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6 Jun 2008

Little things

This week has seen my cameras take an absolute beating.
I'm particularly fond of the results I'm achieving from my latest baby. A couple of weeks back I upgraded my Fuji S7000 for a second hand Nikon D2x. I got a very good deal (and I mean - VERY GOOD.... almost feels like I got it for free) on it from a Pro down in Bristol. He hasn't had it that long before he upgraded to a D3. To be honest, £3000 for a new D3 is not something I have got or am willing to fork out for. So I'll plum for the second hand option any day! So now I can turn up on shoots with a D70, D200 and a D2x - each with a different lens so that every moment can be caught without faffing and changing them accordingly. Each camera has its own secret beauty and just because one is more expensive than the other doesn't mean you have to compromise on the finished result.
The D70 I bought off ebay (second hand) a year ago and I love its WB - its way better than my D200 and even the D80 (which superseded the D70 some two years ago). The D200 just handles so well and is meant to be snuggled up with my 2870mm lens - I never struggle with it. However the monster of all events can be tackled effortlessly with the D2x and if you slam on the 85mm f1.8 or the 50mm F1.4........ you have faultless results. I think the metering needs to be mastered but I'm managing quite well compared to the D200. So I urge to you seek out all of these on ebay as a second hand purchase. If you pay by paypal you have some insurance against your purchase and then all you have to do is go out and play!
Anyway ........Ive emptied all the memory cards from the past 2 weeks and found these lil jewels that I meant to share earlier this week. Below is a project that I made for the kids at my weds night craft club. I used my favvo Blondest of Moments papers (they used Chatterbox Attic papers) to make this gift bag which I can't bare to part with so its going on display in my office. I got the template here and its dead useful using A4 sized cardstock, a few ribbons and a bit of whatever-takes-your-gad-darn-fancy!
The project below is my home made CD cover made from two piece of 5.5x5.5 inch card stock. Simply adhere a thin strip of double sided tape on the bottom two pieces whilst the ribbon helps keep the Cd in place, inside. Its gone totally crazy with photoshoots at this end of your computer screen and this is how I like to present my cd's... which keeps me twiddling my fingers with creative action.
And last out of my memory cards is this book here is made from Starbucks cup thingies. You know what I mean - the little sleeves you put around your Starbucks to prevent your hands getting burned. Coffee thingies is what they shall be called - arise, Sir Coffee Thingies!. At the Holiday Inn hotels we stayed at (on the roadshows over the past few weeks) served Starbucks as part of their hospitality. I'm off coffee right now but I obliged in the coffee thingies to make this book. Simply slit one side and you have a 2 page thingy. I used 3 3 of them to adorn with BG, Papermania and Doodlebug yummies along with WR Memory Keepers Gromlets and Snaps.
Oooh and look at these lil treats we have been slurping over at Wiseman Manor. Strawbs dipped in melted Butterscotch Green & Blacks then sprinkled with wheat free grenola bars.I mentioned that I had cut out wheat before I went to the US and my weight and bloatedness slipped away nicely. But then whilst in the US I ate all the bad (but tasty!) stuff and since then have ballooned to the size of a small country in Bulgaria. Now its time to ditch the nasty white starchy stuff again (think delish white bread and durum wheat pasta) and in comes granola bars amongst rice cakes and wheat free pitta's.
Deep joy to waving goodbye to the dreaded wheat :( sniff sniff.


Zoe said...

The coffee thingy book is fab! What a brilliant idea!

Lovin' the strawberries too - mmmm!!

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