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29 Jun 2008

The best fun

is always in our house when my parents come to stay.
We just hang out so comfortably with each other and there is never a dull moment.
We spent a lot of time around the table both in and outside playing quizzes and board games today and had such a good time that they decided to stay and extra day. I was overjoyed!
Earlier this afternoon we took a spell from games so that Belle could show Granny and Grandpa her special place at The Three Sisters park. There is a hide to go and view all the wildlife and its especially brilliant because my parents love birds (they spend a small fortune feeding feathered creatures in their garden). What was surprising was seeing a Jay there today. Of course it was too flaming dark to take a picture so you will have to take my word for it. there was a lot of oooooooo's coming from the parents so I guess it was like "major".
The three sisters park is literally 2 minutes from our house and is a place where I take clients for photo shoots. It has a million backdrops but my clients tend to choose the shots I take on the style or in the lane (like these pics below). Im chuffed to bits that my parents let me take a nice picture of them both. This just happens to be one of my new fave pictures of all time. Its super precious to me.
Then of course I have to go an ruin the romance of it all when my father struggled to lift mum off the style. I think I might love this picture more, actch!
And of course I couldn't go without snapping my lil lady with her grampies neither.
Belle with her uncontrollable masses of delish curls.
Who claimed she had found wild cherried but we think they were beech nut type thingies. Put it this way, we encouraged her NOt to eat them. Although I might slip a few in Mark's fruit salad tomorrow. He he heeeeeeeeeeee.
Eddy finishing off marks ice cream. Boy, did that little dog have a treat. And we had such a scream watching him eat it!
So back to the garden to play quizzes and get my ass whipped in the process. Ok, I came second to Mum who is the brains of Britain it would seem. here is dad during his quiz master stretch of the game.
Check me out (mid quiz) advertising the Royal Air Force Careers on my lips, do you think they would offer me some sort of commission? We have a ton of those pens in our house and with 39 years Royal Air Force service between me, my sis and my bro......... a few biro's is a constant reminder of my days there!
The night rolled into Wii fit and Wii sports and rounded off with a game of Balderdash.
And its only half way through the weekend!
Is your weekend any good too?


makeyesup said...

looks like you all are having a wonderful visit. Treasure every minute. And yes, the picture of Grampa getting Gramma down is hilarious.

crazed lunatic said...

Because you asked if I'm really a very tired Mommy (thanks to not doing daycare out of my house for the last two years, I'm not anymore!), I changed my name....methinks it fits more.

...As always, I love your work, and you've gotta be one of the funniest bloggers out there!

..Hope you have had an even more lovely day with your parents today!

Victoria said...

That pic of your dad struggling to hold you mom up left me in stitches!!! LOL!! Great photos, Kirsty, as always. TFS!!!

maz said...

What a wonderful shot of Belle and your mum- shot of the year methinks! (Hey Eddie- cut out the ice cream mate- Sounds like Kirsty just wants someone to share her cholestrol crisis !)

Terrie B x said...

Oh kirsty I love popping by and seeing what youv`e been up too..and wow youve all had a lovely weekend:)TFS!!!
Fabbie photo`s as always.......

Brook said...

I can see where you get your knack for whittiness! Your parents look like they are having such a fantastic time!

Patricia Maéva aka Trisha said...

Hi dear, tonight searching for some scraps, I found your blog, I normally never stop long or read blogs, but yours make stop and read, nice blog you have and nice pictures you make. I will come again and visit. Best Regards, have a nice weekend.


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