Ladies Camera Club

1 Jun 2008

Just a perfect day

Ive never met Jo before.
She booked me to take pictures of her wedding through the medium of scrapbooking.
And I guess my photography ;)
I didn't know until I left the wedding how honoured I am that I was asked.
I just didn't want the day to end for me let alone them!
So before I share some of the pictures I just want to tell you all this.
Jo and John's wedding?
It was perfect.
It was drenched with happiness and love - the service, the family, the couple and their beautiful children had me in tears.
I just couldn't help myself.
You just can't buy that type of emotion - happiness through tears is absolutely priceless.
I know it wont be a day they will forget but for me, it was the most magical day I have ever spent with complete strangers whom not only let me into their day but also their hearts.
I even sat through their reception and listened to family and friends chat and laugh. Their wedding was simple with a golden lining encasing the true meaning of the day - which was love.
You guys are just fabulous.
Oh lord, pass me another bloody tissue!
**ooops, used last years watermark on all these photo......I'm such a dumbledore!!**

I have never photographed a wedding where the vicar allowed shots to be taken during the ceremony (usually you are only allowed during the signing of the register). So I was able to get these lovely shots of the happy couple in floods of tears. The vicar read out a wonderful sermon about love and there was not a dry eye in the house. Even I was blubbing. Lord help me! This is a photo op I couldnt miss - cos I feature in the photo! Look close........
Lovely Jo and I... for our scrapbooks of course!Sigh, just gorgeous memories of a special day in Worcester.


Deanne said...

gorgeous photos as usual kirsty - what a special day to be a part of - dont you just have the best job ever :) xxx

mandy said...

Kirsty, they're beautiful photographs, I have a booking for a scrappers wedding in 2010, can't wait for that one!

So I must ask if you have the wedding photography bug yet? It's hard work but very rewarding and you do get to eat lovely food too!! :D

est26 said...

WOW what gorgeous photos, you can so do my wedding if I ever get married xxx

Rae said...

OOOh! Gorge pics! perfect- to go with the perfect day. Well done for these stunners!!!!! :o)

Clare said...

Awsome pictures, Kirsty. You are, without doubt the best photographer ever - and I mean that. Love you loads and missing you already!

Clare x

Kat said...

Every Monday I look at your blog and your photography and other countless talents inspire me. Beautiful pictures, as always. Thanks for brightening my day!

manicstamper said...

WOW Kirsty......your photography is just awesome. Nice to know you had such a fab day.......even though it was work.

Shannon said...

Sweetheart, midwest america thing, those are fabulous! They are blinding! Did I use that word right? hope so!

Amelie said...

your wedding shots are just stunning! shes a lucky lady!

we weren't supposed to have photos in the church but my friends (who too the photos) took a bunch of sneaky ones.. i'm so glad they did. one of my fave pictures of the day is me watching oscar say his vows. its heaven!

big love!

anita said...

you big softy :)LOVe the first photo of the dress and flowers :) i'm sure the couple are over the moon with them.


Jo said...

Thank you thank you thank you - you made our wedding perfect! Can't believe they're OUR photos. Thank you for sharing our day with us and taking such beautiful photos we'll treasure forever xx

Jackie said...

Lovely piccies, you should have called in for a cuppa x

Terrie B x said...

gorgeous as always ...and "Congrats" to the Happy Couple...Your blog is always pleasing to pop over and visit Kirsty.
Have a great week:)

michele said...

fabulous photos, i have just had my album of wedding photos and they are not as good as yours! I bet the couple were thrilled with them, i would have been! xxx

Ruth said...

wow they're stunning photos--I've met Jo and we're in a pet cj group together too--i love the b&w one with Jo looking at her flowers best


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