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27 Jun 2008

Cholesterol - a gift from the rellies

My happy Friday feelings this afternoon turned out to be just ok (short lived in all honesty, but nevertheless - a Friday feeling is a Friday feeling and we must never lose sight of it despite any shortcomings).
But prior to the overwhelming Friday feeling I was awoken by a call from my doctors surgery. **It had to be the results of my blood test from two weeks back**. I know this because its highly unlikely that my Doctor is going to ring me up for a random chat and say "'Sup bitch?" is he? And then I only went to the Docs because I have pitting oedema - well, according to my friend Clare who is a nurse said that I had it. Clare, incidentally tells me you only get pitting oedema if you are over 60 and suffer with heart problems.
Ooooh, lucky me.
So when I went to the doctors to tell him I had it and could he give me any water tablets he said no.
Oooooh, I thought. Why ever not?
Cos we needs bloods Mrs Wiseman.
So then I think OMG, I'm dying aren't I. You need my bloods to tell me that I have swelling of the oesophagus or perhaps I have a burst lymph node in my ears. Give it to me straight Doc - how long have I got to live?
He really wasn't in a groovy mood. Doctors never are. I mean, I don't want to be his best friend or anything but a lil chat and sweet talking for free liposuction on the NHS would be really nice.
So anyway.
He orders me to give blood and I go and give some more positive A. Its true that the NHS is bleeding us dry, isnt it? And then I get the call this morning to discuss the result.
He said I had to go in to the surgery in 2 weeks to discuss cholesterol.
Hello? Rewind.
I thought this was about my swollen leg not my arteries.
So I shout to my mother (who is staying with us for a few days) - "Thanks Mum, I got cholly and you gave it to me".
Then I go and sit down to a lard fuelled breakfast followed by some cake, chocolate and a second helping of buttered toast and wonder what all the fuss is about.
And now my prediction of dying in December has been cut short to October.
Must go and eat a tub of butter before I go to bed to help it on its way.


God's Rock Angel said...

Doctors I know the feeling.

I was in an RTC when I was in year 10 (I'm now 22)

The doctor was a splitting image of Laurence Llweellyn-Bowen which put me off straight away and when he poked me in the foot and asked did it hurt i responded with "kinda" because no it didnt hurt but I had just gone from standing up to hitting hard pavement.

I went to the Docs two wks ago - I had to see a different doctor because my normal one was on holiday. New doc proceeds to slate my norm doc about how he shouldn't have put me on this medication if I had family history of high blood presure and migraine. I meant to raise two points that day but only raised one because she just didnt get me and was too interested in slating my normal doc.

Should you wise to know the inbetween details of the RTC I can tell I started writing it then decided it would be a serious essay.

Debbie said...

LOL Kirsty!! You are so funny - a serious matter I know but you make kinda hilarious!!
Enjoy your fry up!!

Fabrizio said...

Don't worry Kirsty, 90% of cholesterol is produced by your own body to protect you from acidic blood....consider it a plaster for your veins and arteries. Ease off from acid forming food (grains and sugar), and make sure you have plenty of vegetable when you eat protein (meat, fish and eggs). Dr are obsessed by cholesterol levels because then they can dish out drugs like they were sweets. Something that needs to be checked is homocysteine which tells you if you have overdone it with acidic forming food.....the natural way to fight homocysteine levels (which incidentally will get your body to produced cholesterol hence plastering it all over your body) is to consume green leaf vegetables as they are good source of Folic acid (yep the very same they give to pregnant women), it wouldn't hurt to take some supplements with folic acid in it. Also get some magnesium...all the prepacked food contains so much MSG that can really hurt one's heart. Magnesium buffers it somehow, of course avoiding MSG food would be better (but that means no chinese take-away, wink ! LOL). I don't want to be seen as spamming your blog Kirsty so please email me as I have a website I visit often where I get all these information, I'm no genius but what I learn stays inside my skull. LOL Hope that helps ! Fab X

makeyesup said...

Thanks, good story writing. We all worry more on the unknown than on fact. Take care of yourself.

Terrie B x said...

Oh now where was I before I got rudley interupted by my phone!!!!!......
and wishing I`d visit you before I had my dinner!!!
Yes scrambled eggs on toast with a great big knob of real butter!!!!Not to worry!!!lol...although if you find a nice DR who will be willing to do a LOT!!of lipo suction please let me know!!!!
Oh Kirsty you will be fine!!!!and dont worry they say a little bit of what you like does you good!!!!!
I`d be deighted to send you a card to cheer you up!!!!!lol..........
But seriously I do hope all`s well tho!!!:):):)

Jozza said...


Not at the cholesterol prob - but at you! hehehehe you're hilarious :o)

Don't stop at butter - do you not have any lard? hehe

verabear said...

Did I read that right? You need surgery? Prayers are with you then!

est26 said...

Lol xxx you make me laugh, I am sure you`ll be fine hun, you will get some magic pills, my Dad had high cholly and he`s reduced it loads...put that frying pan away and get yourself a lean mean fat reducing grillin more crumpets for you my pet xxxx

katy said...

Oh Kirsty, i've really enjoyed reading your blog,im sorry had to giggle,its the way you tell it,lol.xx

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