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29 Jun 2008

Ive made about 3.2 million......

layouts today.
The mojo has gone turbo and the herma is almost run dry.
And still I have more to do and I am on a creative roll.
Well, I have to really.
Its my job but I ain't complaining.
First off Vicky at CTM sent me a shed load of papers to make up some layouts for when I go and demo this Saturday. If you live near Soham, do come and pay her a visit. You do know that she has a gazillion papers in stock, let alone the rest of the yummo that comes with scrapping? You don't know that? Come see, come see :)
The papers she sent are far too gorge to cut into to be honest but my inner paper-bitch forced me to grab my X-cuts and shred them to within an inch of their lives. Ive worked with kelly panacci papers today which I must admit, would have overlooked on the shelves. When I got the package and visualised how I would cut it up and since then - the whittling has been constant.
Mum and Dad left this afternoon (sniff sniff) and as soon as their tyres trailed out of the street, I was in my room thinking of delish ways to make pretties. I banged on Juno on the DVD and merrily snipped and ripped and scrunched my way through a ton of work.
It didn't stop there.
I then started on an assignment from DO for their new Creativity Life website and subsequent launch of their new magazine (also called Creativity Life). The website and magazine go live on 1st July. Ive seen it, it looks soooooooooooooo good. And I mean really good. Its lively and bright pages have very little advertisements therefore its super packed with layouts absolutely peppered with BG, DB, WRMK and Clear snap goodies. Its only £2.50 which is lighter on the purse too. The launch day has a hive of giveaways and offers so do make sure you pop back here for the link to the new website!
And finally I have put the finishing touches to a layout that has taken an age to come together. Jaqui kindly donated money to Belles fund back in April in return for a layout made by myself. Its funny that the pictures she sent me are the pictures I took of her in Tullamore last year in Eire. I knew instantly the papers I would use (BG Periphery) plus a vast selection of bling and stickles plus I toyed with Jo-Sonja's opal dust too. This happened to be my favourite layout that I have made this year. I loved that I could choose what I wished to bang on the page which incorporated Prima felt frames and Prima bling. And ever since Ive been using my harlequin background stamp on a few cards a few weeks back, Ive been drawn to make harlequin shapes on a number of projects of late. Are they the new black of shapes on layouts? Who knows, who cares - but I lubs!

I really must dash now. Ive got a pile of Urban Lilly papers and Doodlebug lushness to lick, stroke and then murder.
In that order, Im afraid.
Its got to be done but it will be done as humanely as possible.


Dawn said...

Hi Kirsty - glad to see your
creativity has returned. I'm due to demo next Saturday or I would loved to have come to see you at CTM. I popped over to the shop last week as had never been and was sooooooo impressed - am due to demo there myself at the end of August so I better up the anti on the samples I take :-) You're travelling some distance - are you ok for a bed? There's always one here if you need one.

Terrie B x said...

Ooooh you lucky....----you!!!Getting to ravage all those scrummy goodies......
Your Lo is gawgess....and the sound of the magazine is appealing!!!
I hope youv`e stroked ,licked and murdered every last bit of paper and embellies whilst creating beautiful things!!!!! so then we get to share a load more of your scrummy goodness!!!!

Vickie said...

Love that layout, the bling is fabulous! Pics are great too ;)

Brook said...

simply lovely is all I have to say!

kath said...

Hi Kirsty - pop on over to my blog - I have a little something for you. You truly are my life saver - I need a real kickstart in the morning - used to be 3-4 cups of strong coffee and dynamite up me bum..but now I just log on to your blog in the morning for you wicked sense of humour and great take on life..does the trick everytime...thanks matey.

crazed lunatic said...

love the way you layer your embellishments. glad that you have your mojo! it's always a good feeling!

katy said...

HI kirsty,got my copy of Creativity Life today and have to say im well impressed,full of inspiring ideas, just what i need!! xx

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