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24 Jun 2008

The craft robo is going to die

because I cannot work it.
Well I can cut letters our (whoppee doooooo).
I downloaded inkscape fairly easily and drew some rather fabulous shapes in preparation for cutting. It saves as a .svg file but my robo doesn't recognise those little bleeders.
What the hell am I doing wrong?
I go to Graphtec to supposedly update the software but oh no - you can't do that anymore. Ive got an older version of the robo - typically!
Ive trawled 3 million posts on UKS and I still can't find what Im looking for.
For the love of God will someone please advise me what to do without me having to shell 4.2 million pounds for the priv.
Id trade fairly, of course ;)

**coming soon: 101 ways to batter your Craft Robo to death.


lemon said...

try saving it as a dxf hun

Deanne said...

bless the poor robo :) lol

on a different note, how do you do that post at the top of your post!!! the quote one etc, i cant seem to get it to work!!!

Steph said...

Kirsy this is how I do it!
I use Inkscape to create words etc and then cut them out using robo,aster software that came with the robo. I don't know if you are trying to cut from inkscape - but I have never tried that so these instructions won't help!
Once you have finished in inkscape save the item as a .DXF (Desktop Cutting plotter)
Then in RoboMaster go to file>load DXF.
Should open up but has some blue lines some black lines
select whole image
Got to bottom of screen, you should see an icon that looks like a pencil drawing lines (should say line settings when you hover over it)
click on it and a box should appear
click modify button
Colour pallette should appear
Select black colour
click ok
click ok again
now if you click away from your image (so it isn't selected) it should all appear black.
I then do file>save as
Robo wants to save as a .GSD
then I cut!
I hope that helps! I'm sure there is a quicker/easier was but that is how I got it to work!

Kazzy said...

Sorry Kirsty can't help my cutting with a cuttlebug, sidekick or quickutz. Robo just looks beyond my very limited technichal ability! Good look in sorting it out though.

Terrie B x said...

Hi Kirsty..I`m not very in tune with all these gadgets!!!was wondering which was the best cutting machine to invest in and The Robo appealed to me most.
Of course I tried to scout around to find out all the lingo!!!!!was totally confused then came accros Clares site...found here...
Maybe if you pop on there I`m sure Clare would be delighted to help if she she seems more in tune with the craft far as I am aware!!!

Hope you get your problem resolved...and I do hope this might help you :)

Have a lovely Day anyway:)

Sue Bone said...

Befuddled me too which is why I sold mine and plan to use SCAL on my cricut. That is when I clear enough paper from my desk to be able to put the cricut on the desk.


Suzanne said...

I can just about manage the basics Kirsty, if you want any more help give me a ring or pm or msn me :)

Saying that I was up until 3.30 this morning only to realise this morning I had got the paper orientation set wrong grrrr!

Hope you managed to get something cut anyhow :)

BevS97 said...

Kirsty, try sending it to print directly from Inkscape, I'm pretty sure that's how I used to do it.

Brook said...

Join a yahoo group before you chunk it. Then go through the help files and it will help you. I have an old wish blade and I love mine. I do lots with it...but there are many steps. I have an idea...get me a plane ticket across the pond, and I will come help you! LOL!

Cazzy said...

Graphtec is a sponsor of UK Scrappers, and there is a whole section on it over there which is well worth looking at.

TracieB xx said...

The other thing to do is purchase the Designmaster software. Go to This gives you more options than the old Robo software and it is a slightly cut down version of the one that comes with the Klik n Kut. You don't have to use Inkscape then (but if you use Inkscape then yes you need to save it as a .DXF file before the Robo software will import it).

If you go onto UKS this gives you loads of tutorials for both Inkscape and Designmaster

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