonders for those who need a little arty finish :)
Its been a busy old day today. i cant believe how many emails and phone calls I have made to catch up on. It feels such a huge relief. I also put a few finishing touches on some projects for me - YES, ME! I do do them you know, I'm not constantly doing stuff for mags, DO, shops and classes. You really ought not to believe everything you read ;). I made a wee card out of some scraps and although its very simple, goes to show what you can do with a piece of 4x1.5 inch piece of paper on a 4x4 card!

Getting stuff cleared out of the way meant that I could go and do a food shop that turned into a marathon bonding session with belle and I. Ive been away for 12 days (on and off, not straight through). It was at this point we talked about her 13th birthday in Nov. Thirteen really freaks me out - it sounds so grown up. She has decided she wants a limo ride to the cinema with friends and then good old frankie and benny's for a meal afterwards. I offered her the chance to go to Paris but she wasn't that fussy over it. That girl makes no demands on our life... I sometimes envy her simple demands!

Finally, got to snap this pic of the old man and his dog. These two are just inseparable, in fact we fight over who gets to pet him but Mark wins the contest but that's hardly surprising as Ive been away from home recently. Eddy is fighting a chest infection that required a jab, some medication and a bill for £38 that we didn't budget for - gah! But he is our lil baby and if that's what it takes, then thats what we must do.

Oh we do love him xx


Charlotte said...

Oh my gosh I miss Jo SO MUCH! Please will you send her a *wave* from me? They all look so gorgeous, those photos are flippin fab xxxx

ChrisA (Chreamps at DST) said...

Just love your photo's - just gorgeous! Eddy is such a sweetie - hope he gets better soon!

PG said...

My God, I haven't seen Jo since last summer, she looks absolutely wonderful! In fact your lovely photos capture the whole family beautifully.

RE - type trays, I might be able to put out a few feelers for you - the type in my photos were small (roughly slim A2) sized Adana cabinets, I assume you are talking about full size drawers? And Empty of Full? Drop me an e-mail and let me know, I have a few contacts in the letterpress world and might be able to help.

Clare said...

Fab card wisers, and gorgeous piccys as always, love ya!
Clare x

Jen said...

Oh Kirst, what lovely pictures of Jo and her family! She's the second person who inspired me to get back on the wagon, and thanks to her I've lost 2 stone 2lbs so far. Mebbe we'll sort out a shoot when I've reached target, eh? Have you got insurance for the puppy? He could start costing you a pretty penny...

michele said...

great photos, love the fact that they are all in jeans and white t's. The shoots of the kids are great! xx

cannycrafter said...

That dog is just sooooooooooooo darn cute! I love him!!!! I want one too! (Barney would not be happy! he is top dog around here!)glad to see he's settling in!
Caroline x

Sam said...

What a lovely family!


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