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17 Jun 2008

Getting intimate with CD

This girl - THIS GIRL is FABULOUS!
(The girl on the left is fabulous - Im not referring to me!)
This is all this girl needs on her travels - a bucket with all her coolest essentials, even the bucket reads "simplfy".
That's inpiring.

Being with this girl is like going to the top of a hill in the countryside and inhaling the purest of air. Although the top of that hill was actually in a snug little house in Chepstow for an intimate class with 7 delightful girls and be gorged with AMAZING techniques by CK's 2006 Scrapbooker of the year - CD Muckosky. I took one of her classes in March and thought I'd hit the jackpot then. But now? Sheesh Kebab!

So who is CD? Well she is she is graceful. She is spiritual. She is calm. She is gorgeous.
And most of all she is generous with her commitment to sharing her uberliscious talent. I can't explain how honoured I was to be with her and my friends Lousie, Maz, Pam, Carol, Dawn, Robyn and Alison. The weather was perfect for a spot of afternoon lunch outside (my fave way of eating).The ambiance was just perfect - I dont think anything could have upset the balance and the mood was pure thrilling excitement. The class was to make up a 20 page album (complete with album - a swish corduroy number) using sketches and journalling tips plus a numerous amount of techniques. Im not sure my pages look anything like what I was supposed to be following but I certainly incorporated the techniques to the MAX. I managed 3 pages throughout the day but I will be finishing off the next 17 in no time as I am totally geared up. As the day sped by so quick, I am trying so hard to reflect on it but seriously - that young lady has me all fired up.
I think I need to calm down a bit and let the child in me settle. I have a few sneaks of what I made but will save the full reveal for when I have made the album complete. The collection of photos are based on "The most brilliant moments of my life far" and include photos I have scrapped before plus new ones. I simply cannot wait to sit on my cloud in heaven and watch my future generations paw over and love that book as I much as I do.
Im that stoked that I just can't concentrate. It's our wedding anniversary today and my focus should be on snogging with hubby. But he is faffing with his new all-singing-and-dancing GPS (anniv pressy) and Im catching up on lots of jobs as I was out working Sunday at Windmill Crafts then out at 5.30am yest for Chepstow. However, we are all going out for a meal tonight at this snug little Italian gastro pub in Billinge we found last week, so snuggling is what we will do then! Other than that, Im still wanting to paint everything I see - even my keyboard. How dull my house looks in comparison to what I learned from CD. I want to purge and decorate and be simplified and be colourful!

Come back soon CD and thank you so, so much xx


Marie said...

LOL It's really strange to read Billinge on a blog! I forget that you're quite near me really.

Your album looks fab. I can't wait to see the whole thing.


pam said...

Hi Kirsty,

What a lovely day it was yesterday, you're write up summed it up perfectly. So glad I was caught on camera in my pinny and gloves (painting heaven!!). Hope to see you again soon.

Love Pam xx

pam said...

Hi Kirsty

What a lovely day we had yesterday, you're write up summed it up perfectly. So glad I was caught on camera complete with pinny and gloves (painting heaven!!). Hope to see you soon,

Love Pam xx

Clare said...

Glad you had such a lovely day. You mae me want to cry when you talked about looking down from crafting heaven! Do I know the gastro pub you're referring to by any chance? lots of love, Clarex

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Happy Anniv honeybun!

Anonymous said...

How lucky are you to get a private tuition from CD - am v. jealous. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your layouts.
Jen x

CD said...

yeah, ditto what you said about CD... everything. Wasn't that the best day ever. Heaven on a 12 x 12 plate...

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