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25 Jun 2008

Juno and Atonement

Have you seen these films?
I love them both to bits even though they couldn't be farther apart in extremes of cinematography. I watched them both on the way to Cali in Feb and on the way back from Nevada in April and promised myself that as soon as they hit the shelves I'd buy them.
Well Atonement never materialised on my shopping list (nor budget come to think. Talking of shopping budgets I can't believe I have just paid £1.33 for a loaf of bread. A litre of diesel costs the same. At this rate we are going to have to walk everywhere and then not be able to afford to eat after all that exercise. Therefore we are all going to die. By December with my reckoning).
Where was I?
Ahhhhh, Atonement.
I skipped the film on my budget because I weighed up my emotional stability over the two films.Mainly because of the fact that James Macavoy dies in it. The film touched me so much that I think about the tragedy of it all like, a lot. James has come such a long way since Shameless, hasn't he? I only learned recently that he married his on screen girlfriend (Fiona - Anne Marie Duffy).
He clearly hasn't met me yet. You have to admit he is a little bit dishy.
Atonement is right up there with Walk the Line in my all time favvo movies. I might go and buy the movie this weekend but save it for one of those nights when only a "weepy" will do. It will obviously replace our food shopping budget for next week but seeing as we are all going to die by December... does it matter?
Juno on the other hand is such a super uplifting film. I love the dark comedy and Juno's quips. Its a such a fun movie that I know I will never tire of. How she kept her face straight whilst pratting about in the film is a mystery. If you have not seen it, please try and weigh up the costs of buying it in favour of feeding your family over the next few weeks. The overall factor of family fun will douse the hunger pangs and you can go to your grave (in December) a cultured member of the world of Hollywood.
**thank you to everyone who replied with advice on the Craft Robo. Im very grateful**


Brook said...

I did like Juno....Lots of my friends didn't...but having a teenager, this is so how they talk. I could see so many of my son's friends and girls that I had taught in this film...I did hate thought that Jason Bateman was a total dud!

Jo said...

LOVE Juno - just wish I was more like her as a teenager.

Walk the Line is so sad -can't even watch the bit where his brother dies, as it breaks my heart. One of my favs too. I love a good cry (preferably when no ones watching)!

Off to watch Juno for the 4th time now


Gabi Butcher said...

What a coincidence... I watched Atonement 2 days ago on DVD!!! LOVED it!!!
Sad but very creative script!
Juno is on my 'to watch' list!
Maybe next week... inflation is hitting us as well... where are we going to stop?

Jillian said...

It's horrible isn't it, here in Colorado we are paying 3.85 per gallon of regular gas. A gallon of milk is almost 4 dollars, and the bread I bought yesterday was 2.28. So I think mybe you are right on with death by december. Yikes we need some relief.

mel_h said...

hi kirsty!!
i loooooved atonement.. made my boyfriend watch it, told him is fabulous, but he only sat through an hour of it. then cursed me for making him sit through an hour of it. ..hhahahahaa!!! xxxxxxxxx

Jozza said...

I very nearly weed myself laughing over this post! I think you are right about the December thing you know!!! Prices have gone MENTAL! Mind you I will probably last until about June next year as I have a bit of weight to lose hehehehe

Not seen either of those films so thanks for the review. I think probably Juno over Atonement for me though as watching a weepy might just push me over the edge at the mo. x


dont like to remind you he could be your son.....



dont like to remind you he could be your son.....


Anonymous said...

Get Atonement in HMV in the Sale for a fiver this week Kirsty!


Rae said...

Thanks for this. Both have been on my to watch list since they were on at the cinema! who needs food! I'ne been trying to lose weight... this might just be the answer!!!! :o)

Hannah said...

My Mum's friend has asked me to post her copy of Atonement on eBay (not plugging my listing but if you would like it give me a shout)

I loved Juno - I went to see it with some friends and loved it that much that I bought the soundtrack and played it like nonstop for two weeks or so.

Atonement is kinda on my to watch list but i'm not sure i dont tend to like "war" films

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